Chapter 427: Joining the Precious Tree Sect

Chapter 427: Joining the Precious Tree Sect

What infuriated Sunchaser even more was the sight of the bodies of the three elders, particularly Master Shuiyue. Jiang Chen had sent his club crashing down on her face, and her originally beautiful features had become a bloody mess.

Sunchaser’s heart was dripping blood. If it wasn’t for the presence of the senior executives of the sect, he would’ve surely gripped the body and wailed loudly.

Elder Silverroc had died in an even more ghastly fashion. Jiang Chen had almost pounded him into meat paste.

It was rather Elder Long Luo whose repose was a bit different. He seemed to be as durable as a metallic sculpture, his weight reaching several hundred kilograms.

“Forefather, there’s something bizarre about Elder Long Luo’s death.” Sect head Spiritual Master Zixu said carefully, deathly afraid of angering a forefather caught in the full throes of rage.

Sunchaser didn’t vent his spleen on others. He inspected Elder Long Luo’s corpse with a darkened face, murmuring with a sinister look after a moment, “He’s fallen victim to a metal attribute art and his body’s been petrified into metal. This scum is not only well versed in the arts of water and fire, but has such accomplishments in the art of metal as well! My Purple Sun Sect will not know peace if he is not eliminated!”

Sunchaser finally calmed down from his agitated rage. He began to consider his sect’s strategy in the face of this inexplicably frustrating state of affairs.

He was an origin realm old monster after all. He wouldn’t be one to wallow and lose himself in grief.

“Zixu, go make the arrangements. The royal family of the Shangyang Kingdom has been annihilated and a new clan must be raised. Our control over the kingdom cannot falter.”

Spiritual Master Zixu hastily nodded. “I’ll arrange things appropriately, please be at ease.”

Sunchaser’s gaze was as biting as a wintry tundra as he swept his eyes across the faces of those present. “All of you present have witnessed today’s disgrace. Our Purple Sun Sect has dominated the sixteen kingdom alliance for more than a thousand years. Yet during that millennium, we’d never witnessed a crisis as enormous, nor a humiliation more profound, than what happened here today. Right now, I hope alarm bells are ringing in all of your hearts, that you’ve solemnly realized that our sect’s infallible position has been severely challenged. As we stand here, we are surrounded by great danger. If you still wish to maintain the advantage of being superior to all those within the sixteen kingdom alliance, then look sharp! Remember the shame of today, and find bravery from disgrace!”

“Remember, the Purple Sun Sect has not fallen! The Purple Sun Sect is far from conceding in defeat! I have already made progress in today’s closed door cultivation. When I throw off my shackles and ascend to fourth level origin realm, that will be the day we conquer the Precious Tree Sect! Today’s debt, born of our humiliation, will be paid ten times over at that time!”

Sunchaser hadn’t chosen to fight to the end today because he was only of the third level origin realm, and wasn’t confident that he’d be able to take on three opponents.

The Purple Sun Sect would have no advantages at all if he couldn’t destroy the three origin realm enemies.

But once his cultivation level broke through to fourth level origin realm, his strength would surge by leaps and bounds and he’d have full confidence even in the face of three origin realm cultivators.

Forefather Thousandleaf of the Precious Tree Sect was only of third level origin realm, far from breaking through to fourth level.

Ye Chonglou and his steed had only just broken through to the origin realm.

As long as Sunchaser made it through to the earth origin realm, he would absolutely be able to trample the two of them.

If the Precious Tree Sect lost their origin realm cultivators, then it would collapse without a fight, like monkeys fleeing a falling tree.


“Forefather, I must make a trip to the Eastern Kingdom and take care of matters after this affair before returning to the Precious Tree Sect.”

Thousandleaf smiled slightly. “Since this is the case, I’ll accompany you.”

Ye Chonglou also smiled. “I’m also curious how the fengshui of the Eastern Kingdom is to give birth to such a heaven defying genius as you?”

The two elders laughed heartily and decided on personally accompanying Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was touched. He knew that this was them still not at ease and worried that old monster Sunchaser would come swinging back for him.

He didn’t put on airs and smiled, “It will be the height of good fengshui for the Eastern Kingdom that two origin realm forefathers are deigning to visit.”

Forefather Thousandleaf was in a great mood as he gave orders, “Tianshu, take the rest of the people and return to the sect first. I will accompany Jiang Chen to the Eastern Kingdom.”

Xie Tianshu knew full well now that Jiang Chen was the Precious Tree Sect’s treasure, one that was even more valued than a sect head.

After all, even he might not have been able to kill three Purple Sun Sect elders in a row. Even if he could, he wouldn’t have been able to do so that easily.

Therefore, he knew how to behave in this situation and didn’t dare envy Jiang Chen. He laughed accordingly, “What a pity that I cannot go visit such a wondrous place. You won’t think me slighting you, would you Jiang Chen?”

Jiang Chen knew that the sect head wanted to build closer relations with him and smiled faintly, “The sect head has to attend to a host of matters everyday. You must extend a great deal of effort and trouble in prioritizing sect matters first.”

Jiang Chen then exchanged some pleasantries with the other senior executives. He knew that the forefather had purposefully arranged things thus when he didn’t see the Iron family. The forefather hadn’t wanted Jiang Chen to be disgusted.

The group of people travelled back to the Eastern Kingdom.

Thousandleaf and Ye Chonglou were actually disinterested in the Eastern Kingdom. They were going to protect Jiang Chen, and to express their attitudes about him.

They could all see that Jiang Chen’s future was unlimited, and that his future would be above theirs. That day wasn’t too far away either.

