Chapter 428: Envoy from the Sky Sect

Chapter 428: Envoy from the Sky Sect


Slamming his fist on the stone table in front of him, Sunchaser’s face flushed, shifting between red and white. It was obvious he was more than a little enraged.

The invitation in his hand was from the Precious Tree Sect. It was inviting him and the senior executives of the Purple Sun Sect to attend the ceremony of Ye Chonglou and Jiang Chen entering the sect.

This invitation was worded very politely, but it was a naked challenge in Sunchaser’s eyes. To invite the Purple Sun Sect at this time to watch the proceedings, it was completely toying with the Purple Sun Sect, making them lose face, and even a proclamation to the sixteen kingdom alliance that from now on, the Precious Tree Sect would replace the Purple Sun Sect and become the head of the four sects!

This was something that Sunchaser found hardest to accept.

What had just happened in the Shangyang Kingdom just now had already accumulated enough ire that he had nowhere to vent. Now, the Precious Tree Sect’s actions were just adding oil to the flames and fueling his rage to new heights.

If they went, it was an undoubted humiliation of the Purple Sun Sect. Seeing the Precious Tree Sect strut around, comfortable in their position, was something that no one in the Purple Sun Sect could accept.

If he didn’t go, the outside world would think that the Purple Sun Sect was already afraid of the Precious Tree Sect and didn’t even have the courage to face the latter. Not participating would be dodging the issue.

Therefore, it was truly a difficult decision for Sunchaser.

He was contemplating when he saw Spiritual Master Zixu stride forth, a mysterious and stern look on his face. “Forefather, there is someone outside who claims he is from the Sky Sect and has asked to speak to you by name.”

Sunchaser happened to be at a loss of what to do when he suddenly heard the news. His knitted brows arched upwards and a look of delight appeared, “Is he finally here?”

He was then a bit worried after his surprise. “I wonder if the Sky Sect envoy will fault us for Long Juxue being killed?”

Although he was inwardly anxious, Sunchaser didn’t dare tarry. It was obvious that this envoy had quite a background when even an origin realm cultivator like him had to dance careful attendance.

A blue clad man was standing with his hands behind his back in the most venerated guest receiving hall of the Purple Sun Sect. His expression was cold and remote, and he exuded a strong solitary pride.

The senior executives of the Purple Sun Sect kept smiling and seeking to wait upon the man, but the blue clad man remained expressionless and didn’t give them the slightest bit of face.

Sunchaser walked over swiftly at this moment. The normally arrogant forefather was now wreathed in smiles, and one could even detect a hint of humility, even fawning, in his smiles.

“The entire Purple Sun Sect have waited and yearned, finally welcoming the day the Sky Sect envoy has graced us with your presence. Sir Envoy, Sunchaser has been remiss in greeting you.”

Sunchaser threw a look at the senior executives as he spoke, indicating for them to leave.

The envoy would only be irritated by service from people of that level.

The blue clad man’s arrogantly aloof expression finally loosened a bit when he saw Sunchaser appear.

“Sunchaser, it looks like your sect’s morale is quite low. It’s not at all as impressive as you were boasting! This Purple Sun Sect is rather disappointing.”

The blue clad man’s tone was faint, but it had the natural quality of one in a superior position. This made Sunchaser have to lower his head docilely and accept this lecture.

Sunchaser smiled ruefully, “Sir Envoy, it’s truly difficult to quickly summarize the reasons behind this.”

The blue clad man gave a flick of his hands. “I didn’t come here to listen to your complaints. Here, summon your innate constitution disciple. I want to assess to see if she is as she appears.”

Sunchaser knew this would be bad as soon as he heard these words. He was dumbfounded and didn’t know how to respond.

The blue clad man became a bit displeased when he saw Sunchaser dither. “What? Is it that I cannot summon one of your junior disciples?”

Sunchaser sighed lightly, “Sir Envoy, Sunchaser was incompetent and couldn’t protect Long Juxue. She was killed during the great selection!”

Sunchaser knew that there was no way to conceal things at this point in time. He could only confess. Perhaps that would provoke the envoy’s temper and gain him some sympathy.

“What?” The blue clad man was flabbergasted. “Are you jesting? One with an innate constitution was killed? Isn’t your Purple Sun Sect the dominant power in the sixteen kingdom alliance?”

“The Purple Sun Sect has always been the head of the four great sects, this is correct. Even Lei Gangyang is enough to sweep all the disciples of the other three sects, much less Long Juxue. The one who killed Long Juxue this time was a perverse genius from a secular kingdom. I don’t know what strange heritage he’s received that makes his strength extraordinary. He’s even killed three of my elders.”

Sunchaser truly gritted his teeth whenever he spoke of Jiang Chen.

The blue clad man snorted derisively. “Isn’t this new. The rise of a grass root from a secular kingdom that ended in the death of an innate constitution. What do you think your sixteen kingdom alliance is? Are there that many geniuses everywhere? Sunchaser, don’t you feign compliance while acting in opposition. What is the reason? Did you send that Long Juxue to another power to pave the path of ascension for your Purple Sun Sect?”

Sunchaser was scared witless when he heard these words.

“Sir Envoy, where do these words come from? My Purple Sun Sect is but a tiny piece of land, how would we dare betray the Sky Sect? I, Sunchaser, have wholeheartedly flocked to the Sky Sect banner. I had thought to make use of the selection to awe and suppress the other three sects, building the foundations for the Sky Sect’s entrance to the sixteen kingdom alliance. Unfortunately, a man’s schemes are inferior to those made by heaven, and all our plans were wrecked and ruined by the appearance of a secular genius. A simple investigation will be enough to prove my words true or false!”

