Chapter 429: Divine Fruit of the Rosy Dawn

Chapter 429: Divine Fruit of the Rosy Dawn

Sunchaser had been fruitlessly spinning his wheels when the arrival of the Sky Sect envoy immediately restored his fighting spirit and swept away his dejection.

No matter from what angle one approached things, the Purple Sun Sect was the absolute winner now that the Sky Sect envoy had decided to personally take the field.

Although they’d lost the name of the Purple Sun Sect, they’d received real power instead.

What did the badge of a division master of the Ninesuns Sky Sect mean? It meant that he, Sunchaser, was no longer someone with no patron at all. He’d latched onto a powerful backer.

Even the strong factions in the Myriad Domain wouldn’t be able to ignore the existence of the Ninesuns Sky sect.

Even though he’d only received a badge of the lowest rank, no one would dare slight him all the same.

Most importantly, the Purple Light Division would unite the four sects. This meant that Sunchaser would be in charge of far more people, and even more experts would follow his orders.

Although they may not wholeheartedly submit to him in the short term, he’d naturally have his ways to bring them to heel in due time as his strength continued to increase.

After all, the situation was in front of them. Either they bent the knee, or faced destruction.

In the world of martial dao, going along with the flow was the true way of survival. Sunchaser didn’t feel that the senior executives of the three great sects had the willpower to defy the Ninesuns Sky Sect.

To put things bluntly, it was their great fortune that the Ninesuns Sky Sect had cast its eyes on them!

If there really were those who couldn’t see the greater picture, then he’d be forced to use some strong-arm tactics and kill one or two of them to make an example for the others to see!

Sunchaser had already started planning who he’d make an example of first.

Jiang Chen!

This name was certainly in first place.

Whether they were the Purple Sun Sect or the Purple Light Division, they would never have a moment of peace as long as this person was not eliminated.

Jiang Chen made appropriate arrangements for his followers upon returning to the Precious Tree Sect.

He was now the most pivotal figure among the Precious Tree Sect’s younger generation. The worth of his followers had naturally risen as well—they enjoyed the treatment usually reserved to first tier disciples.

The benefits of joining the Precious Tree Sect were apparent in this manner.

Jiang Chen wasn’t actually very interested in an induction ceremony, but everyone within the sect was highly enthused about this, so he didn’t want to dampen everyone’s spirits.

He could understand it as well. The Precious Tree Sect had been suppressed by the Purple Sun Sect for so many years. It was natural to desire making use of this opportunity of exaltation and fulfillment for widespread fanfare.

The Precious Tree Sect gave Jiang Chen the best possible treatment. They hewed out a brand new residence for him alone in the sector with the densest concentration of spirit qi.

Only sect elders could enjoy such treatment. Even Lian Canghai and Xie Yufan didn’t yet have the right to enjoy such privilege.

However, no one in the sect expressed dissatisfaction about this.

Jiang Chen had killed Long Juxue of the innate constitution in the great selection, annihilated the Wu family clan in the Shangyang Kingdom, and slaughtered three elders of the Purple Sun Sect.

Any of these glorious achievements were accomplishments that the younger disciples could only look up to.

How many elders within the sect could’ve done the same, much less the younger generation?

Although Jiang Chen enjoyed all of this preferential treatment, he didn’t grow cocky, nor full of himself. Many sect elders held banquets to welcome him in the days following his return. He attended them all happily and didn’t arrogantly turn any down.

He knew as well that the network of connections within the sect was complex. There was nothing bad about forming good relationships.

In this way, basically all of senior executives of the sect extended olive branches to Jiang Chen, apart from the Iron family.

He rejected no one.

This won him widespread approval and a good reputation a short few days after entering the sect.

Apart from Jiang Chen, the one most in the limelight was old man Fei Xuan. He’d been promoted to elder-in-waiting before, and now that Jiang Chen had joined the sect, it had an undeniable impact to his influence.

Jiang Chen also took care to interact with him on many occasions. This too unknowingly raised old man Fei’s status.

In contrast, Ye Chonglou was having a rather easy time.

Due to his cultivation level and status, he didn’t need to consider anyone’s face apart from forefather Thousandleaf.

Ye Chonglou was now the sect’s second forefather, second only to one and above tens of thousands.

Jiang Chen finally became acclimated to the business of sect life after a few days and wrapped up various social calls as well.

When he returned to the residence that forefather Thousandleaf himself had broken ground, Jiang Chen discovered to his surprise that lordmaster Ye Chonglou had come for a visit.

“Lordmaster.” Jiang Chen was somewhat bewildered.

“Haha, what, you don’t welcome a raggedy old man like me?” Ye Chonglou was in a wonderful mood. He’d returned to the Precious Tree Sect with the identity of a forefather, and the Iron family, the culprits who’d made him leave with resignation back in the day, could only look up to him. This feeling felt damn good.

“The lordmaster is an origin realm forefather, how would this kid not welcome you? I should be greatly kissing up to you!” Jiang Chen joked back.

“You brat! Others may not know, but you definitely know what is the deal with my origin realm. If it wasn’t for you, I’m afraid I would’ve dithered in the spirit king realm for my whole life.”

A mixture of emotions coursed through Ye Chonglou. “I’ve been laying low for so long. I’d never have thought that I’d return to the sect one day stand at the peak.”

“Age has never been an issue in martial dao. The lordmaster possesses an undying hero’s heart. It was a given that you would make it here today.” Jiang Chen offered a few words of flattery.

The two sat down as the lordmaster suddenly asked, “Jiang Chen, I heard that Dan Fei left you a letter when she left?”

