Chapter 410: Precious Tree Sect, Rage of Forefather Thousandleaf

Chapter 410: Precious Tree Sect, Rage of Forefather Thousandleaf

The senior executives of the Precious Tree Sect were convening at almost the same time.

Forefather Thousandleaf plainly hadn’t given up hope on Jiang Chen. He began digging into all information related to Jiang Chen upon his return.

“How ludicrous, Jiang Chen was in our Skylaurel Kingdom for almost two years, and none of you senior executives discovered this unparalleled genius? Why don’t you tell me what are all of you good for?!”

Thousandleaf was a nice person, but that didn’t mean he didn’t have a temper.

He was quite irate at the current situation. Jiang Chen had been in the Skylaurel Kingdom for almost two years and had displayed unsurpassed abilities. His reputation had long since spread throughout the sect.

But the sect had failed to recruit this person!

Not only had they failed to recruit him, those of the sect had actually kept suppressing him and erecting blockages in his way. One of the four sites in particular, the Azure Heaven Northern Palace, had oppressed Jiang Chen time and time again.

The Iron family had also had many ignoble records in the course of suppressing Jiang Chen.

This truly incensed forefather...

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