Chapter 435: The Momentum of Defeat

Chapter 435: The Momentum of Defeat

Wang Tuo had learned from Li Yuan’s match and decided to focus his efforts on defense.

Wu Chen was strutting on about counting the match as a loss if any of the three sects could hold out for longer than ten moves. Although Wang Tuo intensely despised Wu Chen’s arrogance, given Li Yuan’s previous showing, Wang Tuo didn’t dare take things lightly and so decided to first make it past ten moves.

When he saw Wang Tuo’s posture, a trace of contempt filled Wu Chen’s eyes. He grasped at his waist and pulled out a whip.

This whip was a good ten meters long and hummed through the air when Wu Chen shook it slightly. It was as if he held a legendary green water dragon in his hand. Once infused with spirit qi, it seemed to come alive, giving off a vitality as indomitable as a dragon and as lively as a tiger.

“Will cowering in your shell take you past ten moves?” Wu Chen smile’s was a cold thing as he stepped forward, the long whip drawing out a beautiful arc through the air.

The whip whistled through the air and churned up countless currents of air, sending rocks and dust flying and closing off all paths.

Wang Tuo had wanted to close in on Wu Chen using a pincer tactic with his contract beast, but that whip’s movements sealed any opening he could find.

The attacks...

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