Chapter 424: Eradicating Shuiyue, Enraging Sunchaser

[expand title="Title Withheld"] Chapter 424: Eradicating Shuiyue, Enraging Sunchaser


Master Shuiyue regained her focus when she heard the gasp of a near dead Elder Silverroc. Helplessness rose unabated in her heart. She couldn’t believe that Jiang Chen had improved so quickly!

The secular brat who’d been almost killed by Chu Xinghan in front of the Second Crossing so few years ago had progressed so rapidly? He’d killed two of the three ninth level spirit realm cultivators facing him in almost the blink of an eye!

And now, her life was in danger as well.

A trace of regret truly flashed through her heart at this moment.

She suddenly felt that she’d paid too much of a price for one Long Juxue. She even had to pay the price of her life now!

“Shuiyue, you took part in slaughtering my clan and seizing the Hall of Healing, didn’t you?”

Jiang Chen turned to advance on Master Shuiyue now that he’d killed Elder Silverroc.

The bone club in his hand had unerringly locked onto Master Shuiyue.

Master Shuiyue’s face was drained of all color. Her eyes roared back to life again after regret flashed by, displaying a crazed look. “Jiang Chen, I admit that you’re a genius, but so what? Today, I will perish together with you!”

Perish together?

Jiang Chen snorted derisively, his eyes forming the Evil Golden Eye again. The golden light shot forth violently as it locked onto Master Shuiyue’s consciousness.

The Evil Golden Eye was most adept at destroying enemies when they’d lowered their guard.

When he’d destroyed Elder Silverroc, it had been because the elder had underestimated his opponent and hadn’t paid attention to the strength behind this art.

Master Shuiyue was now absentminded and distracted, a moment when her dao heart was the least stable.

Jiang Chen could tell with a glance, this was when an opponent’s mental defenses were the weakest.

This was when the Evil Golden Eye would find it the easiest to sneak in!

Master Shuiyue had already sunk into madness at this point, prepared to detonate her spirit ocean and take Jiang Chen down with her in a bloody battle.

She suddenly felt a tyrannical strength shoot through her eyes when the beam of golden light arrived and dived deep into her soul.

Although she trained in the arts and techniques of ice, she too had a feeling of falling down to an icy cavern in this moment.

She circulated her spirit ocean and realized that her consciousness seemed to have been locked. She couldn’t move her body according to her will!

This discovery scared Master Shuiyue witless as terror filled her eyes. She suddenly thought of Elder Long Luo.

“This is bad! I’ve been hit by his demonic art!”

A tragic shriek echoed through the air as Master Shuiyue thrashed to break free of the Evil Golden Eye’s restrictions. However, she had no idea what she’d fallen victim to and thus naturally couldn’t even speak of breaking free of it.

Jiang Chen laughed derisively as his body flashed once again, appearing with the bone club held aloft.

“Shuiyue, your biggest mistake in this life was to scout Long Juxue. Now let me send you on your way!”

Master Shuiyue’s still charming face was now filled with fear. Regret, fear, despair, and hatred formed a kaleidoscope of emotions in her heart.

Golden light flashed in front of her as Jiang Chen’s bone club arrived in front of her.

“Hold, scum!”

A forbidding roar suddenly blasted through the air. The owner was a noticeable distance away, but had ripped through the void with his voice to ring next to Jiang Chen’s ears like a clap of thunder.

“Old monster Sunchaser!” Jiang Chen was entirely too familiar with this voice.

Although Master Shuiyue’s soul had been confined by the Evil Golden Eye, she still possessed some of her consciousness and was elated to hear the forefather’s voice. She immediately whistled sharply a few times, calling out to him for help.

The origin realm forefather’s aura was indeed astonishing. Even though he was still a distance away, his roar had embodied the strength of his enormous true essence and had caused Jiang Chen’s attack to halt briefly.

