Chapter 432: A Domineering Arrival

Chapter 432: A Domineering Arrival

This gift made those of the other two sects feel that this trip was greatly worth it.

Forefather Ninelion swept his gaze in a circle and suddenly asked, “Daoist Thousandleaf, there are two stars to the induction ceremony, how come I only see one?”

The news of Ye Chonglou setting foot into the origin realm had long since travelled throughout the sixteen kingdom alliance. Everyone knew of him.

But Jiang Chen, the one who’d killed three Purple Sun Sect elders and been suppressed within the Eternal Spirit Mountain had yet to appear.

Forefather Thousandleaf smiled, “It’s an unfortunate coincidence that Jiang Chen announced that he was entering closed door cultivation a few days ago. He must have had some comprehension of martial dao and is facing a critical moment before a break through. Everyone will certainly be able to see him if you are able to linger in the Precious Tree Sect.”

It was indeed a bit of a pity that Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to attend the induction ceremony. It was a bit of a flaw in an otherwise perfect occasion, as if the crown was missing its most brilliant gem.

“Daoist Thousandleaf, did you perhaps purposefully hide Jiang Chen, afraid that...

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