Chapter 418: Besieging the Shangyang Kingdom

Chapter 418: Besieging the Shangyang Kingdom

Those still alive within the Hall of Healing were all reduced to sticks of stark white bones within fifteen minutes. Not a single complete skeleton to be found.

Jiang Chen had been thoroughly provoked this time.


What had happened had absolutely crossed his bottom line. Even if he no longer had relations with the Jiang family, he wouldn’t sit idly by and allow such a thing to happen!

The Shangyang Kingdom was indeed one of the premier kingdoms in the sixteen kingdom alliance. Because their backer was the Purple Sun Sect, they’d inherited the sect’s style and typically acted about in a domineering fashion.

The king of the Shangyang Kingdom, Wu Tan, was an honorary Purple Sun Sect elder and had quite a network within the sect.

King Wu Tan had built quite an impressive kingdom, and his son Wu Hong was equally obsessed by ambition.

Wu Hong had gone for a tour in the Purple Sun Sect half a year ago. He’d paid much to befriend many sect disciples, and had learned about Jiang Chen’s matters from those who’d participated in the selection. He’d gotten the go-ahead for some matters, and all that had caused his ambition to overflow and burst forth.

Jiang Chen was a secular kid who’d risen...

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