“Jiang Chen, if you dare touch a single hair on Shuiyue, I’ll hunt you down no matter what the cost!”

Sunchaser’s tone was urgent and brutal, but full of hidden concern.

Master Shuiyue was his subordinate, but also his forbidden pleasure. There had always been an inexplicable relationship between the two of them all along.

However, their seniority was different, so they couldn’t openly dual cultivate.

Even so, Shuiyue was Sunchaser’s most cherished and beloved. Their relationship was exceedingly hidden, and no one within the sect knew of this.

When Sunchaser had emerged from his closed door cultivation just then, he’d felt unsettled, waves of unease cascading through him. When he questioned those around him carefully, he learned that Jiang Chen had escaped from the Eternal Spirit Mountain, directly charging to the Shangyang Kingdom, and that Master Shuiyue had even brought two elders with her to the Shangyang Kingdom.

This news had greatly alarmed Sunchaser. He knew that his ill feeling was because Shuiyue had met with danger.

Therefore, Sunchaser didn’t pause at all as he emptied the sect of senior executives and brought them all with him.

He rushed to the Shangyang Kingdom with the fastest speed possible.

Sunchaser had already detected the situation when Jiang Chen had brought the bone club crashing down on Master Shuiyue, but sadly he was too far away. Incapable of rescuing of her, he could only resort to issuing a stern warning.

Although Jiang Chen’s attack had been slowed, this didn’t decrease the killing intent in his heart.

So what of an origin realm?

Even if he were to face Sunchaser’s rage the very next moment, Jiang Chen showed not the slightest iota of hesitation.

He shook his right arm and smashed down with the bone club.


It connected solidly with Master Shuiyue’s head, killing her instantly.

Master Shuiyue’s body crumpled, her eyes still staring straight at Jiang Chen, unaccepting of her death, dying with great regret. She couldn’t believe that she’d died in the moment that forefather Sunchaser had arrived to save her.

“How dare you, you lowly SCUM!!”

Sunchaser felt like his heart and mind were splitting open when he saw this scene. He saw Master Shuiyue slowly fall, but couldn’t save her.

He threw his head back and howled, his rage as crazed as the raging waves and thrashing seas of a heavenly storm. Like an unleashed tsunami, his fury covered the skies and shook the air.

“Jiang Chen! I swear, here, today, if I do not strip you of your tendons, skin you alive, and burn your bones to ashes, I am less than human!”

Sunchaser had dominated the sixteen kingdom alliance for hundreds of years. Even the forefathers of the other sects didn’t dare kill those of the Purple Sun Sect in front of him.

Of all people, Jiang Chen had actually dared kill Shuiyue in front of him!

This wasn’t just simply killing a person, but deeply offensive provocation against his incomparably noble position!

In the sixteen kingdom alliance, no one had ever dared naysay him as he ran roughshod through all the sects.

It’d only ever been him controlling the life and death of others, and others listening to him.

When had it ever turned into someone else daring to challenge his authority, dictating the life and death of his sect members, and showing indifference to his threats and warnings??

All of this made Sunchaser grow almost frenzied in his rage.

“Die, dumb animal!”

Sunchaser transformed into a sphere of red light as he flexed his hand, hurling down a hand seal that blazed like the sun.

Pressure only rivaled by an enormous mountain range slammed down on Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen knew that he wouldn’t be able to take this hit that an origin realm cultivator had put his full force behind.

He curled up his body and had a lotus vine directly drag him beneath the ground.

Sunchaser howled angrily as his eyes grew crimson with bloodlust. He screamed in rage, “Jiang Chen, you will be hard pressed to escape death even if you fly through the skies and earth today!”

Sunchaser flicked his hand as a broadsword appeared in his hand. He gripped it with both hands. It rose up as if a wheel of the blazing sun, dancing with astonishing flames.

The circular light from the broadsword snapped, transforming into a slab of cutting intent straight into the ground.


