Chapter 437: One Finger and One Palm Astounds His Opponents

Chapter 437: One Finger and One Palm Astounds His Opponents

This single finger encompassed the strongest power of fire essence that Jiang Chen currently possessed. He’d absorbed the Fire Raven King’s core, assimilated another two caverns worth of fire essence spirit veins, and now had refined the Divine Fruit of the Rosy Dawn. The fire essence power coursing through him had reached a frighteningly pure stage.

This point was a technique that he’d practiced during his closed door cultivation, called “Supernova Point”. This technique could destroy an entire continent or a plane of existence when trained properly by the appropriate cultivators. Its power was astounding.

Jiang Chen had only scraped the surface of this art, but when he focused the power of fire essence onto his fingers, the power behind the sudden outpouring of the blazing essence was enough to destroy everything it encountered.

It was a good thing that Wu Chen had quickly withdrawn his hands. Even so, his hands had still been burned by the residual heat from the immense fire essence power. His entire palm would’ve likely been crippled if it hadn’t for the mysterious gloves.

The frightening scene shocked...

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