Chapter 419: In Front of the Formation

Chapter 419: In Front of the Formation

How arrogant!

The expressions of those within the Shangyang Kingdom all changed drastically when they heard this tone.

The newcomer talked about wanting to destroy the royal family with each word he spoke. This kind of attitude made all those present boil with fury.

The face of the Wu family clan was the face of the entire Shangyang Kingdom, and that also represented the face of the Purple Sun Sect.

And now, this unknown intruder was telling the royal family to hand over Wu Hong, or he’d annihilate the entire family!

It was said that the subjects die when their liege is humiliated.

When the royal family was humiliated, their subjects all glared ferociously in their rage and fell to their knees on the ground.

“Your Majesty, we request to take the field!”

“Your Majesty, please allow me to take a pack of royal experts with me to meet with this crazed criminal!”

One had to say that the Wu royal family had quite a strong grasp over the Shangyang Kingdom. They had brainwashed their subjects very successfully. Even the nation’s four great warriors were burning with rage and self righteous battle intent.

King Wu Tan was delighted to see this, and also quite pleased by the ardent and enthusiastic situation. This at least proved that there was no problem with the royal family’s authority, and that these subjects were indeed loyal.

The crowd’s emotions could be used!

Wu Tan spoke lowly. “Those who have come are not friendly, and those who are friendly have yet to come. Since this person dares to besiege the royal palace, he must have quite a background. Can it be…”

“Your Majesty, who can it be?” The four great warriors all asked.

An odd light flashed through Wu Tan’s eyes as he turned to Wu Hong, “Hong’er, did the pathetic Jiang wretches confess anything?”

Wu Hong shook his head and was a bit dejected. “They’re all a bunch of foolishly loyal idiots. They won’t confess to anything no matter how we beat them. I suspect that they just don’t know where Jiang Chen’s heritage is from.”

“Jiang Chen?” The four great warriors were all enormously surprised when they heard this name.

Surprise flashed through Wu Hong’s eyes. “Royal father, can this person at our doorstop be Jiang Chen?”

Wu Tan immediately shook his head in denial. “Impossible! The Eternal Spirit Mountain is suppressing him. If the outside world doesn’t open the seal, he’ll be unable to leave no matter how strong his potential.”

“Then can it be Jiang Chen’s followers? Or those from the Precious Tree Sect?” Wu Hong guessed?

“No need to imagine things. No matter who it is, the fact that they’ve come to the Shangyang Kingdom to behave atrociously means that they are offending the Purple Sun Sect. They’re dead without a doubt!” Wu Tan’s tone was sinister and frosty.

His gaze swept the four great warriors. “Four warriors, this person is giving offense to the dignity of the Shangyang Kingdom. The four of you are our nation’s great warriors. It’s time for you to shoulder the burdens of the royal family and the Purple Sun Sect as well. Are you willing to go out and investigate?”

The four warriors exchanged a glance and all nodded.

“We are willing!”

The concerted efforts of the nation’s four warriors greatly increased everyone’s confidence again. The four warriors were all death sworn of the sky spirit realm. Although they were at the seventh level spirit realm, their battle strength was enormous, and they’d be able to put up a fight even if they met someone of the eighth level spirit realm.

Unless the strongest of the Precious Tree Sect had arrived, otherwise the intruder wouldn’t have a good time after making trouble in the Shangyang Kingdom!

But the Precious Tree Sect had always been conservative and kept a low profile, how would they have the guts to act wildly in Purple Sun Sect territory?

Most people thought for a bit and felt that it was the remnants of Jiang Chen’s supporters. With the nation’s four great warriors taking the field, there was nothing to be fearful of!

Wu Tan laughed heartily. “What are we anxious if our nation’s best four warriors are personally handling this matter? Come, bestow upon them the royal wine to celebrate the four warriors’ victory in advance!”

Tian Shu spread out his hands, “Your Majesty, let’s not drink yet. It won’t be too late to come back for a drink after we’ve slaughtered the intruders!”

The four warriors all nodded and selected a troop of men roughly a hundred strong. They were all spirit realm cultivators. All of them sped towards the outside.

Wu Tan waved his hand. “We will personally hold the line for the four great warriors.”

The others naturally wouldn’t tarry when the king himself was personally stepping in. The leaders of all the royal experts surrounded Wu Tan and his son, steadfast and loyal.

There was a deep moat around the outside of the palace that was thirty meters wide and deep. It encircled the palace like a river.

The four warriors had grave expressions on as they looked at that deep moat.

This moat was thus wide and deep. They absolutely couldn’t understand how it’d appeared out of nowhere!

Even a spirit king protector at the peak of the spirit realm would find it impossible to so easily carve out such a moat.

Could it be that the trespasser was an origin realm cultivator?

In that moment, the four warriors began to regret their rash actions a bit. What if the opponent was an origin realm cultivator? The four of them wouldn’t even be enough to be a mouthful for their opponent!

However, now that there were so many people looking at them, they were caught between a rock and a hard place.

Tian Shu arched his eyebrow and looked up at the sky, “And who might you be? Do you know this is the forbidden zone of the palace?”

“Irrelevant people who don’t want to die can get the hell back!”

A stern order came down from the skies as a golden light flashed, mainly down in splendor. The light landed in front of Tian Shu, only a foot away from his feet.

Such an aura and bearing! Tian Shu had barely seen from where the light had come from.

He only felt that the light had already arrived beneath his feet as soon as it’d flashed. If the other had wanted to kill him, he would likely be a corpse by now.

