Chapter 412: Plans to Leave, Elder Shun’s Request

Chapter 412: Plans to Leave, Elder Shun’s Request


Jiang Chen’s eyes opened again after two days of meditation. Breaking through to the eighth level had caused more dao inspiration to spring forth from within, ideas gushing forth like a newly excavated spring.

The benefits of refining the Fire Raven King core were becoming more apparent day by day.

“To think that the benefits of the Fire Raven King core would be thus. At this rate, if I continue to stay in the sky quadrant, I could likely make for the ninth level spirit realm after three months.”

Jiang Chen could clearly feel that his spirit ocean had an abundance of spirit power thanks to the boundless source of energy from the Raven King core.

“Mm, this is the path of martial dao that I, Jiang Chen, wish for. This is the exciting life of martial dao!” Jiang Chen was in extremely good spirits when he sensed the vibrant spirit power in his mind.

“However, I’ve been away for too long. I wonder how the outside world has changed? The Purple Sun Sect will not rest after I’ve slaughtered Long Juxue. Although, if they vent their rage on my people, there’ll be no safe harbor for them to take shelter in the vast Skylaurel Kingdom.”

Jiang Chen’s...

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