Chapter 416: Big Changes

Chapter 416: Big Changes

Xue Tong was wholly unafraid when faced with this scene. He laughed coldly, “It seems that the Hall of Healing really has changed hands?”

“Kid, who are you?” The associate’s eyes were sinister as they shone with a violent light.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. I just ask you, where’s Jiang Zheng? Where’s Song Tianxing? Where have Ying Wuyou and the others all gone?”

Xue Tong possessed a decent temper and didn’t fly off the handle despite being surrounded.

“Hmph, you ask too many questions. Take him!” The associate gave the order with a wave of his hand.

When the cultivators heard the order, they all rushed over and swung their weapons, wanting to trample Xue Tong into the ground.

Xue Tong was surprised to see that these were all advanced true qi realm cultivators. When did the Hall of Healing start spending money so easily?

The Eastern Kingdom was just a third rate kingdom.

Someone of the advanced realm of true qi was at the strength of a duke.

When had the Hall of Healing’s ordinary cultivators reach the advanced realm of true qi? Anything out of the ordinary was always to be suspected, so Xue Tong knew immediately that an enormous change had occurred in the Hall of Healing.

However, how would Xue Tong, one who’d set foot in the spirit realm, think anything...

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