Chapter 439: Zuo Lan Flees in a Panic

Chapter 439: Zuo Lan Flees in a Panic

The thrumming of the guzheng’s rhythm was constantly fluctuating, at times fierce and at times melodious.

But there was an indistinguishable strength within this unpredictable rhythm, a strength that brooked no opposition from Zuo Lan’s aura.

Zuo Lan’s expression suddenly changed drastically, the light in his eyes vanishing as he searched his surroundings with fear and shock, trying to ascertain where the music notes had originated from.

However, he was destined for disappointment. The notes seemed to be coming from all directions, and there was no way to pinpoint their source.

Zuo Lan was still caught in the depths of his shock and suspicion, his eyes tinged with genuine surprise. All of a sudden, he deflated like a fully inflated ball being pricked by a needle.

His expression took on a more thoughtful look as he took another glance at the three sects. He grit his teeth and waved, “We go!”

Zuo Lan was suddenly retreating!

The forefathers of the three sects all looked at each other, completely baffled.

Zuo Lan had been building up his strength and about to erupt in full glory. Everyone had been ready to fight to the death. How...

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