Chapter 417: Jiang Chen’s Rage

Chapter 417: Jiang Chen’s Rage

“Eh? What’s going on? I can’t move my hands!”

“Me too… this… this person knows some sort of demonic art?!”

“This is bad, this is the aura of the spirit realm! Everyone kill him altogether now!”

“Kill him! He only has a few at his back and there’s hundreds of us, why would we be afraid of him!”

The few hundred cultivators were arrayed haphazardly in front of the Hall of Healing’s doors and jeering arrogantly.

Jiang Chen’s gaze grew icy as he suddenly glared, the Evil Golden Eye sending out a scintillating beam of light from his eyes.


The light shot into all the ruffian cultivators’ eyes. The cultivators shook when their eyes came into contact with the light, their bodies quickly losing all feeling.

It was like their souls had been frozen over. The surge of power caused their bodies to stiffen. Before too long, the cultivators were as still as statues, as if someone had poured liquid bronze or iron over them to cast lifelike statues.

Jiang Chen waved his hand. “Let’s go in.”

Gouyu and Huang’er looked at each other, slight shock in their eyes. This was a man who was truly enraged!

This kind of divine art even somewhat amazed Huang’er. In that moment, she felt like she couldn’t see through...

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