Chapter 414: Dan Fei’s Letter

Chapter 414: Dan Fei’s Letter

Towards the end, even the king of the Skylaurel Kingdom was motivated to action as he brought a hundred civil and military officials to the Jiang manor to offer his congratulations.

Although the proclaimed purpose was to offer felicitations, everyone’s thoughts were actually the same. They wanted to strike up a relationship with Jiang Chen, fawn over him, and pay public tribute to him.

There was no question about it. Jiang Chen’s position was higher than even the king’s.

As a result of his foundation and identity, the king of the Skylaurel Kingdom wasn’t someone who would be afraid even when in the presence of an ordinary elder of the Precious Tree Sect.

However, a genius like Jiang Chen wasn’t someone that an ordinary sect elder could measure up to.

In this half year, numerous versions of the various legends surrounding Jiang Chen had arisen, depicting his performance in the selection as extravagantly as flowers falling from the sky, unaccountably magical.

Although these legends had been added to, his string of titles was very real.

The champion of the first secular selection, champion of the mystic and earth quadrants, and victor of the final...

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