Chapter 434: The Momentum of Utter Trampling

Chapter 434: The Momentum of Utter Trampling

The three gray robed men stood in a row. Each one had one star, two stars, and three stars respectively embroidered on their chests. Their formation abreast indicated the difference in their positions and levels.

The blue clad man stood in front of them with his arms crossed, superiority in every line of his body. “None of my underlings are over thirty years old. They are, respectively, of the ninth level spirit realm, peak of the ninth level, and spirit king. Each person will take the field three times. You three sects can first discuss amongst yourselves and send out those you think has the highest chance for victory.”

The gray clad individual with one star embroidered on his chest was the one who’d just defeated Tang Hong.

He was also the youngest, roughly twenty or so years old. His brows were as sharply defined as a sword, and hints of frosty arrogance and cockiness played about his thin lips.

“I am Wu Chen, ninth level spirit realm, who dares challenge me?”

Wu Chen’s gaze was haughty as he swept his eyes dismissively across the entire assembly. Unconcealed mockery dripped from his tone as he spoke, “Are the so-called three great sects all turtles who prefer...

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