Chapter 415: Return to the Eastern Kingdom

Chapter 415: Return to the Eastern Kingdom

Jiang Chen had long since stopped asking after the share in profits from the Hall of Healing. It was Xue Tong and the others handling it all. This was because money from the secular world had long since stopped being his main source of income.

However, he was still slightly surprised by Xue Tong’s news.

The Hall of Healing had always done things properly, particularly with regards to the sharing of profits. They’d always purposefully fawned on Jiang Chen and were very prompt with delivering the money.

For it to have stopped for six months straight meant that something must’ve happened. The Hall of Healing wouldn’t have done this on purpose.

“Can it be that robbers discovered the courier’s path and intercepted the deliveries, or something has happened in the internal management of the Hall of Healing?”

Jiang Chen’s brow furrowed. He really didn’t care much about the division of profits.

However, he still minded the Hall of Healing a bit. He’d arranged for a position in the Hall of Healing for his steward, making him a senior executive in the Hall of Healing and receiving ten percent of the profit...

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