Chapter 429: Divine Fruit of the Rosy Dawn

Chapter 429: Divine Fruit of the Rosy Dawn

Sunchaser had been fruitlessly spinning his wheels when the arrival of the Sky Sect envoy immediately restored his fighting spirit and swept away his dejection.

No matter from what angle one approached things, the Purple Sun Sect was the absolute winner now that the Sky Sect envoy had decided to personally take the field.

Although they’d lost the name of the Purple Sun Sect, they’d received real power instead.

What did the badge of a division master of the Ninesuns Sky Sect mean? It meant that he, Sunchaser, was no longer someone with no patron at all. He’d latched onto a powerful backer.

Even the strong factions in the Myriad Domain wouldn’t be able to ignore the existence of the Ninesuns Sky sect.

Even though he’d only received a badge of the lowest rank, no one would dare slight him all the same.

Most importantly, the Purple Light Division would unite the four sects. This meant that Sunchaser would be in charge of far more people, and even more experts would follow his orders.

Although they may not wholeheartedly submit to him in the short term, he’d naturally have his ways to bring them to heel in due time as his strength continued to increase.

After all, the situation was in front of them. Either they...

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