Chapter 431: Calming Internal Conflict, Induction Ceremony

Chapter 431: Calming Internal Conflict, Induction Ceremony

The Iron family was quite sincere in wanting to reconcile with Jiang Chen. However, when they arrived with large amounts of presents, they discovered that Jiang Chen was in closed door cultivation.

It was a good thing that Gouyu was born a princess and knew the proper procedures. She didn’t seal off the door to reconciliation, but didn’t accept the Iron family’s presents either.

“My house’s young master did have a few grudges with the Iron family, but that was in the past and all has been resolved. Whether we are friend or foe now all depends on your intentions. My house’s young master is a forthright person and has only grand plans in mind. How would he still have the thought to spare for your small grudges? We do not attack unless we are attacked.”

Gouyu’s words were quite suited to the occasion.

She wasn’t rejecting the Iron family, nor was she agreeing to the reconciliation. She was just expressing the attitude of ‘I won’t attack others unless I am attacked’.

The representative who’d come on behalf of the Iron family this time was one of Iron Long’s brothers, Iron Tang. He was also an elder in the sect and had a relatively high status.

He was comparatively more steady and didn’t insist on continuing when he saw that Jiang Chen truly was in closed door cultivation. However, he could also make out that Jiang Chen had no intentions of beating his Iron family to death with one stick. This was to say that the attitude of the Iron family would be the determinant of how the reconciliation went.

When he received this hint, Iron Tang was servile and obsequious and forced the presents onto Gouyu.

“Miss Gouyu, these presents are the thoughts of the esteemed elder Iron Long to congratulate Jiang Chen on entering the sect. You must accept them, or else I will be unable to explain myself when I return.”

Iron Tang completely humbled himself, giving off the posture of I’m not leaving until you accept them.

Gouyu was resigned and waved her hands. “Then leave them if this is the case. It will be up to the young master to decide if he accepts them or not after he emerges from closed door cultivation.”

Iron Tang finally left happily when he heard these words.

The other followers were all delighted by Iron Tang’s departing figure.

“Sister Gouyu, it looks like the Iron family is thoroughly afraid of our young master.” Guo Jin sighed.

Gouyu smiled faintly, turning her gaze to Xue Tong. “Xue Tong, what do you think of the Iron family wanting to make peace?”

There was logic in her actions of not asking anyone else but Xue Tong.

When Lu Wuji had colluded with the Hidden Death assassins, they’d snatched Xue Tong then. He’d suffered quite a bit during that time and been pinned with great crimes.

Although the culprits were executed, Iron Can, who’d harbored the culprits, still remained free and clear of the law. Although this matter wasn’t directly linked to Iron Can, Gouyu was worried that Xue Tong would have certain thoughts.

Xue Tong rather recognized the straits they were in. “The young master has just arrived in the Precious Tree Sect and it’s also an inappropriate time to have poor relations with the Iron family. Taking an overly firm tone will give others a feeling that we’re domineering. Although the young master has the right to, us subordinates, should avoid bringing trouble to him. We should give the Iron family an opportunity to make peace if they want to. At the end of the day, it’s them who are worse for the wear after our various conflicts.”

Gouyu also smiled. When it came down to things, the Iron family truly were the ones who’d come off worse for the wear after multiple engagements with the young master.

Now that the young master had grown into his strength, even Iron Long may not be able to win in a fight if he personally took to the field himself. What could the Iron family bring out to contend with the young master?

Not to mention they had the protection of lordmaster Ye Chonglou as well.

The young master’s position within the Precious Tree Sect was as impregnable.

Since he possessed both a good position and advantages, what need did he have to destroy a negligible Iron family and give rise to unfavorable discussion?


Iron Long stood outside forefather Thousandleaf’s residence in a bowed position. He had stood there for two hours already, waiting to see the forefather.

Iron Long knew that the forefather was very disappointed in the Iron family lately. It was one thing to be locked in internal conflict with the Xie family, but they’d actually suppressed Jiang Chen from the beginning and hadn’t recruited him early into the sect early on. This had caused this supreme genius to wallow in the secular kingdom for all these years. This was what forefather Thousandleaf was most depressed about.

