Chapter 413: Return to Skylaurel Kingdom

Chapter 413: Return to Skylaurel Kingdom

Since Jiang Chen was to return to the Precious Tree Sect, this put Chu Xinghan in a rather awkward position.

Jiang Chen had saved Chu Xinghan’s life, and he wanted badly to repay Jiang Chen, but he was still a Purple Sun Sect disciple after all. To someone as loyal as he was, the notion of him flocking to the Precious Tree Sect’s banner was a bit tough to accept.

Therefore, when Chu Xinghan heard that Jiang Chen would return to the Precious Tree Sect, he was a bit dazed, then said resolutely, “Jiang Chen, I owe you my life. You can come take it whenever you want. I would rather be a wandering cultivator all my life than throw myself at the mercy of another sect. Please understand. If there comes a day that you leave the Precious Tree Sect, summon me at any time and I will be there, awaiting your orders.”

Jiang Chen did indeed greatly admire Chu Xinghan and didn’t want to force the man to follow him.

He smiled slightly, “It’s not that I saved your life, you saved your own. With my style, I only ask for a clear conscience, not for any return.”

Chu Xinghan was well aware that Jiang...

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