Chapter 423: One VS Two is Still a Trampling

Chapter 423: One VS Two is Still a Trampling

“Silverroc, this dumb swine is crafty and full of guile. We can only seek to render a meritorious deed for the sect and kill this criminal. Forget all notions of identity, concern, and rules. You and I will work together to kill this petty thief!” Even when incensed, Master Shuiyue still hadn’t lost her sense of reason.

Elder Long’s bizarre downfall had put her on her guard even in her great anger.

She recalled that no matter how well prepared she’d been in the past, she’d always been the one worse off when she faced Jiang Chen.

He Yan had been crippled in his fight against Jiang Chen.

Hai Tian’s match had been in a carefully selected ring, but he’d ended up dead.

In Long Juxue’s match, the one in which he surely would’ve died, it’d been Long Juxue who’d been cleaved into two in the end.

Elder Long had been brimming with confidence before he’d taken the field just now, but had turned into a sculpture in the blink of an eye. They hadn’t even found the reason why yet.

The battle strength of the silver robed elder was roughly on par with Elder Long.

He also knew that Jiang Chen was now the Purple Sun Sect’s prime enemy. If this person wasn’t eliminated, there would be endless trouble in the future.

Therefore, even with Elder Long’s ghastly condition in front of them, he still proceeded forward out of a sense of obligation.

He grasped the air with both hands and a pair of silver, sharp claws appeared on his hands. He bared his fangs and brandished his claws, giving off an exceedingly fierce feeling.

“There is nothing that cannot be forsaken in a fight for the sect. I, Silverroc, am willing to put my life on the line to slay this knave and clear away trouble from the path of my Purple Sun Sect!”

Master Shuiyue was gladdened to see Silverroc’s stern battle intent.

She had a much surer chance of succeeding with both of them attacking together.

She sent a message with her consciousness, “Law enforcement disciples, hold the formation for me and Elder Silverroc. If the opponent sends forth the spirit fowl in battle, cover us immediately!”

“Understood!” These disciples were all deathsworn from the sect, and as such, there was no doubt about their loyalty at all.

Jiang Chen gave a long laugh when he saw them murmuring, “No need for private murmurings, Shuiyue. Both of you can come at once if you’re scared. What have I to be afraid of?”

How would Jiang Chen not be able to tell that this Master Shuiyue was plotting a group fight?

He flipped his hand over and brought out a long bone from the Redscaled Firelizard. This bone was the Firelizard’s dragon bone, the strongest and most durable part of its body.

Its durability had increased even more after Jiang Chen’s simple refinement.

The Firelizard had been a saint rank creature to begin with. Its base strength was already greater than a nine times refined spirit weapon and on the same level as an origin spirit weapon.

Having undergone a simple refinement, the bone would be able to put up a fight even when it met mid tier origin spirit weapons in battle.

Jiang Chen didn’t dare take things lightly this time. He was meeting the combined blows of two ninth level spirit realm cultivators. This was why he’d brought out the Firelizard dragon bone.

This unassuming weapon was enough to give wings to a tiger in battle.

Jiang Chen stood there with an aura of invincible magnificence as he wielded the bone club, and ordered, “Gouyu, hold the formation for me and keep an eye on those troops.”

“Young master, you’re fighting one against two. Do you…” Although Gouyu was flabbergasted by Jiang Chen’s strength, she still wasn’t willing for him to meet the dual attacks from Master Shuiyue and Elder Silverroc by himself.

Jiang Chen gave a hearty laugh. “No worries!”

His Goldwing Swordbird dived as he finished speaking, letting Jiang Chen land on the ground.

“Jiang Chen, you have no idea of the immensity of the world and dared to be enemies with my Purple Sun Sect. You’re courting death!” Elder Silverroc brandished his claws after he finished his proclamation and pounced.

Master Shuiyue also coordinated with him as she turned her hands over and transformed a simple and unsophisticated rune into a cloud of white light, a cloud that spread into the sky and came crushing down.

The white light flashed and materialized into a small mountain of ice that plummeted from above.

The temperature around Jiang Chen suddenly sank a dozen degrees.

A layer of frost formed upon all the grass and trees in his surroundings.

Jiang Chen was also slightly astonished. Master Shuiyue had had such a strong rune in her possession? The power of ice and snow within it were much stronger than the azure phoenix freezing qi that Long Juxue had originally possessed.

Master Shuiyue certainly deserved her widespread reputation, alright.

Long Juxue had leveraged her innate constitution to deploy a freezing qi that was indeed impressive, but she’d only just set foot into seventh level spirit realm.

Master Shuiyue however, was of the ninth level spirit realm and had deep foundations. This was absolutely not something that a young genius like Long Juxue could measure up to!

The small mountain of ice appeared all the more eye piercing as sunlight glinted off it.

If Jiang Chen’s strength had halted at what it’d been when he’d killed Long Juxue, then he would only be able to sit and wait for death at the moment.

But the current Jiang Chen was no longer the Jiang Chen of yesteryear.

Red light exploded out of his God’s Eye as twelve ice lotus vines instantly surged forth from around him. They slowed down the ice mountain, slowly becoming twelve proudly standing columns holding up the sky.

The enormous lotus flowers blossomed, akin to the mouths of twelve voracious gluttons, biting down deeply into the iceberg like the suction cups on a leech.

The Ice Lotus was a divine level spirit entity, and such an immensely strong power of ice was naturally a beautiful meal for them.

