Chapter 428: Envoy from the Sky Sect

Chapter 428: Envoy from the Sky Sect


Slamming his fist on the stone table in front of him, Sunchaser’s face flushed, shifting between red and white. It was obvious he was more than a little enraged.

The invitation in his hand was from the Precious Tree Sect. It was inviting him and the senior executives of the Purple Sun Sect to attend the ceremony of Ye Chonglou and Jiang Chen entering the sect.

This invitation was worded very politely, but it was a naked challenge in Sunchaser’s eyes. To invite the Purple Sun Sect at this time to watch the proceedings, it was completely toying with the Purple Sun Sect, making them lose face, and even a proclamation to the sixteen kingdom alliance that from now on, the Precious Tree Sect would replace the Purple Sun Sect and become the head of the four sects!

This was something that Sunchaser found hardest to accept.

What had just happened in the Shangyang Kingdom just now had already accumulated enough ire that he had nowhere to vent. Now, the Precious Tree Sect’s actions were just adding oil to the flames and fueling his rage to new heights.

If they went, it was an undoubted humiliation of the Purple Sun Sect. Seeing the Precious Tree Sect strut around, comfortable in their position,...

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