Chapter 411: Eighth Level Spirit Realm

Chapter 411: Eighth Level Spirit Realm

Thousandleaf nodded with appreciation. “I’ll give you three days. Fei Xuan, you’re more familiar with the secular world, so accompany Tang Hong.”

Thousandleaf looked around in a circle when he was finished. “Remember, Jiang Chen is a member of the Precious Tree Sect regardless of whether or not he is alive or dead. His family and friends are people that we must protect as well. If anyone dares move against them, that is the same as fighting against our own. If I find out someone had done so, I will not let them off easily!”

Jiang Chen was now the Precious Tree Sect’s treasure, and its most precious one at that.

How could forefather Thousandleaf possibly allow the Iron family to harass Jiang Chen’s people? If they irritated Jiang Chen, then all would be for naught in the end!

Therefore, forefather Thousandleaf actually had personally given a warning.

When the Iron father and son duo heard this, they were both privately dejected. They knew that this meant the Iron family would be stomped underfoot by Jiang Chen in the future!

They only had one thought in their minds right now, and that was hoping that Jiang Chen never walked out of the Eternal Spirit...

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