Chapter 440: The Inheritance from the Precious Tree of the Rosy Dawn

Chapter 440: The Inheritance from the Precious Tree of the Rosy Dawn

“Jiang Chen, did you hear those notes just now?” Ye Chonglou actually asked Jiang Chen first after he contemplated for a bit.

The lordmaster had formed a habit of always asking Jiang Chen first when bizarre and inexplicable events occurred.

Jiang Chen didn’t deny anything, nodding. “I heard it, and that Zuo Lan seemed rather frightened of them?”

Ye Chonglou sighed. “That playing was able to instantly destroy Zuo Lan’s aura from such a distance away. The cultivation of the one who made a move is absolutely above Zuo Lan’s.”

Zuo Lan was of the earth origin realm. His aura was something that even the combined efforts of the forefathers could barely stand up to.

However, this overweeningly proud character been scared off by just a string of music notes.

Really, there was always a sky above a sky. The gap between the strong and the weak in the world of martial dao was simply too great.

“Jiang Chen, do you know the origin of those notes?”

Jiang Chen shook his head. “I am equally baffled. Perhaps there is some expert hidden around the Precious Tree Sect, or a reclusive forefather within the sect?”

Although Jiang Chen had some thoughts, he had yet to confirm them himself, so how would he possibly voice them prematurely?

The induction ceremony had more or less been affected by the debacle from Zuo Lan and the others.

Although the ceremony was continuing, the emotions of those assembled were greatly different. Because of Zuo Lan and the Sky Sect’s appearance, even old monster Sunchaser had betrayed the sixteen kingdom alliance. This was simply too much pressure for the three great sects.

Even though Zuo Lan and the others had withdrawn today, it was obvious that the matter was far from over, and the Sky Sect he represented was even less likely to let things lie.

Therefore, troubles were sure to arise one after another in the future.

Forefather Thousandleaf took out a green Fruit of the Rosy Dawn to both reward Jiang Chen and stimulate everyone’s excitement again.

The green fruit flowered only once in three hundred years. It was the advanced version of the red fruit with a much stronger effect.

If one used it in the spirit realm, the cultivator would be able to rise two levels in a row and purify their spirit ocean.

The green fruit would form only once in three hundred years, and there was no absolute guarantee of its successful transition. Ordinarily speaking, there was only a fifty percent of a red fruit becoming a green fruit.

This was to say that out of the ten red fruits left on the Precious Tree of the Rosy Dawn, no more than five would become green fruit!

It went without saying the success rate of those further becoming purple fruit were far lower.

After a cycle of six hundred years, normally only one or two, at best three, would become purple fruit.

The three that they’d once collected was absolutely a record for the Precious Tree.

Forefather Thousandleaf had the eldest seniority in the sect and was the oldest, but he was only three hundred some years, not yet four hundred.

Since he’d taken charge of the Precious Tree Sect, the most advanced fruit the Precious Tree had produced was a green fruit. He’d never even come across a purple fruit.

It was said that a purple fruit would be able to help an origin realm cultivator unconditionally progress one level.

Therefore, forefather Thousandleaf greatly yearned for the legendary purple fruit. He’d halted at third level origin realm for many years now and had been unable to find the opportunity to break through.

Therefore, he ardently desired the purple fruit to mature.

This meant that the most precious fruits Thousandleaf had on hand at the moment were the green fruits. Taking one out to give to Jiang Chen showed just how much he valued Jiang Chen.

Even Ye Chonglou hadn’t received a green fruit from Thousandleaf.

“Jiang Chen, this green fruit can help you unconditionally rise two more levels in the spirit realm. With your current level, taking it will give you a chance to enter the origin realm!” Ye Chonglou came forth to offer his congratulations.

He wasn’t jealous. Whether the green fruit or red fruit, he didn’t have much use for either of them. What was useful to him now was only the purple fruit.

Unfortunately, even forefather Thousandleaf didn’t have a purple fruit.

Although Jiang Chen didn’t necessarily have a need for the green fruit, he didn’t decline it either. He’d joined the Precious Tree Sect for its resources.

Forefather Thousandleaf had been quite clear just now that this green fruit was a reward for Jiang Chen defeating Wu Chen and Gu Xiong just now.

Jiang Chen had no reason to refuse such a reward.

After the mess from Zuo Lan, the guests from the other two sects were disinterested even though forefather Thousandleaf had brought out the green Divine Fruit of the Rosy Dawn. They wished to return home.

They were all afraid that those bastards would go make a mess at their sects.

Therefore once the induction ceremony was complete, those of the other two sects all indicated their intentions to leave. Even though Thousandleaf invited them to stay, none of them were in the mood to linger.

“Fellow daoists, I know not the background of the Sky Sect, but they are without a doubt a very strong existence. Otherwise, with Sunchaser’s personality, he never would’ve easily flocked to their banner. If even Sunchaser is willing to betray the inheritance of the Purple Sun Sect, then it can be seen that the Sky Sect has vast ambitions. Our three sects are rich pickings in their eyes. They won’t rest until they have us. From today forth, our three sects should further enhance our communication and provide aid in times of need. We absolutely cannot allow them to defeat us one by one.”

Although Sunchaser was normally indifferent to fame or gain, he placed great importance on the heritage of the Purple Sun Sect. He would never wish to see the sect be swallowed whole and incorporated into some Purple Light Division.

