Chapter 442: The Origin of the Ninesuns Sky Sect

Chapter 442: The Origin of the Ninesuns Sky Sect

Huang’er was forthright and didn’t attempt to deny her involvement.

As a gentleman, Jiang Chen didn’t continue his line of questioning once Huang’er had admitted her part in things.

Huang’er actually looked at Jiang Chen with a slight smile. “Sir Jiang, Elder Shun once said that he estimated that you would enter the origin realm in three years. I scoffed at the idea then. Today, two of those three years have passed, and here you stand, already at spirit king, but half a step away from origin realm.”

Jiang Chen was also surprised. Elder Shun had thought so highly of him that he’d thought Jiang Chen would break through to the origin realm in three years?

One had to understand that there were many factors as to why Jiang Chen had had such a smooth journey so far. However, many of these factors had been ones that Elder Shun would’ve been unable to anticipate beforehand. Even so, the elder had made that prediction three years ago, a testament to his foresight and breadth of vision.

Jiang Chen was rather curious at this moment, just what was the cultivation level of this grandfather and granddaughter duo?

Although he’d known and seen many things in his past life, it was difficult to ascertain someone else’s cultivation level unless they purposefully displayed their strength.

Elder Shun and Huang’er kept such a low profile that Jiang Chen had no way of estimating their strength.

Only one thing was absolutely certain, that Huang’er’s cultivation level was far above the earth origin realm.

Jiang Chen wasn’t dejected or envious. His strength would rise one step at a time as long as he held true to his path.

“Sir Jiang, the Sky Sect will absolutely not rest easy after coming off worse in the exchange that day. The Precious Tree Sect’s foundations will find it difficult to withstand their blows. What plans do you have?”

Jiang Chen started slightly, not having anticipated Miss Huang’er’s words.

“I don’t know how strong the Sky Sect is, but since I’ve joined the Precious Tree Sect, I cannot leave as I would. The world of martial dao constantly turns, and there exists no one who can take advantage of both sides. At the end of the day, it’s best to have some principles. Although I’ve just entered the Precious Tree Sect, I seemed to have built a marvelous connection with the Precious Tree after a month’s meditation beneath its branches. I have a feeling that although the Precious Tree Sect lacks sufficient foundation and is weak, it’s a sect that will pass down a legacy of spirit.”

Jiang Chen’s words weren’t putting himself up on a pedestal. Although it hadn’t been long since he’d joined the Precious Tree Sect, he’d found a sense of home after sitting beneath the Precious Tree for a month.

Therefore, when Miss Huang’er had asked him what his plans were, he didn’t speak lofty words of dignity with self righteous zeal. His heart was filled with the resolution to never submit to the Sky Sect. Even though he wouldn’t quite go to the lengths of dying together with it, he would absolutely fight to the last minute.

It wasn’t because he had great feelings for the Precious Tree Sect, but because he had a deep emotional connection to the Precious Tree.

Huang’er’s question had also been a probing one. When she heard Jiang Chen’s response, she too nodded lightly and was privately impressed by how accurate Elder Shun’s assessment of Jiang Chen had been.

Sir Jiang was truly one who valued relationships, a genuinely dependable person.

Huang’er had come to experience human nature in abundance since childhood. Most had sought to conspire against each other and nurse their schemes close to the heart. Someone as open and forthright, as perfectly straightforward in his actions like Jiang Chen, and also direct and decisive about his debts of gratitude and grudges, were few and far in between.

Huang’er suddenly felt that taking up residence in the sixteen kingdoms was actually not a bad thing. At least, the people she’d come in contact with during this time had all been very friendly and quite openminded.

Taking those next to Jiang Chen for example, they were all very friendly and polite. They didn’t ostracize her for her looks.

It was precisely because of this that Huang’er felt a bit ashamed of herself. She felt that concealing her features and purposefully appearing thus rather showed her as being not as transparent as the others.

However, since things had developed thus, she couldn’t revert to her original looks any longer. She could only continue down this path.

She didn’t want the others to misunderstand her because of her looks and exile her instead, causing her to lose the friendships she’d made.

Huang’er was similar in age to Jiang Chen. The years in which she’d traveled around outside with Elder Shun were the most she’d seen of the ramshackle life of a wanderer.

But, they’d also been the happiest and most simple time of her life as well.

There was no need for plotting or politics, no need for anything complex.

She truly treasured this time, and had even wished that these days could continue, with no changes ever appearing.

Sadly, the wind continues to blow even when the trees wish to stay still.

The Sky Sect envoy had broken the peace she’d found during this time. She hadn’t wanted to become embroiled in this conflict.

Unfortunately, the envoy had been unforgivingly tyrannical. Had they swallowed the Precious Tree Sect, it would’ve impacted her life here as well.

She, and those she’d recently befriended, would see changes develop in their quiet lives.

This was something Huang’er never wanted to see happen, which was why she couldn’t help but make a move to protect this simple and joyful lifestyle.

At the same time, she truly viewed Jiang Chen as a friend after the times they’d spent together.

Huang’er was a considerate person, she didn’t want Jiang Chen to know that she’d helped. Although she knew that he wasn’t the sort to care unduly about face, some criticism would develop if the others knew that he’d relied on the help of a woman in the end.

