Chapter 417: Jiang Chen’s Rage

Chapter 417: Jiang Chen’s Rage

“Eh? What’s going on? I can’t move my hands!”

“Me too… this… this person knows some sort of demonic art?!”

“This is bad, this is the aura of the spirit realm! Everyone kill him altogether now!”

“Kill him! He only has a few at his back and there’s hundreds of us, why would we be afraid of him!”

The few hundred cultivators were arrayed haphazardly in front of the Hall of Healing’s doors and jeering arrogantly.

Jiang Chen’s gaze grew icy as he suddenly glared, the Evil Golden Eye sending out a scintillating beam of light from his eyes.


The light shot into all the ruffian cultivators’ eyes. The cultivators shook when their eyes came into contact with the light, their bodies quickly losing all feeling.

It was like their souls had been frozen over. The surge of power caused their bodies to stiffen. Before too long, the cultivators were as still as statues, as if someone had poured liquid bronze or iron over them to cast lifelike statues.

Jiang Chen waved his hand. “Let’s go in.”

Gouyu and Huang’er looked at each other, slight shock in their eyes. This was a man who was truly enraged!

This kind of divine art even somewhat amazed Huang’er. In that moment, she felt like she couldn’t see through Jiang Chen.

Gouyu was even more flabbergasted.

However, the two were concerned about Jiang Chen’s safety and followed him in without hesitation.

“Who is in charge of the Hall of Healing now? Get the hell out here!”

Jiang Chen’s voice boomed like rolling thunder, rocking the interior and exterior of the entire Hall of Healing in an instant. His presence was awe inspiring as his voice echoed endlessly.

“Who dares trespass and act wildly in the Hall of Healing?!”

“Kill him!”

“Ah, ah!!”

Two voices had just risen in response before ghastly cries quickly followed. As they fell to the ground, it was obvious that Jiang Chen had destroyed them as soon as they’d called out.

Jiang Chen lifted his hand lightly and spoke with a merciless tone, “I will count to five. After five, if those within the Hall aren’t within my line of sight, then I’ll eradicate you all with no exceptions!”

“Five!” Jiang Chen began the countdown.


“Three!” Jiang Chen’s voice counted down in an unhurried manner. His enormous aura kept spreading to every corner of the Hall of Healing.


When he counted down to two, those within the Hall of Healing walked out of the shadows because they could no longer bear the pressure of his aura. They walked out to the main lobby.

They were well aware that if they really stayed stubbornly inside, this strong newcomer would kill even the dogs and chickens in the Hall.

They were all cultivators. They could sense the raging fury behind the aura. This was absolutely something they couldn’t resist.


Jiang Chen pointed with his finger and counted everyone who’d stepped out. His gaze was an arctic chill as it swept the cultivators in front of him.

“You. Step out.” Jiang Chen pointed at someone in a silver robe. He looked to be in middle management.

The person cowered as his legs quivered and shook. He didn’t dare not come out in the face of Jiang Chen’s summons and so his teeth chattered wildly.

“He-hello.” The silver robed individual couldn’t even speak properly in the face of Jiang Chen’s enormous aura.

“Are you in charge of the Hall of Healing?” Jiang Chen’s tone was remote.

“N-no…” The silver robed individual was so frightened that he was on the verge of wetting himself. “It’s… Manager Lie is in charge.”

“Where is he?” Jiang Chen continued to turn up the pressure.

The silver robed individual’s teeth continued to chatter as he broke out in a cold sweat. He couldn’t control himself fully beneath Jiang Chen’s enormous pressure. It was as if there was a power in this young man’s eyes that was forcing him to submit.

“He’s… he’s not in the lobby. He probably didn’t come out yet.”

Jiang Chen nodded lightly, revealing a meaningful smile. He sent out his consciousness and began his search.

Having reached his particular level with Psychic’s Head, a mere Hall of Healing was naturally incapable of escaping the reach of his consciousness. He quickly identified three more people hiding in the shadows of the Hall of Healing who had yet to emerge.

Huang’er, at Jiang Chen’s side, suddenly smiled. It was apparent that her consciousness had also detected in that moment that there were some who’d yet to emerge.

“Sir Jiang, Huang’er has a bit of a history with the Hall of Healing as well. Allow me to help.”

Huang’er spread out her hands after speaking. A guzheng appeared in front of her.

Huang’er’s white, slender, jade fingers brushed softly across the surface of the instrument as several notes sounded.

The music was full of only faint killing intent in the beginning, but quickly gathered into a wild intent that roiled like the raging seas. It surged towards three corners, forcing out the three in hiding.

Huang’er was only trying her hand at this. Even Gouyu couldn’t see through the profound mysteries within that moment.

Jiang Chen however was extremely shocked. The deployment of this art seemed simple, but it embodied enormous mystical theories within it . Huang’er could actually control the direction of the notes. This kind of control over sound was something that Jiang Chen knew that he didn’t have at the moment.

Waves of horrifying howls resounded from several secret chambers not too long after. The three fellows were covering their ears as they ran out shrieking and wailing. From their bedraggled appearance, they seemed as though they would collapse any second.

Huang’er smiled faintly and stopped when she’d achieved her purpose, not intending on stealing the limelight. She smiled slightly, “Sir Jiang, Huang’er can only do so much. The rest is up to you!”

“Many thanks for Miss Huang’er’s just act of aid.”

It wasn’t that Jiang Chen was unable to force these three fellows out, but he wouldn’t be able to do so as easily as Huang’er had just done so.

One of the three was wearing a golden robe and looked quite well off. In this moment however, he seemed quite panic stricken and worse for the wear.

“You must be that Manager Lie?” Jiang Chen’s gaze zeroed in on the man with the golden robe.