With Jiang Chen’s potential, if he’d entered the Precious Tree Sect two years earlier for further training, he might even be at the spirit king realm now, just a step away from the origin realm.

How precious was two years to a genius?

Of course, this was all forefather Thousandleaf’s understanding of things. In reality, Jiang Chen had run into many fortuitous occurrences whilst adventuring in the secular world, such as the Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice in the Maze Realm Autumn Hunt.

Or the secular selection for another, in which he’d gained the magnetic golden mountain,the cores of the Fire Raven King and the Redscaled Firelizard…

“Forefather, esteemed elder Iron Long has been waiting outside for about two hours.”

Thousandleaf had been of a mind to leave Iron Long out in the cold for a bit longer. But in the end he was still a benevolent forefather, and spread out his hand after thinking for a bit, “Let him enter.”

Tears almost flowed down Iron Long’s face when he heard that forefather Thousandleaf was willing to see him.

“Forefather, Iron Long has been foolish and has come to beg for the forefather’s forgiveness.”

Forefather Thousandleaf snorted derisively. “Beg for my forgiveness? You also know that you’ve committed a crime?”

Iron Long was deeply unsettled, “Your subordinate is guilty of being incompetent in managing my men, giving rise to a lot of trouble. Iron Long is willing to accept whatever punishment the forefather wishes to decree.”

“Hmph, if I wanted to punish you, I would’ve done so a long time ago. This matter is already very clear, begging me would be of no avail. Your family has offended Jiang Chen and forefather Ye Chonglou.”

Iron Long sighed dejectedly. “I also know how ludicrous things were back in the day. I am sincerely admitting to my wrongs now and would like to set aside prejudices to offer up strength for the Precious Tree Sect. I have also consciously realized that only through internal unity will a sect grow strong. This is the only way forward.”

Iron Long was quite familiar with forefather Thousandleaf’s personality. The more you humbled yourself and adopted a modest personality, the happier the forefather would be.

Indeed, Thousandleaf’s expression softened. “It is right that your thoughts turn this way. However, if you say one thing but mean otherwise, resulting in a second offense, then even I will not be at liberty to intercede for you.”

“Please be at ease forefather. I absolutely have no other thoughts. If either forefather Ye Chonglou or Jiang Chen wished to move against my Iron family, we would’ve perished long ago. This means that they are magnanimous. If my family still doesn’t know how to appreciate what is good, then I will have no words of complaint even if the forefather kills me yourself.”

Iron Long knew that the forefather’s mindset was weakening when the latter’s tone became a bit softer. He hastily expressed his viewpoint.

“If this is so, I will find forefather Ye Chonglou to discuss this matter. The only way forward for the sect is if we unite together. The Purple Sun Sect has been able to keep dominating for so long was precisely because they are united and do not engage in internal conflict.”

Thousandleaf also gave a promise and then said, “But you must also consider carefully. If any untoward developments happen again, then your Iron family will truly be left to eke out survival on your own. I trust that with forefather Ye Chonglou and Jiang Chen’s open mindedness, they will not continue to wax eloquent on past wrongs. The key of the matter is Iron Can of your house. He is an expert at causing trouble. Are you sure that he is not professing obedience, but truly submitting with good grace? Is he finished causing trouble?”

Iron Long felt a jolt of surprise. It looked like although the forefather didn’t say much normally, he was well aware of what was going on.

He hastened to reassure, “If that vile spawn Iron Can dares cause further trouble, I’ll end him myself!”

Forefather Thousandleaf nodded. “Say these words to forefather Chonglou then.”

He made a gesture and formed a message glyph, sending it on its way.

Ye Chonglou’s hearty laugh resounded before long. “What might Daoist Thousandleaf need from me?”

Upon hearing this, Iron Long found it difficult to sit still. He had to stand up with his arms by his sides, looking down humbly as a complex mixture of emotions passed through his heart.

