Chapter 423: One VS Two is Still a Trampling

Chapter 423: One VS Two is Still a Trampling

“Silverroc, this dumb swine is crafty and full of guile. We can only seek to render a meritorious deed for the sect and kill this criminal. Forget all notions of identity, concern, and rules. You and I will work together to kill this petty thief!” Even when incensed, Master Shuiyue still hadn’t lost her sense of reason.

Elder Long’s bizarre downfall had put her on her guard even in her great anger.

She recalled that no matter how well prepared she’d been in the past, she’d always been the one worse off when she faced Jiang Chen.

He Yan had been crippled in his fight against Jiang Chen.

Hai Tian’s match had been in a carefully selected ring, but he’d ended up dead.

In Long Juxue’s match, the one in which he surely would’ve died, it’d been Long Juxue who’d been cleaved into two in the end.

Elder Long had been brimming with confidence before he’d taken the field just now, but had turned into a sculpture in the blink of an eye. They hadn’t even found the reason why yet.

The battle strength of the silver robed elder was roughly on par with Elder Long.

He also knew that Jiang Chen was now the Purple Sun Sect’s prime enemy. If this person wasn’t eliminated, there...

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