Chapter 419: In Front of the Formation

Chapter 419: In Front of the Formation

How arrogant!

The expressions of those within the Shangyang Kingdom all changed drastically when they heard this tone.

The newcomer talked about wanting to destroy the royal family with each word he spoke. This kind of attitude made all those present boil with fury.

The face of the Wu family clan was the face of the entire Shangyang Kingdom, and that also represented the face of the Purple Sun Sect.

And now, this unknown intruder was telling the royal family to hand over Wu Hong, or he’d annihilate the entire family!

It was said that the subjects die when their liege is humiliated.

When the royal family was humiliated, their subjects all glared ferociously in their rage and fell to their knees on the ground.

“Your Majesty, we request to take the field!”

“Your Majesty, please allow me to take a pack of royal experts with me to meet with this crazed criminal!”

One had to say that the Wu royal family had quite a strong grasp over the Shangyang Kingdom. They had brainwashed their subjects very successfully. Even the nation’s four great warriors were burning with rage and self righteous battle intent.

King Wu Tan was delighted to see this, and also quite pleased by the ardent and enthusiastic situation....

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