“Hmph! Secular genius!” The blue clad man was obviously disdainful of this matter. He felt that Sunchaser was exaggerating things. Remote, secular kingdoms could only give birth to certain levels of geniuses. Those characters were ants in the eyes of the Sky Sect.

“Sunchaser, I will be investigating this matter. You should know the consequences of betrayal if I discover the slightest falsehood. Hmph, the value of your Purple Sun Sect has decreased by at least one half without a genius of an innate constitution. We’d wanted to make an exception and give you the rank of a three star division master. Now, you are worth a rank of one star division master at most. Even this is an extra favor for you.”

The blue clad man made a grasping motion with a single hand and an ancient, unadorned badge appeared in his hand. He threw it to Sunchaser.

“This is the badge of a Sky Sect division master. With it, you are a division master of the Sky Sect. The Purple Sun Sect no longer exists, you are now the Purple Light Division.”

Sunchaser started, “Sir Envoy, why not the Purple Sun Division?”

The envoy started laughing coldly. “Purple Sun Division? Do you fancy yourself worthy of the two words ‘purple sun’? These two words are a taboo. The Sky Sect’s full name is the Ninesuns Sky Sect, with nine manors within the sect. One of them is the Purple Sun Manor. Now, are you sure you want to change your name to the Purple Sun Division?”

Cold sweat beaded Sunchaser’s forehead when he heard these words. He was almost frightened out of his soul. This was a double taboo!

The first was a taboo in using the sect’s name, and the second was a taboo using the Purple Sun Manor’s name.

Sunchaser hurriedly waved his hands and said with a carefully reserved face, “No, not at all. The Purple Light Division is fine.”

The blue clad man’s expression was cold as he said faintly, “Sunchaser, the sect never keeps trash. We’ve appointed you as division master, but if you cannot show anything for your position, this badge may be confiscated at any time.”

Sunchaser hastened to say, “Since we have joined the Sky Sect, Sunchaser will naturally put forth all his effort for the Sky Sect and exhaust myself in the task. I will not shrink from sacrifice even if I’m faced with mountains of blades or oceans of fire.”

“Save the empty flattery. Your most pressing mission is to unite the sixteen kingdom alliance. Swallow the four sects and incorporate them into the Purple Light Division. If you can do this well, then even a rank of four star division master is possible.”

The blue clad man knew the essence of being in power. One would have to dangle a sweet reward after dishing out a slap.

“Unite the four sects?” Sunchaser’s eyes rolled around as he weighed this matter, then finally laughed ruefully. “Sir Envoy, if Long Juxue had been able to develop successfully, if the secular genius hadn’t appeared, all of this might have been completed in ten or twenty years. But now…”

“Where’s the difficulty?”

“There are many, the chief of which is the Precious Tree Sect. The Precious Tree Sect is now very influential, as if the sun at midday. It’s received the addition of the secular genius as well as an origin realm cultivator, and a saint rank spirit creature. In terms of strength, the Precious Tree Sect is no longer inferior to my Purple Sun Sect… no, not less than my Purple Light Division.”

“Precious Tree Sect? The blue clad man snorted coldly. “That sect with the most spirit medicine resources that you mentioned before?”

“Yes indeed.” Sunchaser hastened to say.

“A decade or two, the Sky Sect has no time to wait that long. You must unite all sixteen kingdoms with one stroke and put all future worries to bed. The sect has sent me here to lend a helping hand at critical moments. Undue delay might lead to trouble. Although the sixteen kingdom alliance is a remote place, many gazes are now gathering here. If my Sky Sect does not take swift and ruthless action, it would not be pretty if other forces became involved.”

Sunchaser was overjoyed by these words. He knew this meant that the envoy was personally taking action.

The blue clad man wasn’t necessarily stronger than Sunchaser, but the former had the benefit of a good birth and a high status. So Sunchaser kept a very low profile in front of him because the other held his future and fate in his hands.

If Sunchaser somehow offended the envoy with a word, then the envoy would only need one word to destroy Sunchaser and the entire sect when he returned.

“Sir Envoy, with your action, unifying the four sects is absolutely a foregone conclusion. It so happens that the Precious Tree Sect is holding an induction ceremony and has invited the four sects to participate. Those from all the sects will be there at this time, and a strong blow from you will certainly result in success with one battle. The others will be submissive and meek, throwing themselves under the Purple Light Division’s banner.”

Sunchaser began to furiously kiss up to the blue clad man.

As the Sky Sect envoy, the blue clad man felt quite superior in the sixteen kingdoms. He didn’t think there was anything inappropriate about Sunchaser’s fawning, and accepted it all readily.

He was actually a bit stronger than Sunchaser. As a fourth level origin realm expert, he was a solid earth origin realm cultivator.

He completely surpassed Sunchaser both in terms of background or strength, so he didn’t deign to show any humility in front of Sunchaser.

“How much longer until the induction ceremony?” The blue clad man asked after musing for a bit.

“The invitation said nine days.”

The man contemplated some more. “Alright, then we must take down the other three sects in nine days on our trip to the Precious Tree Sect, incorporating them into the Purple Light Division. There can be no accidents about this. When this is complete, I will follow the orders from above and help you enter fourth level origin realm, giving you absolute strength in suppressing others and absolute authority in the Purple Light Division!”

Sunchaser’s brows danced with happiness upon hearing this. This was such an unexpected delight!

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