He wouldn’t necessarily be willing even if he was invited to be a division master, much less be Sunchaser’s minion.

After all, a division master was just the head of a Sky Sect division. Once they became the division of the Sky Sect, that would mean that the Precious Tree Sect had lost its autonomy and had to listen to the Sky Sect in all matters.

What if the Sky Sect set their sights on the Precious Tree of the Rosy Dawn? Would they hand that over on bended knee as well?

Ninelion nodded when he heard Thousandleaf’s reminder. “Daoist Thousandleaf speaks sense. Us three sects are crickets on the same rope. We are leaves of the same branch and must remain united. Otherwise, we will be separately defeated by the Sky Sect.”

Icemist sighed lightly and said glumly, “Let’s take it one step at a time. If a mere inspection envoy was so domineering and since they’ve come off worse in this exchange, I’m afraid that a stronger cultivator will arrive next time. Our three sects are but a piece of meat in their eyes. I’m worried if we’ll truly be able to hold out if we continue resisting?”

These words were slightly out of spirits. It was apparent that Icemist was a bit pessimistic about the future of the three sects.

Ninelion spoke angrily, “Even if we can’t hold out, we must not become Sunchaser’s dogs! There is no undefeatable sect beneath the heavens, only indestructible heritage. If they really wish to employ brute force, then we’ll just go down in a blaze of glory. As long as the sect heritage has yet to be destroyed, then we can arise from the ashes even if the sect is destroyed. But if we start to cower and wish to give up from our own mindset, then what is destroyed is our heritage. That is when our sect has truly been destroyed.”

A heritage wasn’t the mere inheritance of a sect’s methods or knowledge, but a type of mentality and spirit. If they gave up, that would mean that this kind of spirit was at an end.

Once this spirit was extinguished, then even if a sect had ten million people, it would still be one without a foundation.

Take for instance, the Sky Sect envoy wanting to assimilate their sects into a Purple Light Division under Sunchaser’s command. This meant that they would all become Sunchaser’s troops and become his vassals in all things, unable to act of their own accord.

This was something that Ninelion would never be willing to accept.

Jiang Chen was quite admiring of Ninelion’s heroic manner. In contrast, a woman such as Icemist seemed to lack that resolution of seeing things through to the end at this critical moment.

When it came to the sect’s legacy, this spark of spirit was sometimes more important than passing down techniques or methods. If a sect’s mentality was strong, then even if they were down to the last disciple, he would still find a way to pass on the torch of the sect so that it would never be extinguished.

Jiang Chen had seen everything beneath the heavens in his past life and weathered the passage of a million years, seeing many great powers rise and fall. Hadn’t some sects still vanished in the traces of history in the end?

Why had that been?

Because those sects had only profit in their eyes, and nothing of spirit or faith. They had no goal or legacy that people would willing to lay their lives on the line for.

Ninelion sighed and walked up to Jiang Chen, clapping his shoulder. “Jiang Chen, if you were a disciple of my Myriad Spirit Sect, then I would ignore all talk of a Sky or Earth Sect. Keep training well! I believe that you’ll trod on the so-called Sky Sect one day, hahaha!”

Ninelion’s hearty laugh was quite infectious. It could be seen from this that Ninelion possessed quite some mettle and was a forthright person. He wouldn’t frown ceaselessly even if the pressure from the Sky Sect was as monumental as a mountain.

Jiang Chen also smiled faintly, “My brother Liu Wencai has unparalleled potential. I’m sure that one day, he will be worthy of being hailed as one who can shoulder the sect on his shoulders.”

“Alright! I will surely focus great attention of cultivating Liu Wencai for those words.”

Liu Wencai was standing behind forefather Ninelion, and he cast a look of gratitude at Jiang Chen at this time. He walked up with Tang Hong. The three of them laid their palms on top of each other and bid the others farewell.

“Take care!”

“Take care!”

The Precious Tree Sect regained its calm after sending off the other two sects.

If it wasn’t for Zuo Lan’s prior intrusion, the Precious Tree Sect would’ve been immersed in boundless joy at this moment to celebrate the emergence of two great experts, an origin realm forefather and a genius at the peak of the spirit realm.

All middle level executives and above of the sect were gathered beneath the Precious Tree.

Forefather Thousandleaf stood in front of it, calling out loudly, “Everyone, this is the first time that the garden of the Precious Tree of the Rosy Dawn has been opened to everyone. I want to tell you that it is because of this tree our sect has been able to pass down our legacy for a thousand years. If we lose our legacy, then we will find it greatly difficult to retain the tree. Your children and grandchildren, your disciples and juniors will never be able to enjoy the fruits and protection of the tree! Tell me, do you wish to be a sect disciple with the spark of spirit, or be someone’s lackey in joining that so-called Sky Sect?!”

“We vow to live and die with the Precious Tree Sect, and will protect the Precious Tree unto death!”

All of those present wept tears of blood.

Even if those of the sect had never dared looked upon the Precious Tree, it had long since become a totem in their hearts, a brand etched into their souls.

The Precious Tree was their legacy, their spark of spirit, and their only faith.

They could fight internally or conduct ludicrous acts, but they would never tolerate blasphemy against the tree. This was because it was the pillar of morale for all of the sect’s disciples.

They may not be able to enjoy the fruits themselves, but the sect had its rules. If they reached the qualifications to one day, or their children did, the sect would naturally pass on its fruits to them.

The Precious Tree was something that all those in the sect shared.

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