Chapter 438: The Aura of the Earth Origin Realm

Chapter 438: The Aura of the Earth Origin Realm

Although Zuo Lan’s sudden recruitment was unexpected, it was made at an ingenious time. The emotions of those in the four sects were all very complicated.

The three sects were all patently worried that Jiang Chen would change his mind and be tempted by Zuo Lan’s words. Although he hadn’t offered any promises, in the end, he was an earth origin realm cultivator and possessed quite a background. He was much stronger than the Precious Tree Sect.

In addition, Jiang Chen had only verbally agreed to joining the Precious Tree Sect. He hadn’t even completed the induction ceremony yet. Would Jiang Chen have any feelings for the Precious Tree Sect at all?

In the face of such a stark contrast in strength, would Jiang Chen choose to remain in the sect and not answer Zuo Lan’s call?

It was no wonder they were worried. After all, many would choose to flock to the banner of the stronger Sky Sect in these circumstances and toil for Zuo Lan, not the weak Precious Tree Sect.

If Jiang Chen did so, then the sects’ last trump card was gone. They would have no other choice but to lay their lives on the line to defy Zuo Lan.

If they didn’t, they could only accept the harsh reality of becoming the other’s vassals.

The three great sects were worried, and the Purple...

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