Chapter 433: Domineering Arrogance, the Agreement of Nine Matches

Chapter 433: Domineering Arrogance, the Agreement of Nine Matches

Sunchaser’s words made the originally wavering Flowing Wind and Myriad Spirit Sects instantly stand on the Precious Tree Sect’s side.

This was because everyone had a foreboding premonition.

“Old monster Sunchaser, I think you’ve lost your mind! You make the rules? Who the hell do you think you are? It isn’t down to your sect calling the shots in the sixteen kingdom alliance!” Ninelion’s personality was the most short-tempered out of those present and he began cursing loudly.

Sunchaser cackled. “Old monster Ninelion, you frogs in the well are absolutely blind to the greater picture. The sixteen kingdom alliance is destined for change. Only destruction awaits otherwise.”

Suddenly, the blue-clad man behind Sunchaser took a step forward and reached out with his hand to interrupt Sunchaser.

This man was the envoy from the Ninesuns Sky Sect. His blue robe placed him in a position noticeably higher than the other three gray-clad men.

His gaze was deep and it seemed like a chilling wind blowed against those assembled when his eyes swept over them.

“Everyone, allow me to introduce myself. I am Zuo Lan, a rank four inspector of the Ninesuns Sky Sect. Sunchaser is the representative that my sect has chosen for the sixteen kingdom alliance.”

The Ninesuns Sky Sect? Rank four inspector?

Everyone was completely befuddled. What was that? They’d never heard of it before. What Ninesuns Sky Sect? What inspector?

Thousandleaf, Ninelion, and Icemist exchanged glances with each other. They all saw confusion in the other’s eyes. And although Ye Chonglou had travelled through many places, he'd never left the Myriad Domain.

There was nothing about a Ninesuns Sky Sect in the Myriad Domain in his memories.

Zuo Lan displayed a contemptuous smile when he saw the looks of ignorance on the origin realm cultivators. What a pitiful bunch of frogs at the bottom of a well.

Sunchaser sidled over and smiled apologetically, “Sir Zuo Lan, these bumpkins have long resided in remoteness, how would they know the dignity of the Sky Sect? The summer insects know not of what winter is. Only harsh methods can be used on people like them. These despicable trashes won’t submit docilely if they’re not beaten upon.”

Zuo Lan’s background was otherworldly, but he wasn’t as familiar with the situation of the sixteen kingdoms like Sunchaser. His understanding of them was naturally less than Sunchaser’s.

Zuo Lan had planned on using the authority of the Ninesuns Sky Sect to intimidate and awe those present.

Sunchaser however, wanted Zuo Lan to make a move and bully these old fellows, killing a few people in the end to force everyone to submit.

Thousandleaf and Ninelion all burned with rage when they heard Sunchaser’s shameless words. Sunchaser was being ludicrously shameless, not only was he leading the wolf into the house, he was even voicing such traitorous words!

However, Zuo Lan’s presence and strength were all noticeably stronger than the forefathers’.

The former’s posture spoke volumes of his preparation beforehand.

“Let’s speak candidly. My Ninesuns Sky Sect has conscripted the sixteen kingdom alliance. We have formed the Purple Light Division with the Purple Sun Sect as the foundation. Sunchaser is temporarily holding the position of Division Master. From today forth, the term ‘sixteen kingdom alliance’ no longer exists, and the four great sects are thus disbanded. There is only the Purple Light Division here, and you must submit to it. Those who adhere will prosper, those who defy us will die!”

Zuo Lan was from the Sky Sect and naturally embodied its dignity and aura. His words were as if an imperial decree, allowing no room for questions.

“Now, those of you who do not accept this can step forth and speak.”

Zuo Lan suddenly took a step forward and flared his aura. The presence of a fourth level origin realm immediately filled the skies, making the expressions of the origin realm cultivators around him change drastically.

The spirit realm cultivators close to him suddenly felt their breathing become labored, as if a thousand tons were pressing down on them. Their faces grew beet red, and they seemed like they could explode in any moment.

“Releasing his origin power externally, his aura pressing down as if the earth itself, this is the earth origin realm!” Ye Chonglou gasped lowly and murmured, “No wonder he was able to send me flying with a single flourish.”

Of those present, even the strongest—Sunchaser, was only at the peak of the third level origin realm.

Thousandleaf and Ninelion were at the third level origin realm, and Icemist only at the peak of the second level. And of course, Ye Chonglou had just recently broken through to the first level.

This was to say that whether it was first or third level, they were all only in the minor origin realm.

And this envoy from the Sky Sect was in the earth origin realm!

Although there was only one division between the two, the difference in strength was as to a far-reaching mountain range.

Precisely due to the fact that Zuo Lan had come from a place such as the Ninesuns Sky Sect, his strengths would be far in excess of the origin realm cultivators of the sixteen kingdom alliance in no matter what aspect.

Zuo Lan’s posture was a blatant declaration that he was going to use force to suppress all dissidents.

Whoever didn’t agree with him could step forth!

Zuo Lan’s haughty gaze swept across the various origin realm forefathers. He suddenly smiled. “I’m of the earth origin realm, and if I were to use my strength to suppress you, you’d think that I used brute force to oppress you and never accept the result.”

Zuo Lan pointed slightly with his right hand after speaking and indicated those wearing gray robes. “These three are my underlings, also inspectors of the Sky Sect. Their cultivation has yet to break through to the origin realm and their existence is at the bottom in the Sky Sect.”