Jiang Chen obviously didn’t plan on making a big fuss of things. He escorted the Jiang family members back to the Jiang Han duchy and had Xue Tong give them a large sum of wealth. Jiang Chen also gave them the three pill recipes and had the Jiang family clean up the Hall of Healing, leveraging the strength of the Hall of Healing to rebuild the Jiang family.

Jiang Chen had long since drawn the lines between himself and the Eastern royal family, but he wasn’t opposed to Gouyu doing a few things for her family.

After all, the Eastern clan ancestor had been killed and the Eastern Kingdom now lacked an expert to hold down the fort. Things would become exceedingly dangerous for them.

The heir to the Jinshan duchy, Fatty Xuan, and the heir to the Hubing duchy, Hubing Yue, happened to bump into each other at the door of a random tavern in the capital.

“Fatty, you’re here too? Do you know who’s come to find us?” Hubing Yue was confused.

Fatty Xuan had once successfully lost weight after being stuck in the Boundless Catacombs for a month, but his weight had rebounded after three years and he was once again that bouncing ball.

He was also greatly baffled at the moment.

Their families were now numbered amongst the four great dukes in the Eastern Kingdom. Their identities had naturally risen dramatically as well. They were first class fops in the capital.

However, Hubing Yue was different from Fatty Xuan in that he focused on martial dao.  His cultivation level had improved by leaps and bounds, and he was now amongst the true qi masters.

Fatty Xuan was lazy by nature and was only nine meridians true qi at the moment.

The two had entered the tavern as they chatted with each other.

“You’ve arrived, the young master has been waiting for a while.” Xue Tong walked out from a corner and greeted them.

“You… you’re my boss’ follower?” A look of delight suddenly shot out from Fatty Xuan’s thin slits for eyes. “I heard that something happened to the Hall of Healing a few days ago, saying that boss had returned to the Eastern Kingdom. Is it… is it true?”

Fatty Xuan was truly overjoyed now. He grabbed Xue Tong’s arm with great agitation as his eyes lit up like twin suns.

Hubing Yue was slightly astonished as he paused, “You’re… you’re a spirit realm expert?”

Xue Tong smiled faintly, “Shall we, gentlemen? Let’s not keep the young master waiting.”

Fatty Xuan chuckled. “Go! Let’s go! I thought I’d never see boss again in this life!”

Hubing Yue’s eyes were shot through with red as he recalled the hardships and joys that they’d shared with Jiang Chen, as well as the gratitude of rebirth he owed Jiang Chen. 

If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen, Hubing Yue never would’ve reached the level of eleven meridians true qi master in three years, even though his potential was quite good.

“Young master, the two Lordships have arrived.”

Xue Tong pushed through the door and sent a message ahead with his consciousness.

Fatty Xuan behind him couldn’t contain his glee as he arched his body and cleared out a patch of space. He squirmed through the door and pounced on Jiang Chen, tears and snot falling down together.

“Boss, I’ve missed you so terribly very much!”

Jiang Chen was also happy to be reunited with his old friends. He clapped their shoulders and embraced them, finally calming Fatty Xuan’s emotions after a while. 

“Alright Fatty! I see that it’s impossible for you to lose weight.” Jiang Chen teased and looked at Hubing Yue. “Xiao Yue hasn’t relaxed his training. Eleven meridians true qi master! There is hope for you for the spirit realm, very good, very good!”

Hubing Yue’s eyes reddened further after Jiang Chen’s compliments as his emotions were also highly agitated.

Fatty Xuan laughed uproariously. “I’ve thought things through. I’ve destined to be good for nothing in this life, and being fat is my trademark. No one recognizes me on the streets if I’m not fat, how depressing is that? Bro, you don’t know how even though life has been glorious for me in the capital these years, it always felt like something was missing in my heart without you.”

Jiang Chen sighed but had nothing to say. This was a natural occurrence in life. When childhood friends grew up, they were destined to pursue their own paths.

Fatty Xuan had the personality of a dandy, this was fated to be his life.

Whereas Hubing Yue had noticeably changed, his temperament becoming more steady.

“Xiao Yue, Fatty, you’ll have to shoulder the responsibility of the clan one day. I only hope that you are still brothers when the day in which you grasp power arrives. I’ve come to arrange a few things this time and will be leaving shortly. If our fates are willing, we will meet again.”

Although this was cruel, Jiang Chen was well ware that the trajectory of his life was now completely different from theirs. The chances they’d have to meet in the future would only decrease even more.

Jiang Chen had Xue Tong send them on their way after a few more hours. He gave them a few things in private. The items weren’t too good, nor were they too bad.

He gave Hubing Yue a Five Dragons Heaven Opening Pill.

He gave Fatty Xuan some protective treasures and a spirit weapon.

Gouyu also took care of the Eastern clan affairs as well. She brought Eastern Zhiruo to meet with Jiang Chen so as to fulfill the little girl’s request.

The little girl was young and had a forthright personality. She seemed to know that Jiang Chen and her were of different worlds. Although she had a multitude of emotions in her heart, she hid them all very docilely in her heart.

Jiang Chen quietly left the Eastern Kingdom after two days and officially joined the Precious Tree Sect with his followers.

After Jiang Chen joined, Ye Chonglou announced that he was returning to the Precious Tree Sect.

Forefather Thousandleaf was of an obvious mind to spread news of this far and wide as he gave great pomp and circumstance to Jiang Chen and Ye Chonglou entering the sect. He gave out invitations to the senior executives of all the sects to welcome them to observe the ceremony.

Jiang Chen didn’t oppose this. He knew that forefather Thousandleaf had been suppressed too long and needed to show off a bit, to regain some confidence amongst the four sects.

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