Chapter 421: Armageddon for the Wu Clan

Chapter 421: Armageddon for the Wu Clan

“Arrange for them to be in the outer ring and send a contingent of royal experts to protect them!” Wu Tan could only compromise with this solution in the end.

It wouldn’t quite be giving up on them with this expression of intent.

However, he was well aware that this choice actually meant that he was giving up on them.

Indeed, when news of this spread, discontent had spread among those who were outside. This was just fobbing them off!

“This won’t do! This is something that the father and son duo instigated, why are we becoming the scapegoat?”

“Indeed! That newcomer has said that all will be fine as long as we hand over Wu Hong! Wu Hong has always been a troublemaker and now he’s brought about great trouble for the Wu family. Why is it that we do not have the heart to hand over such a trouble maker?”

“Give up Wu Hong!”

“Yes, we request to see His Majesty and we demand that Wu Hong is to be handed over!”

Many people had been unsatisfied when Wu Hong had been made crown prince. The princes who had the right to compete with him were even more filled with noble indignation.

Although their backgrounds weren’t as lofty as Wu Hong’s, but they were all royal sons and born of royal concubines as well. They were all toeing the same battle lines at the moment, and speaking out to condemn Wu Hong.


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