She didn’t even want him to know it was her.

However, Jiang Chen was such a smart person that he’d been able to guess it was her from the sound of the music. Since he had asked, she naturally wouldn’t deny her involvement.

It was a good thing that Jiang Chen was an openminded person.

However, she couldn’t help but remind him, “The Precious Tree Sect is truly lucky to have Sir Jiang. However, the Sky Sect has quite a background to them and thus a strategy needs to be in place for their arrival.”

Jiang Chen knew nothing about the Sky Sect.

Although he’d seen much in his past life, it was impossible to know everything on every plane like the back of his hand.

Not to mention that he wasn’t certain at all if the continent on this plane of existence was a part of the myriad worlds he had known in his past life. After all, the universe was vast, and the various worlds just a small corner of the cosmos.

However, Jiang Chen felt that this world should have something to do with the myriad worlds in his past life.

There were simply too many things here that he’d seen and understood before.

However, he didn’t know anything about the structure of this world.

A thought struck him. Miss Huang’er was so mysterious and so powerful, she must be from a powerful place. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to ask her?

“Miss Huang’er, do you know of the Sky Sect’s background?”

“Mm, the Sky Sect, full name Ninesuns Sky Sect, comes from the Upper Eighth Region and is one of the eight great powers of that realm. They would count as a premier force in this world.”

A premier force even in this world, that was an impressive background indeed.

Huang’er smiled faintly as her slender fingers probed slightly, taking out an ancient book and placing it on the stone pedestal.

“Sir Jiang, this ancient book is named ‘The Annals of Mountains and Rivers’. It records the structure of our world and chronicles all the territories, powers, and cultures within. Although simple, it’s a book that acts as a map. This book has helped Elder Shun and I greatly in our travels these years. If Sir Jiang is interested, you can peruse this book.”

Jiang Chen accepted the book with the words “The Annals of Mountains and Rivers” written on the cover.

When he flipped open to the first page, the words “The Annals of the Divine Abyss Continent” appeared.

Such a book would never appear in a place like the sixteen kingdom alliance. In this small backwater, ninety nine percent of its people would never even have left their birthplace.

Even the extreme experts had only been to the Myriad Domain or other territories within. They’d never walked out of the area.

Therefore, a precious tome that encompassed the entire world would never appear here.

Jiang Chen caressed the book, sensing the passage of time contained within. He was more sure than ever that Miss Huang’er and Elder Shun had an impressive background.

Ordinary characters would never have such a literary work.

Jiang Chen didn’t shy away as he began to leaf through it seriously.

This continent was named the “Divine Abyss Continent”. The main part of the continent was divided into the Upper Eight, Mid Sixteen, and Lower Thirty Two Regions. The rest of the continent was made up of countless areas of desolate wilderness, the sea, and mysterious locations that wouldn’t be seen in maps.

However, when Jiang Chen saw the words “Divine Abyss Continent”, his heart spasmed.

He couldn’t help that reaction when some memories from his past life floated upwards in his heart. The face of his first father, the Celestial Emperor, flashed in front of him.

When he recalled his father’s careful and attentive care, the efforts he’d put into refining the Sun Moon Pill, how his father’s fate was still unknown after the heavens had shattered…

Jiang Chen truly found it hard to control himself.

The words of “Divine Abyss Continent” [1] really tugged on his heartstrings, since his father’s title had been Emperor Taiyuan—the emperor of the deepest abyss.

That single word “yuan” summoned endless memories from Jiang Chen’s past life.

The powers in the Divine Abyss were divided into upper, mid, and lower ranks, from rank nine to one.

The Ninesuns Sky Sect was naturally a first rank sect. All first rank sects would have the word “sky” in their names, illustrating their pinnacle level of existence with direct access to the authorities.

As for the four great sects in the sixteen kingdoms, they were likely seventh rank powers. In the greater scheme of things, that would place them firmly in the lower rank.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but sigh when he read up to here.

That a first rank sect was looking upon a seventh rank Precious Tree, Myriad Spirit, and Flowing Wind Sect with favor also meant that the former was assured of victory.

Jiang Chen could understand in that moment why Zuo Lan had been so arrogant and domineering.

Even a rank four inspector from a first rank sect had the right to call the shots and do as he wished in the sixteen kingdoms.

Ordinarily speaking, who would be able to prevent the light of a first rank sect from shining on a small place like the sixteen kingdom alliance? Even a sneeze from a first rank sect would be enough to destroy a seventh rank sect.

Jiang Chen closed the book lightly and smiled ruefully. “The Ninesuns Sky Sect is a big house with great undertakings. I don’t know if their appetite is too big in wanting a poor place like the sixteen kingdom alliance, or if a door had slammed on their brains. No matter how one looks at it, it really is disgraceful for a first rank sect to bully seventh ranks.”

Huang’er smiled. “The competition between the eight powers in the Upper Eight Regions is wild and venomous. They itch to extend their influence to every corner of the Divine Abyss Continent. Using the Ninesuns Sky Sect as an example, they seek to make the sixteen kingdom alliance one of their divisions. I estimate that they have at least three thousand of these divisions scattered throughout the continent.”

  1. The Chinese word for “abyss” is “yuan”

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