Chapter 422: The Might of the Evil Golden Eye

Chapter 422: The Might of the Evil Golden Eye

A patch of red clouds swiftly churned over from the northern skies.

The redness heralded the arrival of the Purple Sun Sect. Master Shuiyue was leading the group at the front with a one-eyed elder on her left, and a silver-haired elder on her right. It looked that both their statuses were lower than Master Shuiyue and were here as her helpers.

There were a thousand fully armored sect law enforcement disciples behind them. Judging from their postures, they were all earth spirit realm cultivators.

Furthermore, there were ten golden-clad captains in this thousand strong group, all of them at the seventh level spirit realm. Overall, this was quite a strong group.

Astonishing light shot out from Jiang Chen’s God’s Eye as he peered into the distance, inspecting the arrivals.

He motioned his hand and the million strong Swordbird army immediately shifted to action. They shot down from the clouds and blotted out the sky, as if a meteor shower.

“Set up the formation!”

Jiang Chen’s consciousness spread out as the army formed the Eight Trigrams Assimilation Formation in the skies of the Shangyang Kingdom under the leadership of the Goldwing Swordbirds.

Jiang Chen charged out in front, placing himself at the tip of the formation.

The two Goldwing Swordbirds that the Wu father and son were dangling off of circled in front of Jiang Chen, in an obviously display of force.

Gouyu was slightly surprised when she saw the Purple Sun Sect’s intimidating aura. But when her eyes traveled to Jiang Chen’s face, she noticed that he was calm and at ease. And although unsure why, she was greatly reassured.

A thought of absolute security grew in her mind at that moment—even the strongest opponent wasn’t frightening as long as Jiang Chen was here.

It was rather Huang’er who’d at all times remained noncommittal. Not the slightest bit of emotional ripple could be seen from her. It was as if the large display and fuss that the Purple Sun Sect was kicking up didn’t exist at all.

This privately surprised Gouyu. Although Miss Huang’er looked delicate and fragile, who would’ve thought that she’d be so steady and reserved at this critical moment?

Gouyu rather berated herself a bit for this and quietly encouraged herself.

Xue Tong and the five personal guards were also all riding on Goldwing Swordbirds, fanning out in a line behind Jiang Chen. This was the first time they were witnessing a scene like this, and although they found it a bit hard to breathe from nervousness, they were also extremely excited.

They all shared similar thoughts. The young master himself isn’t afraid, then what do we guards have to fear?

When they thought about being able follow the young master to Purple Sun Sect’s territory and stand up against it as equals, just this experience alone was enough for them to recount over and over again for the rest of their lives.

“Master Shuiyue, save me and my son!”

Wu Tan who was dangling in midair utterly helpless feltand completely overjoyed to see Purple Sun Sect reinforcements arrive as he cried. He kept crying out for help.

Wu Hong also shouted, “Three elders, I, Wu Hong, am completely loyal to the Purple Sun Sect…”

“Shut up!” Raging fury flashed through Master Shuiyue’s beautiful eyes.

The passage of time hadn’t left any noticeable crevices on her attractive face, but the fury was currently very apparent on it.

She didn’t care at all about the Wu father and son’s lives.

She only had Jiang Chen in her sights, and only one desire, killing Jiang Chen!

“Gentlemen, that the wicked Jiang Chen has emerged from the Eternal Spirit Mountain likely means that his cultivation level has improved again. We must work together and kill him in front of the formation. Should he escape, it will be much more difficult to kill him the next time we meet!”

The one-eyed elder snorted derisively, killing intent exploding out on his face. “This brat has set himself up as the enemy of our sect time and time again. Where will the face of the elders of the sect be if we don’t finish him off today?”

The silver-haired elder also nodded sternly, “We must kill him!”

These three were all ninth level spirit realm elders of the Purple Sun Sect. Master Shuiyue’s cultivation level was the highest, as she was only one step away from the title of spirit king.

The other two had roughly equal strength.

Their combined might this time was second only to forefather Sunchaser!

If it wasn’t for Sunchaser having yet to emerge from closed-door cultivation, he surely would’ve been here himself given his hatred of Jiang Chen.

However, three great elders and a thousand elite law enforcement disciples was already a strong enough force.

Master Shuiyue arched her delicate eyebrows as killing intent danced on her charming features again. “Jiang Chen, the heavenly troops of my Purple Sun Sect are here. Today will be the day you die!”

“Heavenly troops?” Jiang Chen laughed heartily as his tone turned frosty. “How dare a mere Purple Sun Sect, not knowing the extent of the heavens and earth, call themselves heavenly troops? Fine! Shuiyue, you suppressed me multiples times in the Eternal Spirit Mountain, today is the day of reckoning!”

The one-eyed elder gave a long whistle as he raised a large axe. The axe sparkled faintly with the glint of blood, appearing eerily grotesque.

“Jiang Chen, you publicly invaded a secular kingdom today as a sect disciple. Don’t think of leaving here alive even with ten sets of mouths!”

“Invade?” Jiang Chen laughed in his anger. “When your Purple Sun Sect invaded the Eastern Kingdom, slaughtered the Hall of Healing, and annihilated my Jiang clan, did you think it was invasion then? Do you think you’re the only one allowed to your actions and that I am forbidden to reciprocate? Stop wasting time flapping your lips. It’s best that you’ve come here to meet your deaths. You’re saving me a trip to the Purple Sun Sect!”