The twelve ice lotus vines were like twelve meridians as they quickly absorbed the ice elemental power.

On the ground, Jiang Chen himself blurred into a flaming meteor and charged straight forward.


An awful collision rang out when his bone club connected with Elder Silverroc’s claws.

Ripples from the violent impact spread out in all directions.

Elder Silverroc felt his hand go numb between his thumb and index finger as his chest also felt stifled. He was greatly shocked, “This dumb swine’s strength is this domineering? He could actually take one of my blows with his level of cultivation, and looked quite at ease while doing so?”

The elder’s bloodthirsty tendencies were provoked immediately by Jiang Chen’s blow.

He grimaced, “Kid, take a few more hits from my claws!”

He shook his arms as the enormous claws seemed to meld into his arms. He leapt into the air and flared his spirit power, making it form a giant silver roc in the air.

With a low whistle, Elder Silverroc glided down in perfect form, his arms breaking through the air with overbearing momentum and clawing down fiercely at Jiang Chen.

This blow had set aside all the fancy embellishments of profound mysteries and was drawing in Jiang Chen for close quarter combat.

When Jiang Chen saw that he’d melded the weapon into his arms and become one with it, he knew that these claws must certainly be quite impressive, something that the elder was proud of.

The more that this was the case, the more that Jiang Chen’s battle intent and manly demeanor would provoke doubt in him.

You think you’re strong? I’m going to destroy you when you think you’re in peak condition and rout everything you’re most proud of!

Jiang Chen rose up, grasping the Firelizard bone club with both hands and abruptly sent it smashing down on the enormous claws with no flourishes whatsoever.

Elder Silverroc leered when he saw this. “Trying to compete in terms of durability with my silver rock claws? Break!”

The pair of enormous claws was a nine times refined spirit weapon to begin with. Add to that the elder’s use of secret arts to meld it with his arms, the durability of the claws had surpassed all spirit weapons and was now a half step origin spirit weapon.

“I think not!” Jiang Chen roared lowly as he increased the strength of his arms. Boundless metal essence power instantly assimilated into the bone club.


Another violent collision gave rise to endless ripples and created an vortex in the air that shot up to the sky. The aftershocks churned up all the sand, dirt, and rocks as well as snapped all trees and grass.


Elder Silverroc suddenly heard a crisp breaking sound.

A heart wrenching pain suddenly travelled from his arms.

Faint lines actually appeared on the enormous claws on his arms in the next moment. The patterns and symbols that had been inscribed on their appearance had all been destroyed.

Every time a spirit weapon was refined, the refiner would meld their formation seals into the weapon. They would allow the strength behind the patterns inscribed on the weapons to be fully used.

Therefore, the more times a spirit weapon was refined, the higher its quality.

Silverroc was very confident in his pair of enormous claws. He’d wanted to catch Jiang Chen’s blow, wrench his defenses apart, and then reach out a claw to rip Jiang Chen open from chest to stomach.

However, he’d never thought that his half step origin spirit weapon would be shattered by Jiang Chen’s unassuming short club!

His momentary distraction resulted in another blow from Jiang Chen’s club coming straight at his face.

Without his claws, Silverroc was a declawed vicious beast when facing an attack from such close quarters. His expression immediately and drastically changed.

The momentum of this bone club was extraordinarily fast, to the point where he felt that he would be unable to evade it.

“Take my sword, scum!”

Master Shuiyue had been waiting behind and building up momentum for a blow. The long sword in her hand transformed into a streak of light and flew in, stabbing straight for Jiang Chen’s back.

This stroke boasted an unparalleled speed and was the full strength blow of a ninth level spirit realm cultivator.

However, Jiang Chen had his own plans in mind as well. He knew that the best way to break through a dual attack from two sides was to kill one of them first.

So although Master Shuiyue’s stroke was strong, Jiang Chen still had the ability to defend himself.

But if he didn’t kill Elder Silverroc, Jiang Chen would land in a disadvantageous situation when he was attacked from behind and front.

Jiang Chen activated the lotus when his thoughts traveled here.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Vine upon vine shot forth from the ground like spring bamboo bursting through the ground after the spring rains.

The vines could be pliable yet stiff, and were currently acting as various ropes to weave into a net, hurtling towards Master Shuiyue to entrap her.

If Master Shuiyue resolutely followed through with her stroke, then she would surely be bound by these vines.

She suddenly recalled Long Juxue’s death.

Long Juxue had been entrapped by these vines and had instantly lost her ability to fight, resulting in her being hacked into two.

She grit her teeth and retracted the momentum of her strike, pulling her blade back to defend her vitals and backing up a dozen or so meters.

Jiang Chen seemed to have anticipated her as his bone club didn’t hesitate at all, continuing its forward motion.

Elder Silverroc had no place to run to. He could only use his broken claws to block the blow.


The club descended more than ten times as Elder Silverroc could only take the blows as if he was a punching bag. He spewed out great mouthfuls of blood.

“Master, go! Go get the forefather!”

Elder Silverroc fell down with a bang, reminding Master Shuiyue to hurry and escape.

In the moment before his death, Silverroc realized that Jiang Chen’s strength was enough to destroy them all right here!

In the entire Purple Sun Sect, likely only the forefather could suppress this person’s strength. He was absolutely at the level of spirit king.

It would be a fatal disaster if he was allowed to continue to develop!

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