A deep moat immediately appeared in the ground as if a bull had just finished plowing the fields, extending into the ground for a good ten feet.

A frosty look glinted in Sunchaser’s eyes as he shot towards Gouyu and the others in the distance, shouting, “Kill all the intruders!”

This command was naturally issued to the Purple Sun Sect senior executives following behind.

The Purple Sun Sect had been completely emptied out this time. Sect head Spiritual Master Zixu and many other elders, all those who held actual power in their hands, had all arrived.

The sect’s great army had quickly made their way over to encircle Gouyu and the others.

Gouyu was rather calm at the moment. Even though the Purple Sun Sect’s army had arrived, their numbers were far below than the Swordbird army’s.

“Younger sister Huang’er, take advantage of the pitched battle later to slip away. You’re not of the Jiang family, so they won’t strive to keep you.”

Gouyu looked at Huang’er with a trace of apology in her eyes.

Huang’er was rather composed as she smiled faintly, “Don’t be in such a rush to leave, elder sister Gouyu. Have some more confidence in your young master!”

Numerous vines suddenly exploded out from the ground at this moment.

Jiang Chen’s figure suddenly bounced off of one of the vines and leapt onto the back of his Goldwing Swordbird. A clear whistle rang through the air, and the Goldwing Swordbirds all started to move and set up their defensive formations.

The power of several hundred Goldwing Swordbirds setting up the Eight Trigrams Assimilation Formation under Jiang Chen’s orders was absolutely astonishing.

When Sunchaser saw Jiang Chen once again reveal himself, his rage boiled over and he growled, “Jiang Chen, your death is nigh!”

Sunchaser was like a maddened beast at the moment, striking without abandon and completely oblivious to everything else around him. His figure flashed as he shot into the sky.


Several hundred Goldwing Swordbirds beat their wings in unison. Layers of golden colored light slowly formed into a ripple that gently undulated towards Sunchaser.

Sunchaser furiously thrust his palm towards the ripple but was almost instantly repelled, his body shuddering at the backlash. His arm had actually been struck numb!

This attack had stopped his charge cold!

A blow from a third level origin realm had been unable to destroy the opponent’s formation!

Sunchaser was shocked and livid. He lifted his broadsword and swung viciously down, aiming for the heart of the formation.

The main army from the Purple Sun Sect had arrived at this point as well.

Spiritual Master Zixu and another group of elders all took their places, ready to join the fray with combined attacks.

Jiang Chen was incensed and reached for his storage ring, ready to take out the Millionditch Stonenest and summon the Goldbiter Rat tribe.

At the moment, patches of aqua clouds swiftly scudded across the sky from the south. A low and weathered voice rolled in. “Sunchaser, do you not care for face anymore? How dare you mobilize the power of an entire sect for one of the junior disciples of my Precious Tree Sect?”

The voice belonged to forefather Thousandleaf of the Precious Tree Sect!

Judging from the looks of things, it would seem that the entire Precious Tree Sect had been emptied out as well.

Sunchaser’s face grew cold when he heard this voice, and he looked over to the south. His killing intent immediately doubled. “Everyone, attack with all your strength! Kill Jiang Chen first and then exterminate the Precious Tree Sect!”

He would see things through no matter the consequences.

Sunchaser was caught in the throes of his fury at the moment. He hated everything and anything associated with Jiang Chen!

And the most common way in that Sunchaser expressed his hatred was to slaughter everything in sight and wipe out the clan!

Jiang Chen had wanted to use the Goldbiter Rats, but abruptly changed his mind when he saw those from the Precious Tree Sect arrive. He laughed heartily and completely activated the Lotus, hovering around the formation and providing ad-hoc cover for the Goldwing Swordbirds.

He held throwing daggers crafted from the Raven King’s tail feathers in his hands, God’s Eye shining like a beacon at midnight as he searched for an opening in front of the formation.

He was prepared to give the senior executives of the Purple Sun Sect a lethal blow at any moment.

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