“Crazed arrogance!”

The one-eyed elder was called Elder Long Luo, and his axe was called the Dragonslayer Battle Axe—a nine times refined spirit weapon.

“Master Shuiyue, I request to take the field.”

Master Shuiyue’s beautiful eyes flickered as she nodded. “Elder Long Luo, be careful of this brat’s wily ways!”

The one-eyed elder waved his axe and locked onto Jiang Chen, “Jiang Chen you petty villain, dare you meet me in battle?”

The immense strength of the ninth level spirit realm surged out in a domineering and imposing fashion, as if waters from a collapsing dam, leaving none behind!

“Ninth level spirit realm!”

A hint of a smile played about Jiang Chen’s lips. If he possessed the level of strength he’d had when he killed Long Juxue, then it would be a bit difficult for him to face off against ninth level spirit realm.

However, he had been training diligently in the Eternal Spirit Mountain and his strength had increased immensely. His current strength was only one step away from ninth level spirit realm.

Although he’d yet to take that final step, the trump cards and divine arts he possessed on himself weren’t anything that an ordinary ninth level cultivator could compare to.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Jiang Chen would be able to contend with even a spirit king cultivator.

“Young master, this person’s strength is enormous and we cannot meet him with force. What if we send forth the Swordbird army and take advantage of the ensuing chaos to claim victory?” Gouyu suggested.

She was third level spirit realm now and could feel the enormous pressure of ninth level spirit realm from afar. It was absolutely beyond her comprehension.

Jiang Chen’s eyes narrowed into a slit as he gazed ahead. His lips suddenly move as he displayed a hint of a jeering smile. “Fight with you? And who the hell are you to have the right to fight with me?”

Jiang Chen’s God’s Eye suddenly opened as soon as he’d finished speaking. A golden beam of splendor suddenly shot forth in magnificence, like the blazing sun gracing the sky, and flew straight forward.

Elder Long Luo sneered. “You little animal are so cocky, huh? Is it that you want to compete in terms of aura with a ninth level spirit realm?”

The one-eyed elder cackled. How would he possibly bow in defeat? He stared fixedly at Jiang Chen with his single eye, circulating his spirit ocean with all his might and transmuting it to pressure in the form of spirit power, sending it towards Jiang Chen.

Their gazes met.

Elder Long’s gaze trembled all over as if he experienced suddenly falling into an icy cavern. The palpitation from the depths of his soul that came next numbed his entire body.

“This is bad!” Elder Long’s heart sank as he sensed something was amiss. However, his single eye had been locked down by Jiang Chen’s Evil Golden Eye, and he couldn’t turn away no matter what.

As the two of them fought in the air, the strong force behind the Evil Golden Eye had already pierced through the glabella after traveling through the air.


Elder Long’s body suddenly stiffened as his expression stiffened. With his mouth agape and his eyes wide-open, his lashes even flickered a few times, but he didn’t have the strength to even close his eyes.

Next, his limbs, torso, and entire body seemed to become as heavy as lead. As if they’d been frozen in place by some power, they grew numb and then stilled.

This change was finished in the span of a few breaths.

It was only when his body formed a faint, golden hue that Master Shuiyue and the other silver-haired elder finally realized that something was wrong, their expressions changing greatly.

“Long Luo, what’s wrong?” The silver-haired elder was astonished and bounded forward to investigate.

He was utterly flabbergasted by what he saw.

When he touched Elder Long’s body, it was as hard as metal, as if the latter had been coated with metal.

“What… what’s going on?” The silver-haired elder had seem much in his life, but it was the first time he’d seen this bizarre circumstance.

He was so startled that he hastily retracted his hand, as if afraid that this condition was contagious. He slunk back to Master Shuiyue and said lowly, “Master, Long Luo seems to have been hit with an evil art and his body is as hard as iron.”


Master Shuiyue had never heard of such bizarre occurrence either and came forward to take a look.

She was also aghast with horror when she saw.

Elder Long had been frozen in that moment, his two hands still holding his Dragonslayer Battle Axe, but his expression was frozen in an incredibly eerie fashion. His single eye seemed like it had gazed upon the most terrifying thing in the world, and the fear in his eye was completely written all over his face.

His breathing was so faint that it was almost nonexistent.

Master Shiuyue was indeed stronger than Elder Long, but not by much. Seeing that the latter had somehow unconsciously fallen victim to an evil art, her scalp tingled with numbness for a short moment.

“Jiang Chen!”

Hatred blazed out of Master Shuiyue’s eyes. She guessed that this matter had likely something to do with that dumb swine!

She gnashed her teeth and gave a long howl.

This howl shocked the heavens and moved the earth, unceasing and endless as great changes roiled over the sky.

Those in the Swordbird army closest to her all spontaneously exploded and fell down from the howl.

Jiang Chen snorted softly. “Old woman, stop your useless caterwauling. The Shangyang Kingdom will be your grave!”

Master Shuiyue hated the words “old woman” most of all.

Her originally charming and elegant face had become twisted in her anger.

“Jiang Chen, I swear I wouldn’t be human if I don’t kill you today!”

Master Shuiyue’s rage burned so intensely that even all the water in heaven wouldn’t quench it.

Various scenes of humiliation flashed through her mind. It was because of Jiang Chen’s appearance that she had fallen down from the peak of her life to where she was now.

All of this had been because of that damnable secular brat!

Master Shuiyue erupted in the following moment.

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