Chapter 427: Joining the Precious Tree Sect

Chapter 427: Joining the Precious Tree Sect

What infuriated Sunchaser even more was the sight of the bodies of the three elders, particularly Master Shuiyue. Jiang Chen had sent his club crashing down on her face, and her originally beautiful features had become a bloody mess.

Sunchaser’s heart was dripping blood. If it wasn’t for the presence of the senior executives of the sect, he would’ve surely gripped the body and wailed loudly.

Elder Silverroc had died in an even more ghastly fashion. Jiang Chen had almost pounded him into meat paste.

It was rather Elder Long Luo whose repose was a bit different. He seemed to be as durable as a metallic sculpture, his weight reaching several hundred kilograms.

“Forefather, there’s something bizarre about Elder Long Luo’s death.” Sect head Spiritual Master Zixu said carefully, deathly afraid of angering a forefather caught in the full throes of rage.

Sunchaser didn’t vent his spleen on others. He inspected Elder Long Luo’s corpse with a darkened face, murmuring with a sinister look after a moment, “He’s fallen victim to a metal attribute art and his body’s been petrified into metal. This scum is not only well versed in the arts of water and fire, but has such accomplishments in the art of...

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