Chapter 442: The Origin of the Ninesuns Sky Sect

Chapter 442: The Origin of the Ninesuns Sky Sect

Huang’er was forthright and didn’t attempt to deny her involvement.

As a gentleman, Jiang Chen didn’t continue his line of questioning once Huang’er had admitted her part in things.

Huang’er actually looked at Jiang Chen with a slight smile. “Sir Jiang, Elder Shun once said that he estimated that you would enter the origin realm in three years. I scoffed at the idea then. Today, two of those three years have passed, and here you stand, already at spirit king, but half a step away from origin realm.”

Jiang Chen was also surprised. Elder Shun had thought so highly of him that he’d thought Jiang Chen would break through to the origin realm in three years?

One had to understand that there were many factors as to why Jiang Chen had had such a smooth journey so far. However, many of these factors had been ones that Elder Shun would’ve been unable to anticipate beforehand. Even so, the elder had made that prediction three years ago, a testament to his foresight and breadth of vision.

Jiang Chen was rather curious at this moment, just what was the cultivation level of this grandfather and granddaughter duo?

Although he’d known and seen many things in his...

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