Chapter 425: A Stalemate Between Origin Realms

Chapter 425: A Stalemate Between Origin Realms

“Everyone strike with all your might, kill him!”

Sunchaser charged out in front, his broadsword raised high and gleaming with the radiance of the blazing sun as he thrust forward with his greatest stroke.

“Blazing Molten Sun, Slash!”

The broadsword slashed down as the crimson light exploded almost a hectare wide, cleaving straight down to the center of the formation.

Concentric rings of force formed around the strike as it generated an enormous heat wave. The force ringlets fell from the skies Iike an immortal’s overturned pill cauldron, churning the air with pure incandescent flames.

The force truly was an enormous wave of wildfire.

The formation made by the Goldwing Swordbirds could absolutely defend against the attack, but the tremendous heat wave would bake their feathers. This suffocating heat wave seemed as if it would burn everything under the sky.

Jiang Chen was immensely taken aback to see this as well.

“Who would’ve thought that Sunchaser would have such tyrannical strength!”

Jiang Chen didn’t have enough attention to spare for killing the senior executives of the Purple Sun Sect at the moment. He focused on manipulating more than a dozen ice lotus...

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