Chapter 422: The Might of the Evil Golden Eye

Chapter 422: The Might of the Evil Golden Eye

A patch of red clouds swiftly churned over from the northern skies.

The redness heralded the arrival of the Purple Sun Sect. Master Shuiyue was leading the group at the front with a one-eyed elder on her left, and a silver-haired elder on her right. It looked that both their statuses were lower than Master Shuiyue and were here as her helpers.

There were a thousand fully armored sect law enforcement disciples behind them. Judging from their postures, they were all earth spirit realm cultivators.

Furthermore, there were ten golden-clad captains in this thousand strong group, all of them at the seventh level spirit realm. Overall, this was quite a strong group.

Astonishing light shot out from Jiang Chen’s God’s Eye as he peered into the distance, inspecting the arrivals.

He motioned his hand and the million strong Swordbird army immediately shifted to action. They shot down from the clouds and blotted out the sky, as if a meteor shower.

“Set up the formation!”

Jiang Chen’s consciousness spread out as the army formed the Eight Trigrams Assimilation Formation in the skies of the Shangyang Kingdom under the leadership of the Goldwing Sword...

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