Chapter 431: Calming Internal Conflict, Induction Ceremony

Chapter 431: Calming Internal Conflict, Induction Ceremony

The Iron family was quite sincere in wanting to reconcile with Jiang Chen. However, when they arrived with large amounts of presents, they discovered that Jiang Chen was in closed door cultivation.

It was a good thing that Gouyu was born a princess and knew the proper procedures. She didn’t seal off the door to reconciliation, but didn’t accept the Iron family’s presents either.

“My house’s young master did have a few grudges with the Iron family, but that was in the past and all has been resolved. Whether we are friend or foe now all depends on your intentions. My house’s young master is a forthright person and has only grand plans in mind. How would he still have the thought to spare for your small grudges? We do not attack unless we are attacked.”

Gouyu’s words were quite suited to the occasion.

She wasn’t rejecting the Iron family, nor was she agreeing to the reconciliation. She was just expressing the attitude of ‘I won’t attack others unless I am attacked’.

The representative who’d come on behalf of the Iron family this time was one of Iron Long’s brothers, Iron Tang. He was also an elder in the sect and had a relatively high status.

He was comparatively more steady and didn’t insist on continuing when he saw that Jiang Chen truly was in closed door cultivation. However, he could also make out that...

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