Chapter 412: Plans to Leave, Elder Shun’s Request

Chapter 412: Plans to Leave, Elder Shun’s Request


Jiang Chen’s eyes opened again after two days of meditation. Breaking through to the eighth level had caused more dao inspiration to spring forth from within, ideas gushing forth like a newly excavated spring.

The benefits of refining the Fire Raven King core were becoming more apparent day by day.

“To think that the benefits of the Fire Raven King core would be thus. At this rate, if I continue to stay in the sky quadrant, I could likely make for the ninth level spirit realm after three months.”

Jiang Chen could clearly feel that his spirit ocean had an abundance of spirit power thanks to the boundless source of energy from the Raven King core.

“Mm, this is the path of martial dao that I, Jiang Chen, wish for. This is the exciting life of martial dao!” Jiang Chen was in extremely good spirits when he sensed the vibrant spirit power in his mind.

“However, I’ve been away for too long. I wonder how the outside world has changed? The Purple Sun Sect will not rest after I’ve slaughtered Long Juxue. Although, if they vent their rage on my people, there’ll be no safe harbor for them to take shelter in the vast Skylaurel Kingdom.”

Jiang Chen’s heart lay with his people. He felt that although the Eternal Spirit Mountain was extremely suitable for cultivation, he would still leave resolutely.

Otherwise, having worries constantly circle him would cause his state of mind to be in disarray. This would be a disadvantageous impact to his cultivation.

“I’m now at eighth level spirit realm, and only one step away from ninth level. Once I reach the ninth level, I’ll be able to do as I will in the sixteen kingdoms, barring interference from the forefathers. But even in the eighth, I have no need to fear when faced with those in the ninth level. I’ll be able to put up a fight even against a spirit king.”

Jiang Chen’s continuous breakthroughs had also raised his confidence.

As his cultivation level rose and he mastered all of the forms of the “Vast Ocean Current Splitter”, he began to develop the technique to a higher level, utilizing mysteries not found in the original method.

His comprehension of the dao of the sword had surpassed that of when he killed Long Juxue.

He’d also long since completed the nine cycles of blooming and wilting of the “Divine Aeons Fist”. The strongest aspect of this technique lay in its ability of rebirth.

The mysteries within the “Divine Aeons Fist” meant that when Jiang Chen practiced other techniques, he would be able to naturally assimilate various techniques, allowing them to reach unthinkable heights.

Jiang Chen was also well versed in the four great arts of the “Moonshatter Flying Daggers” now. Add the throwing daggers forged from the Raven King’s tail feathers, and it was like giving wings to a tiger.

The most critical thing was that as the four divine arts of the “Moonshatter Flying Daggers” continued to improve, the power of this technique would continue to increase as well.

God’s Eye, Ear of the Zephyr, Boulder’s Heart, and Psychic’s Head all continued to improve as Jiang Chen broke through.

His trump card, the Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice could now control forty nine vines at any given time.

The abilities of the Lotus were dependent on his cultivation level.

The stronger his body and spirit ocean were, the stronger the Lotus was as well.

This meant that the Lotus was also continuously evolving and improving.

It was a heavenly treasure to begin with, but its current form was still a far cry from its peak condition.

Jiang Chen was well aware of this, so he cared deeply about the Lotus’ evolution.

“It’s a pity that I could not refine Long Juxue that day in the ring. If I could’ve taken Long Juxue’s innate constitution, the Lotus would’ve risen by more than just one level.”

Although Jiang Chen felt vaguely regretful, he didn’t mind it terribly. There would be many more opportunities like these in the future.

Apart from the Lotus, the magnetic golden mountain was also a great treasure trove.

Ever since entering the sky spirit realm, Jiang Chen’s control over the magnetic power had grown more and more refined. He could easily deploy a magnetic force field now, but he was still a ways off from a magnetic storm.

“If I could form a magnetic storm, I would be able to fight even if I met the forefathers. At the very least I will have confidence in escaping if I can’t hold my own in battle.”

Even though he was still a ways off from generating the magnetic storm, he’d already started practicing the Evil Golden Eye.

The beam of light that had shot out from the evil eye on the magnetic golden mountain had left a deep impression on Jiang Chen.

This art was more useful than any hidden weapon. With a single glare, all enemies would be frozen by the immense magnetic power before they’d had time to react. How domineering of this art!

Therefore, Jiang Chen spent the majority of his time in recent days practicing this art.

It was a difficult matter to train the Evil Golden Eye. It was a good thing that Jiang Chen had practiced God’s Eye, and had a firm foundation in the arts that made use of his eyes.

He used the metal essence power everyday to forge and temper his aura.

The Evil Golden Eye wasn’t just an art of the eyes, but one of the strength of heart as well. It combined the metal essence power with strength of heart to create an enormous power that froze one’s soul and consciousness in an instant, then used the metal essence power alone to spontaneously petrify them.

To Jiang Chen, this Evil Golden Eye art was basically a divine art that was tailored for him.

He possessed everything needed to train in it, and possessed them in spades.

Having cultivated God’s Eye, his eye arts were far in excess of his peers.

Thanks to Boulder’s Heart, his strength of heart was so strong that even the origin realm forefathers stood in admiration.

His source of metal essence power would never be exhausted thanks to the magnetic golden mountain. Add Jiang Chen’s daily refining of the elemental energy into himself to temper his body and train the Nine Transformations of Demons and Gods, he had no shortage of metal essence power.