His face was drained of all color in his shock, and he backed up a few steps subconsciously. Cold sweat poured down his back, soaking his clothes through in a second.

“I’ll say this one more time, I’m here only for the Wu royals. Those who are irrelevant and don’t want to die, piss the hell off!”

Jiang Chen’s voice came down coldly from the heavens, as if he were a deity that ruled over all living beings, full of stern dignity.

Ever since he’d practiced the Evil Golden Eye, his every word and action had become all the more regal.

When he spoke these words, the natural overwhelming sense of pressure made the four warriors feel as if there was a blade hovering over their hands, making them shiver despite the lack of cold.

“Listen to me, Wu family clan. Fifteen minutes, I will only give you fifteen minutes. If I don’t see Wu Hong within fifteen minutes, then the Wu family clan will be wiped off the face of this world.”

This posture made Wu Hong tremble. He had been someone who was afraid of nothing and did things in a vicious manner. He had all sorts of methods for whatever he wanted.

He’d been the one to give the order to annihilate the Jiang family.

He’d also been the one to craft the plan of seizing the Hall of Healing.

However, as fierce as he was, his scalp still tingled with numbness when he was faced with a scene like this. He had a feeling that his life was in danger.

“Four warriors, the Purple Sun Sect cultivated you, the royal family hosted you, and now it is the time for you to repay the sect and the royal family!”

Wu Tan was quite incensed when he saw that the four warriors had the intention of retreating. He sent over this silent admonishment.

Wu Tan was an honorary Purple Sun Sect elder to begin with. His cultivation level was even greater than the four warriors. So although he was taken aback, he wasn’t thrown into disarray.

He was well aware that the opponent was quite thorny.

But if they were of one heart and withstood the attacks for a few hours, all would be taken care of when reinforcements from the Purple Sun Sect arrived!

The four warriors shook all over after Wu Tan’s reminder. The king’s meaning was quite clear. If they retreated in the face of battle now, they would face the sect’s judgement afterwards.

If they forfeited now, they would be throwing away the Purple Sun Sect’s face. Even if the king couldn’t do anything to them, the sect’s strict rules would never let them off the hook. The punishment may even involve their families!

They were riding a tiger now and finding it hard to get off.

For sky spirit realm cultivators, those who could progress to this level were all ruthless individuals. When they thought through the profits and losses, they knew that it would be unforgivable to not give it their all today.

They looked at each other and then shot towards the moat with great accordance.

“Crazed one, I dare you come out for a battle after arriving in Purple Sun Sect territory and throwing your weight around?!”

“What kind of competence do you possess in hiding yourself like this? Come out for an open battle with the experts of the Purple Sun Sect if you have the guts to!”

“Indeed, let us have a just and public battle if you dare. What kind of man are you to be playing these kinds of tricks?”

The four warriors were advancing and retreating together, obviously planning on fighting as a team. They were well aware that none of them would be able to handle this intruder in single combat.

A sharp whistle sounded in the air as Jiang Chen’s Goldwing Swordbird dived down.

When he was had flatted out about ten foot into the air, he cast a frosty gaze at the four warriors beneath. He laughed coldly, “Is the Purple Sun Sect supposed to be something?”

“Madman, who are you?”

Jiang Chen laughed distantly as his gaze was remote. He looked in Wu Tan’s direction. “Who am I? You guys did so many things in the Eastern Kingdom, what was it all but for me?”

“And now, I’ve come.”

Wu Tan and Wu Hong’s chest spasmed when these words sounded; their expressions all changed greatly.

Jiang Chen!

It was really Jiang Chen!

They’d suspected this before coming here, but felt that since Jiang Chen was suppressed within the Eternal Spirit Mountain, it wasn’t very likely that he’d be able to emerge.

Even forefather Sunchaser had said that it would be impossible to come out without the coordinated efforts of the four forefathers.

However, not only had Jiang Chen exited said mountain, he’d even charged to the Shangyang Kingdom’s doorstep with a vengeful momentum!

Judging from his posture, he came here completely without any apprehension or fear.

Regret flashed through Wu Tan’s heart in that moment. However, it only flashed through his heart and didn’t appear on his face. He said lowly, “If we’re going to do it, we’ll go all the way. Jiang Chen and the Purple Sun Sect have long since formed a death grudge. We just need to hold him here for now until the Purple Sun Sect reinforcements arrive. They’ll suppress this person and remove this concern for good!”

Wu Tan was well aware that the entire Purple Sun Sect had a bone deep hatred of Jiang Chen. Forefather Sunchaser in particular practically itching for a chance to eat the latter’s flesh and sleep on his skin.

Wu Hong also started calling loudly at this moment, “Four warriors, this Jiang Chen is the mortal enemy of the Purple Sun Sect. If we can kill him today, the forefather will be sure to reward us handsomely!”

He was rather quick at thinking on his feet and adept at persuading people.

Indeed, the thought struck the four warriors as they remembered the various grudges that Jiang Chen had with the Purple Sun Sect. This was an opportunity!

If they could kill Jiang Chen and let the forefather know, then forefather Sunchaser would undoubtedly be pleased. He might even promote the four of them, and their days of fortune and glory would be here!

Jiang Chen was strong enough to kill Long Juxue, but she was only one and there were four of them. They were also used to coordinating with each other, and their battle strength in between their offenses and defenses was something that Long Juxue would never be able to measure up to!

Long Juxue couldn’t handle Jiang Chen, but they might be able to!

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