Chapter 424: Eradicating Shuiyue, Enraging Sunchaser

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Master Shuiyue regained her focus when she heard the gasp of a near dead Elder Silverroc. Helplessness rose unabated in her heart. She couldn’t believe that Jiang Chen had improved so quickly!

The secular brat who’d been almost killed by Chu Xinghan in front of the Second Crossing so few years ago had progressed so rapidly? He’d killed two of the three ninth level spirit realm cultivators facing him in almost the blink of an eye!

And now, her life was in danger as well.

A trace of regret truly flashed through her heart at this moment.

She suddenly felt that she’d paid too much of a price for one Long Juxue. She even had to pay the price of her life now!

“Shuiyue, you took part in slaughtering my clan and seizing the Hall of Healing, didn’t you?”

Jiang Chen turned to advance on Master Shuiyue now that he’d killed Elder Silverroc.

The bone club in his hand had unerringly locked onto Master Shuiyue.

Master Shuiyue’s face was drained of all color. Her eyes roared back to life again after regret flashed by, displaying a crazed look. “Jiang Chen, I admit that you’re a genius, but so what? Today, I will perish together with you!”

Perish together?

Jiang Chen snorted derisively,...

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