Chapter 430: The Iron Family Submits

Chapter 430: The Iron Family Submits

The lordmaster was the epitome of dashing grace as he laughed heartily after pressing the fruit into Jiang Chen’s hand and then drifted away.

“Jiang Chen, all resources are available to you in the Precious Tree Sect. I am but adding brilliance to your present splendor. Continue training! There are still roughly seven days to the induction ceremony. I hope you will appear on it with an even stronger posture.”

The lordmaster came and left as he would. This was also to prevent putting Jiang Chen under any psychological pressure.

Jiang Chen knew that the lordmaster was acting like this on purpose. This weighty gift was no superfluous item.

Jiang Chen had also heard of the Precious Tree of the Rosy Dawn.

However, forefather Thousandleaf hadn’t mentioned the fruit of this tree to him in the days that he’d entered the sect. It was obvious that this resource wasn’t something that a young man, even one such as Jiang Chen, could commandeer.

The lordmaster had gifted him even the Divine Fruit of Rosy Dawn, how was this possibly just mere added grace? This was absolutely a precious gift.

Jiang Chen’s gaze flickered as he looked at the fruit that was so red, it seemed to be glowing. What he lacked most at this moment were resources like...

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