Zuo Lan’s eyes leisurely shifted across the three spirit realm cultivators of his sect. “Spirit realm versus spirit realm, you can pick your representatives as you will. As long as anyone can triumph over my men, then you still have the right to negotiate today’s matters. If none can win, then submit docilely. Remember, me not killing anyone now doesn’t mean I will spare you all!”

Spirit realm matching off against spirit realm, this wasn’t an out-of-line request.

If the three sects felt that facing off against an earth origin realm such as Zuo Lan was unfair, then there were still plenty of experts at the peak of the spirit realm amongst them. There were even spirit kings.

The origin realm cultivators looked at each other, all feeling quite repressed in their hearts. The situation was very clear, the other wasn’t here just for the Precious Tree Sect.

They were here for all of them.

Although they didn’t know what the Ninesuns Sky Sect was, it was obvious that none of them wanted to bend the knee and bury the foundations of their sects just to flock to some bloody Purple Light Division banner as Sunchaser’s underling.

This was an enormous insult to the three great sects. They’d rather die in battle than join Sunchaser’s side.

The three sects formed a united front with great accord in the span of an instant.

However, judging from the other’s posturing, their opponent didn’t seem to care if they’d form an alliance at all, seeming to think that the three sects would lose no matter what.

Origin realm to origin realm, or spirit realm to spirit realm, the three sects had their picks.

They could either battle or submit.

There were only these two options left to them.

If they submitted, this meant that they would forever lose the heritage of their sect and become a vassal underneath Sunchaser.

If they fought and still lost, they’d be hard-pressed to escape the fate of being an underling.

However, in the world of martial dao, those who didn’t fight were cowards. No matter how strong or how frightening one’s opponent was, only through taking the field would one be able to grasp their fate with their own hands.

“Disciple Tang Hong is willing to fight!” Tang Hong had been itching for a fight since a while ago.

Tang Hong’s enormous body shook as he ran forward, grasping a large club in his hand. It was the dragon bone of the Redscaled Firelizard that Jiang Chen had gifted him.

Sunchaser’s eyes squinted when he saw this club as it looked somewhat familiar to him.

Tang Hong pointed with the club, “Which of you is up?”

A gray-clad man with a star drawn on his chest snorted derisively. “What’s someone like you doing out here making a fool out of yourself? Get the hell down!”

The man walked up the stage after speaking and flung a punch out at Tang Hong.

This person occupied the lowest position and had the weakest strength amongst the Sky Sect envoys. However, within the momentum of his punch, the sounds of wind and thunder were actually subtly exhibited. It was obviously not weak and was at the level of ninth level spirit realm.

This punch brought with it a force that would level mountains and upend the seas. How was it something that Tang Hong, a cultivator who’d yet to enter the sky spirit realm, could hope to withstand?

Tang Hong felt the scene in front of him were filled with boxing shadows in an instant as the other blocked off all avenues of movement in an instant.

“This is bad!”

“Tang Hong, hurry and retreat!”

Those on the Precious Tree Sect side all exclaimed a shocked warning.

“Haha, overconfident fool!” Cold jeering sounded out from the Purple Sun Sect’s side.

“Tang Hong’s brains are damn useless alright. How could a mere earth spirit realm cultivator dare step forth and make a fool of himself?”

“This punch is going to crush him half to death!”

Tang Hong suddenly smashed down with the club in his hand in panic as he called upon all the strength in his body. He roared, “I say block! Block, block, block!!”


The strong force from the club smashed into the boxing aura. A red light flashed as Tang Hong’s body flew backwards. He stumbled a dozen steps before finally finding his footing.

“Hmm?” The gray-clad person was rather surprised. Even someone in the first level origin realm may not have been able to take his blow. Yet this foolish brute who was only of the earth spirit realm had broken apart a good portion of his boxing aura with one blow. This was quite strange.

“Brat, you were lucky just now. I’ll kill you for sure with this blow!”

Tang Hong’ blood was roiling. Although he hadn’t been severely injured, he could summon almost no strength after taking this punch.

Forefather Thousandleaf flourished his sleeves and swept away the force behind the other’s punch. “We concede this match.”

Thousandleaf was placing quite a bit of importance on Tang Hong now, second only to Jiang Chen. He would never allow something to happen to Tang Hong. He also knew that Tang Hong’s cultivation level was far too low compared to the other’s. There was no room for contest in this match at all.

Thousandleaf speculated that it must have mostly been the aid of that marvelous club’s help in that blow just now that Tang Hong had escaped serious injury.

Zuo Lan smiled faintly. “I only give you nine matches. I have three of my subordinates here, and they will each fight three times. If any of you win even one match between equal levels, then you will have the right to negotiate with me. If you’re unable to win even once, then you’re trash. Trash should have the self-awareness as trash and submit docilely, be content hangers-on. If you persist in your stubborness, I don’t mind erasing the three sects from this world!”

Zuo Lan’s dominance was different from Sunchaser’s.

Sunchaser’s was using vicious words to express himself. He often failed to scare others at all.

However, Zuo Lan’s dominance was one that blended into his natural bearing. It was as if he’d been born with the right to be thus and made other’s heart palpitate with fright.

They would have the right to negotiate if they won if even one match out of nine.

If they couldn’t, then the fate that awaited the three sects was to be a pawn of others and utterly lose the dignity and heritage as a sect.

Although the other was overbearing, they had indeed given the sects a chance.

If they couldn’t win even one match, then what right did they have to haggle over terms?

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