Manager Lie finally regained his senses when the music notes disappeared, but fear filled his eyes. He looked upon Jiang Chen, “Just who are you?”

Jiang Chen shook his head lightly. “I’m the one asking the questions today. Now, if you can’t give me a satisfactory answer to any of my questions, I’ll relieve you of one of your body parts.”

“First question is, where is Song Tianxing and the others?”

Jiang Chen’s consciousness locked tightly on him, not allowing a single false word to pass his lips.

Manager Lie stammered, “Th-they… they all left. They sold us the Hall of Healing at a high price… Ah!!”

He screamed hastily as he clapped his hand to his left ear, discovering it gone.

Jiang Chen smiled, a chilling sight, “One more time. Where is Song Tianxing and the others?”

Manager Lie was scared out of his wits as he tried to stop the blood from gushing out his left ear. He almost fainted. “They… they…”


Jiang Chen raised his arm. The enormous metal essence power came slicing out of his hand like blades, as fast as shooting stars, cutting off the man’s right ear as well.

“Ah!!” The ghastly screech rang out again. Manager Lie’s pant cuffs grew damp as he wet himself in pure fright.

“One last chance. If you don’t answer properly, then the next thing to hit the ground won’t be your ears, but your head.” There wasn’t the slightest hint of emotion in Jiang Chen’s tone.

“I… I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you everything!”

No matter how proud he was, Manager Lie could no longer hold on in the face of a life or death crisis. He didn’t doubt the harbinger of death in front of him was speaking the truth.

“We… took over the Hall of Healing. Song Tianxing wouldn’t cooperate, so we killed him.”

“You?” Jiang Chen laughed coldly. “You wouldn’t have such guts by yourself alone. Who’s behind this?”

“We came on orders to seize the three pill recipes of the Hall of Healing. The one who ordered us was the crown prince of the Shangyang Kingdom.”

The Shangyang Kingdom?

Jiang Chen flicked a glance at Gouyu. He didn’t know as much about the sixteen kingdoms as Gouyu did.

Gouyu hastened to say, “The Shangyang Kingdom is one of the four great kingdoms, just like the Skylaurel Kingdom. Shangyang Kingdom’s relationship with the Purple Sun Sect is the same as the Skylaurel Kingdom’s with the Precious Tree Sect.”

Jiang Chen’s face completely darkened when he heard these words. “The Purple Sun Sect!”

His eyebrow arching, Jiang Chen suppressed the flames of fury in his heard and asked, “Why did the crown prince of the Shangyang Kingdom set his sights on the Hall of Healing?”

How would Manager Lie still have the desire to resist now? He spilled out everything he knew like pouring beans from a bamboo container.

“The Shangyang Kingdom has been quite envious of the Hall of Healing crazily reaping wealth like it has in the last couple of years with the three recipes. The crown prince has long set his sights on them. He received some sort of hint from the Purple Sun Sect this time saying that the Hall of Healing had lost its backer, so there would be no fear of retaliation. Therefore, the crown prince finally struck with full force after planning for a very long time in order to take the profits from the Hall of Healing.”

It was normal for such a rich mark to be targeted after a while. However, since they’d successfully taken over the Hall of Healing, why slaughter the Jiang family clan?

It was obvious that something else was at play here.

“You’d already secured the Hall of Healing and the three pill recipes. Why slaughter the Jiang family clan?”

Manager Lie quickly responded, “I didn’t participate in the slaughter. My authority is too low and I have no right either to inquire about the reasons behind this. It’s said that those above weren’t satisfied with just three pill recipes. They seemed to feel that there would be much more treasure in the Jiang family, this was why…”

All the various clues slowly formed into a clear bigger picture.

When it came down to it, this half year had been when he’d been trapped in the Eternal Spirit Mountain.

The other had made their move at precisely this time. Jiang Chen would never believe that the Purple Sun Sect wasn’t behind all of this.

Purple Sun Sect, the Shangyang Kingdom…

Fury raged in his heart. He swept a cold glance across the Hall of Healing, “Last question. Where is Jiang Zheng?”

“Jiang Zheng? He was taken to the Shangyang Kingdom. It seems that there are people who want to interrogate him specifically.”

Jiang Zheng was Jiang Chen’s confidante and steward, yet he had lived and been taken away. What did this mean? This meant that all of this had been directed at him, Jiang Chen!

“Come, we go to the Shangyang Kingdom.” Jiang Chen said.

Gouyu and Huang’er looked at each other. They knew that the flames of fury had been thoroughly stoked in Jiang Chen’s heart.

It was likely that the Shangyang Kingdom would be in for a terrible time after this. There would likely even be countless numbers of heads that rolled in the Purple Sun Sect.

Those in the Hall of Healing found it incredulous when Jiang Chen and the others walked out. They had escaped disaster just like this?

One of them laughed coldly. “Sonnuvab*tch! Scaring me half to death. He's just a silver spear tip, good for showing and nothing else. Hmph, he must've been scared outta his mind after hearing the Purple Sun Sect eh?”

“Of course. Who dares provoke the Purple Sun Sect in the sixteen kingdom alliance?”

Those who'd lost their wits from fright earlier now all puffed out their chests and began talking tough, as if the sniveling wretches earlier hadn't been them.

Suddenly, someone cried out. “Stop talking, do you hear that?”

Everyone quieted down and focused on their hearing. They seemed to hear scurrying sounds coming from underground.

Suddenly, the ground began trembling violently!


The floorboards burst open as countless golden streaks surged out like a fountain, spreading out as if locusts.

The numerous Goldbiter Rats charged out and bit whoever they saw.

Agonized screams filled the air in an instant as rivers of blood flowed.

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