When Ye Chonglou had drifted amongst the mundane world, his position had been far less than Iron Long’s lofty status. They had both been evenly matched.

But now, Ye Chonglou was referring to forefather Thousandleaf as fellow daoist. The origin realm was truly a boundary in life that marked the stark difference of two completely separate lives.

Ye Chonglou seemed to think of something when he walked in and saw Iron Long.

Thousandleaf smiled, “Chonglou, Iron Long has just come to find me to admit his mistakes and express sincere repentance. However, he’s worried that you and Jiang Chen will still seek redress for past wrongs. Are you willing to give the Iron family a chance?”

Ye Chonglou was now one of the origin realm—why would he care about a mere Iron family? He smiled faintly. “It’s easy to convince me. You only need to convince Jiang Chen and I will express no other opinions.”

Thousandleaf laughed heartily, “Chonglou has always had a generous temperament. Iron Long, you need to express your attitude in front of forefather Chonglou. Any hypocritical behavior will not be condoned. Otherwise, there won’t be a single place for your family in the entire sect.”

It had been a difficult journey to arrive at this wondrous situation that favored the Precious Tree Sect. If the Iron family stirred up any internal conflict again, then they truly would be universally condemned.

Ye Chonglou also knew that Thousandleaf possessed a soft heart and was planning on giving the Iron family a chance. He decided not to be a villain and spoke noncommittally, “Everyone in the sect is busy readying for the induction ceremony. Your Iron family should also move to action and accomplish some things for everyone to see.”

Iron Long was delighted by these words and knew that this meant Ye Chonglou’s position was softening. Joy filled his heart and he hastened to say, “Yes, yes. Your subordinate will go now and make preparations. I will help sect head Xie make this a glorious and magnificent induction ceremony.

Iron Long was very smart with his words and had struck the right tone with his posture. His words of “help sect head Xie” fully expressed that his Iron family wouldn’t even resist the Xie family anymore. He would thoroughly submit to the sect head.

The matter with the Iron family was just a minor interlude, but it loosened the atmosphere in the sect. When all sides united together, this greatly enhanced the effectiveness of the Precious Tree Sect.

The preparations were handled competently over the next couple of days.

Then, those from the three sects started trickling in.

The first to arrive was the Myriad Spirit Sect. Forefather Ninelion gave the Precious Tree Sect quite a lot of face as he personally led a group that was comprised of almost all of the Myriad Spirit Sect’s elite disciples.

The two sects ordinarily enjoyed good relations, so it was natural that the Myriad Spirit Sect would give the Precious Tree Sect face.

The Flowing Wind Sect also arrived ahead of time after the Myriad Spirit Sect had arrived. Similar to the Myriad Spirit Sect, venerated Icemist had brought almost all of her elite disciples alongthis time.

However, those from the Purple Sun Sect had yet to arrive even on the day of the induction ceremony.

It looked like they had hardened their heart to give no face and not come.

However, forefather Thousandleaf didn’t mind this at all. The entire sixteen kingdom alliance knew that the Precious Tree Sect had thoroughly suppressed the Purple Sun Sect in the battle of the Shangyang Kingdom.

In the eyes of the outside world, the Purple Sun Sect’s absence was a kind of evasion—they were frightened of the Precious Tree Sect.

All was in readiness for the induction ceremony, only forefather Thousandleaf’s commencement was needed.

He smiled slightly, “Distinguished guests, we are flattered by your attendance at the induction of forefather Ye Chonglou and Jiang Chen. To express our appreciation, my Precious Tree Sect has prepared a gift for you. Each sect will receive one Divine Fruit of the Rosy Dawn.”

The Precious Tree Sect boasted of great wealth to gift one of these precious fruit without further ado. This was an undoubted move to win over people’s hearts.

But even if this was so, this still greatly shocked the other two sects. This was quite a display!

The Divine Fruit of the Rosy Dawn was the hallmark treasure of the Precious Tree Sect. Even sect geniuses may be unable to receive one unless in times of crisis.

But here the forefather was, bringing the Fruit out as a gift to thank the two sects for showing up!

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