Jiang Chen was surprised by the lordmaster’s sudden question.

However, he didn’t deny it. He nodded slightly and didn’t mention the contents of the letter.

The lordmaster seemed to have guessed something as he sighed softly. “I have been raising Dan Fei since she was young. I might have overly spoiled her, which resulted in her slightly high-brow personality. However, little Dan’s mindset is pure and kind, and she’s always had a stubborn streak in her character and style. I was in closed door cultivation when she left this time, so I have no idea what happened. With her personality, she would’ve never left without a reason. I am a bit worried.”

Jiang Chen also had no idea why Dan Fei had left. He too had found it odd. Dan Fei was so filial to the lordmaster, why would she leave while he was in closed door cultivation?

Jiang Chen was absolutely befuddled by the lordmaster’s words.

He’d naturally understood her letter. That short letter had been her confession of love to him.

However, he still didn’t understand. Even if she did have feelings for Jiang Chen, it hadn’t seemed like she needed to leave the lordmaster.

When he recalled his various experiences with her, Jiang Chen sighed lightly as well. No matter from what angle one looked at things, Dan Fei was a perfect match for a man.

Apart from being somewhat prideful, it could be said that she fulfilled all of a man’s fantasies.

However, some destiny was needed in the matters between a man and a woman. Jiang Chen had always had a gentlemanly attitude when interacting with her. His thoughts had never drifted in that direction.

When he thought that Dan Fei’s departure might have something to do with him, Jiang Chen naturally hoped in his heart that everything was alright for her, and that no accidents would befall her.

When he saw that the conversation had taken a slight downturn, the lordmaster changed the topic. “Jiang Chen, it’s a factor of change for the sixteen kingdom alliance now that you’ve joined the Precious Tree Sect. In this way, you’ll also walk towards the light from the shadows. There will be countless pairs of eyes on you from this moment forth. You should be prepared.”

Jiang Chen smiled slightly and nodded, “Is it not the same for you, lordmaster?”

Ye Chonglou laughed heartily, “That is true.”

But he immediately sighed softly afterwards. “It’s a pity that the position of the sixteen kingdom alliance in the Myriad Domain is still fraught with peril. Although you and I have entered the Precious Tree Sect, I have no insight into where the path ahead of us leads. Jiang Chen, you’re still young. I see in you a kind of potential, a potential that will change the times.”

“You and the Purple Sun Sect are like fire and water now. With my understanding of old monster Sunchaser, he will never be willing to take things lying down. I’m afraid this matter is not over.”

Ye Chonglou rather dreaded Sunchaser. This was a madman with a narrow mind. He would always take revenge for slights toward himself.

With the Purple Sun Sect’s domineering style in the sixteen kingdom alliance, they would never just silently take the loss after such an enormous humiliation.

“The lordmaster voices my thoughts. There must be a conclusion to matters with the Purple Sun Sect sooner or later. There is no benefit to further thought, what I can do is train hard.”

Ye Chonglou complimented Jiang Chen upon hearing this, “Absolutely! It’s rare for a young man to be neither proud nor impatient. I will protect you no matter what, even if I have to put my life on the line. I will shelter you before you grow into your strength. Do you know? What I am looking forward to the most now is seeing how far you’ll go!”

Ye Chonglou was viewing Jiang Chen as one of his own juniors now. Jiang Chen’s position in his heart wasn’t the least bit inferior to Dan Fei’s.

It wasn’t only because Jiang Chen had given him pointers and helped him enter the origin realm, more importantly, the lordmaster saw in Jiang Chen an unfathomable potential.

He suddenly took out an item from his storage ring.

“Jiang Chen, this is a Divine Fruit of the Rosy Dawn, produced by the Precious Tree of the Rosy Dawn. It flowers one red fruit every hundred years, a blue fruit every three hundred years, and a purple fruit every six hundred. This is a hundred year red fruit. Forefather Thousandleaf gave it to me upon my return. He gave me two that day, and I give one to you, saving the other for Dan Fei. In my heart, you and Dan Fei are as if children by my knees. This hundred year red fruit can help you advance another step forward in the spirit realm.”

The Precious Tree Sect was called such because they had a treasured tree within the sect named the Precious Tree of the Rosy Dawn. It was roughly three thousand meters tall and covered an area of approximately 66 hectares.

The Precious Tree Sect was founded for this tree, and maintained its fortunes because the tree was still standing.

The Divine Fruit of the Rosy Dawn was exceedingly precious. It only produced thirty fruits, of which ten had to be harvested in the red fruit stage, another ten in the blue fruit stage, and the rest had a chance to mature into purple fruit.

A duration of six hundred years was necessary to complete one flowering cycle.

Therefore, those two red fruits were not to be dismissed. They were the result the accumulation of hundred years.

Jiang Chen hadn’t thought that the lordmaster would gift him such a valuable present. When he heard the sincerity in the lordmaster’s voice and how he mentioned Jiang Chen in the same breath as Dan Fei, a warm current flowed through his heart.

The lordmaster was a frank and forthright person. His affection and protectiveness of Jiang Chen were not a facade. After all, the lordmaster had even erupted in open hostilities with the Iron family in the Skylaurel Kingdom back in the day.

And now, he was gifting Jiang Chen this Divine Fruit. Jiang Chen possessed the innocent heart of a child in both his past and present life. He naturally understood that there was no falsehood in the lordmaster’s regards.

This fruit encompassed the love, protectiveness, expectations, attentiveness, and all other sorts of sentiments that the lordmaster had towards Jiang Chen. This filled Jiang Chen’s heart and moved him beyond all measure.

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