Chapter 443: Regal Pill Palace, An Alliance Proposal

Chapter 443: Regal Pill Palace, An Alliance Proposal

Three thousand divisions!

Jiang Chen smiled ruefully when he heard this number. Was there any purpose to having this many divisions?

From his past life, he was well aware that the strength of a faction didn’t lie in how broad its territory or domain was, but if there was a spark of spirit and a legacy rich enough to cause everyone in this faction to revolve around it. The faction’s people would entrust their life and death to the strength of this legacy. Only in this way would a faction be eternally strong.

Although blindly expanding influence and territory seemed to be building one’s strength on paper, this kind of a facade was completely useless in critical moments.

If a sect’s core legacy collapsed, then as wide of a territory as it might hold, it would all be as fleeting as the winds. All would scatter like monkeys escaping a falling tree.

“The senior executives of the Ninesuns Sky Sect are just as crazy as they are arrogant. Even if they had thirty thousand divisions, all is for nothing if they are unable to have their subordinates submit wholeheartedly, much less three thousand.”

Jiang Chen sighed lightly and shook his head. He also understood that the Precious...

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