Chapter 426: Sunchaser Backs Down

Chapter 426: Sunchaser Backs Down

Jiang Chen felt infinitely close to this voice, and his lips curved slightly in a heartfelt smile.

Old tutor Ye Chonglou had finally emerged from his closed door cultivation after three years. Him emerging now meant that he’d already entered the origin realm, and he’d thoroughly consolidated his cultivation in that realm.

Otherwise, he never would’ve hastily exited his training, not with his personality.

Ye Chonglou was riding the Five Winged Phoenix-Dragon in the air. He landed in front of forefather Thousandleaf as if a divine deity arriving from the heavens.

Jiang Chen was also slightly taken aback when he saw the Phoenix-Dragon’s noble head. He hadn’t thought that this beast would awaken another portion of its bloodlines after the old tutor broke through. The Phoenix-Dragon had ascended to a saint rank spirit creature!

Twin blessings were knocking on the lordmaster’s door!

If Jiang Chen was surprised, then Thousandleaf and the Precious Tree Sect were the epitome of shock.

“Chonglou, you… broke through to the origin realm?” Thousandleaf felt both joy and surprise.

“It was about time I stirred a bit after dithering in the spirit king realm for so long.” Ye Chonglou chuckled.

Thousandleaf was utterly delighted,...

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