He possessed all three requirements in abundance.

Therefore, Jiang Chen quickly picked up the Evil Golden Eye. Thanks to his foundation in eye arts, he encountered a lot less trouble and pain in the course of his training.

With his immense strength of heart and comprehension skills, he actually achieved quite a breakthrough with the Evil Golden Eye over these months. Although it paled in comparison to that employed by the enormous sculpture on the mountain, Jiang Chen still possessed roughly thirty percent of the sculpture’s power.

“Hmm, if I’m ever able to deploy fifty percent of the sculpture’s power, then I’ll be able to instantly annihilate those on the same level as me. If I possess seventy percent of its power, then I’ll be able to distract even spirit kings. If I can harness a hundred percent of its power, then I’ll have hope to challenge even the origin realm forefathers. If I surpass it… then I will have full confidence when facing origin realm cultivators.”

Jiang Chen was well aware that there was no limit to the Evil Golden Eye’s aura, just like that one beam of strength from the enormous sculpture hadn’t been its ultimate blow.

How strong the Evil Golden Eye was, was entirely dependent on the cultivator.

If Jiang Chen made it into the origin realm, he would still be able to easily smash his peers’ faces in when he deployed the Evil Golden Eye.

He finally set foot out of the door after he’d resolidified his grasp over all his techniques. He was in a great mood as he breathed in the unique air of the sky quadrant.

I wonder how Miss Huang’er has been in my days of closed door cultivation?

Jiang Chen hadn’t forgotten his responsibilities as he pushed through the door and walked towards Huang’er and Elder Shun’s residences.

“What? You want to leave?”

Jiang Chen raised his desire to leave when he saw that Huang’er’s condition had stabilized. Elder Shun was slightly surprised when he heard this.

Jiang Chen nodded affirmatively. “I’ve been away too long and some matters in the secular world still weigh on my mind. I might as well go back and take a look instead of being constantly uneasy. It would be difficult for me to progress in my cultivation here in this way.”

If one’s mind was uneasy during cultivation, it would be very easy to give rise to internal demons.

Elder Shun was silent for a moment and nodded lightly, asking, “Do you plan to return to the Precious Tree Sect then?’

“Yes, since I’ve chosen them, I need to give them an answer as well. Now that crisis is rearing its head in the sixteen kingdom alliance and the situation is changing rapidly, it would be a pity to miss it all.”

Jiang Chen didn’t become arrogant even though his cultivation level had kept increasing. His feet remained firmly planted on the ground.

When he thought about how the sixteen kingdom alliance was just a small corner of the world, the joy that he’d felt in defeating Long Juxue seemed to be minuscule in comparison.

Killing Long Juxue was just the finishing touch on their grudge, it was nothing to be happy about. The true challenges were just about to begin.

He didn’t have the ambition to soar to the skies in a single leap, but wanted to do things slowly but surely.

Elder Shun had an obvious admiration of Jiang Chen’s attitude. This young man was neither cocky nor hasty, and didn’t consider himself as having rendered a great service after diagnosing Huang’er. Jiang Chen never put forth a variety of requests or wanted to learn of any gossip from him either.

Neither arrogant upon victory, nor dejected upon defeat, he didn’t reach for anything beyond his grasp and wasn’t self complacent.

“That’s alright, it’s time to leave anyways. In that case, I will need to trouble you for Huang’er’s ailment. I can search for the Requiem Wood, however, Huang’er is sick and thus unsuitable to accompany my travels. I am also helpless when her symptoms flare up. Would it be an intrusion to give Huang’er over to little brother Jiang’s care?”

Elder Shun had actually chosen his words carefully, since he had given this idea careful consideration.

He wanted to leave and seek the Requiem Wood.

However, he hadn’t been able to bear leaving Huang’er and fretted over her.

After a few months, Elder Shun finally convinced himself that Jiang Chen was a dependable man before speaking these words.

Jiang Chen looked at Huang’er. She happened to be looking at him as well. Her gaze was noncommittal and leisurely, but he understood the meaning in her eyes.

Even if he declined this request, she would understand and wouldn’t blame him in the least.

However, since he had made his diagnosis, Jiang Chen had made up his mind to see things through the end. He knew that the Requiem Wood must be located. Since Elder Shun had made this request of him, his sense of honor made it impossible for him to refuse.

After all, it was only natural for him to do so after his life had been saved twice.

“As long as Miss Huang’er doesn’t think I am crude and base, I am happy to take care of you. Miss Huang’er herself is very intelligent, so there’s not much for me to worry about at all.

Jiang Chen’s words meant that he was agreeing to Elder Shun.

Elder Shun was delighted by these words. He’d been afraid that Jiang Chen would refuse.

When Huang’er heard the tone of acceptance in Jiang Chen’s words, an odd light flashed through her eyes as well. Her heart trembled as a trace of being touched flashed through her heart.

She had disguised herself with such ugly features because she’d wanted to test this secular youth’s character.

When she saw that he didn’t have the slightest aversion to her ugly face, she was certain that Jiang Chen was a true gentleman.

However, Elder Shun’s departure slightly saddened her. After so long, she’d grown used to their mutual reliance.

Even though she knew that his sudden farewell was for her ailment, she still felt a bit lost in that moment.

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