Chapter 420: Internal Conflict, Internal Strife

Chapter 420: Internal Conflict, Internal Strife

“Go, kill him!”

The four great champions had always cooperated well with each other. Four beams of light shot into the skies with splendid radiance, each of them wielding their own weapons.

Such a seemingly simple attack was actually split into four quadrants, sealing off all space. This was a common tactic they used.

Although it didn’t count as the mysteries of a formation, they cooperated very well together, and so their strength was enormous.

Jiang Chen snorted softly as he was holding the high vantage point, waved with his hand, and sent out four golden beams of light.

The golden beams streaked through the air, transforming into four shooting stars, and vanished into thin air.

Suddenly, the four champions felt their bodies grow cold as a golden colored light flashed in front of their very eyes. A gout of cold air blew straight at them, making their necks feel cold.


In that critical moment, when they realized that something was wrong, the four beams of golden light had already flashed past their necks.

The golden light churned!

A strong crisp sound akin to snapping a wooden stick in half rang out at this point, so sharp it made one’s hair stand on end.

In the next moment, the momentum of the four great champions halted as they froze in midai...

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