Chapter 433: Domineering Arrogance, the Agreement of Nine Matches

Chapter 433: Domineering Arrogance, the Agreement of Nine Matches

Sunchaser’s words made the originally wavering Flowing Wind and Myriad Spirit Sects instantly stand on the Precious Tree Sect’s side.

This was because everyone had a foreboding premonition.

“Old monster Sunchaser, I think you’ve lost your mind! You make the rules? Who the hell do you think you are? It isn’t down to your sect calling the shots in the sixteen kingdom alliance!” Ninelion’s personality was the most short-tempered out of those present and he began cursing loudly.

Sunchaser cackled. “Old monster Ninelion, you frogs in the well are absolutely blind to the greater picture. The sixteen kingdom alliance is destined for change. Only destruction awaits otherwise.”

Suddenly, the blue-clad man behind Sunchaser took a step forward and reached out with his hand to interrupt Sunchaser.

This man was the envoy from the Ninesuns Sky Sect. His blue robe placed him in a position noticeably higher than the other three gray-clad men.

His gaze was deep and it seemed like a chilling wind blowed against those assembled when his eyes swept over them.

“Everyone, allow me to introduce myself. I am Zuo Lan, a rank four inspector of the Ninesuns Sky Sect. Sunchaser is...

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