Chapter 410: Precious Tree Sect, Rage of Forefather Thousandleaf

Chapter 410: Precious Tree Sect, Rage of Forefather Thousandleaf

The senior executives of the Precious Tree Sect were convening at almost the same time.

Forefather Thousandleaf plainly hadn’t given up hope on Jiang Chen. He began digging into all information related to Jiang Chen upon his return.

“How ludicrous, Jiang Chen was in our Skylaurel Kingdom for almost two years, and none of you senior executives discovered this unparalleled genius? Why don’t you tell me what are all of you good for?!”

Thousandleaf was a nice person, but that didn’t mean he didn’t have a temper.

He was quite irate at the current situation. Jiang Chen had been in the Skylaurel Kingdom for almost two years and had displayed unsurpassed abilities. His reputation had long since spread throughout the sect.

But the sect had failed to recruit this person!

Not only had they failed to recruit him, those of the sect had actually kept suppressing him and erecting blockages in his way. One of the four sites in particular, the Azure Heaven Northern Palace, had oppressed Jiang Chen time and time again.

The Iron family had also had many ignoble records in the course of suppressing Jiang Chen.

This truly incensed forefather Thousandleaf as he slammed his hand on the table.

“Are you all deaf and dumb? All any of you know to do is to fight amongst yourselves—do you realize now how large of the gap between us and the rest are, thanks to the selection? If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen’s unexpected appearance, we would’ve lost the very shirt off our backs and pants off our bodies. Xie Tianshu, Iron Long, just how do you normally cultivate the younger disciples? How do you identify talent? The sect has given you so much resources, just how have you allotted them?”

No wonder forefather Thousandleaf was infuriated. The Precious Tree Sect’s resources were quite abundant. When it came to this, they were ranked first amongst the sects. However, the disciples that they had cultivated couldn’t make it into the top four.

Even though Lian Canghai, who was nurtured by the Iron family, had achieved the highest rank, he’d only placed at number five. This was due to him being lucky in that the selection had suddenly shortened to one year. If it wasn’t for that, then Lian Canghai’s ranking likely would’ve decreased even more.

Xie Tianshu, the Xie family’s direct descendent, had only placed at number seven after putting forth all that he had.

Iron Dazhi wasn’t even worth mentioning. He’d only gone to make a fool of himself.

It was rather Tang Hong, this unloved and much belittled character who had burst onto the scene with amazing and eye catching moves. He’d been much more impressive than Lian Canghai and Xie Yufan.

How would sect head Xie Tianshu and venerated elder Iron Long dare meet forefather Thousandleaf’s gaze? They all felt incredibly guilty.

“Hmph, feeling guilty now?” Thousandleaf’s anger had yet to dissipate as he glared, hectoring. “Look at all of you, do you know of Jiang Chen’s background? Whoever knows about it, speak up! The more detailed your knowledge, the better.”

The Iron family had actually investigated Jiang Chen’s past before.

However, they were completely unwilling to describe just how his life had been. After all, they were the pitiful backdrop to his rise.

They were the biggest stepping stone to Jiang Chen’s rise in the Skylaurel Kingdom.

They naturally didn’t want to mention such a forlorn history.

Xie Tianshu knew a bit about Jiang Chen’s basic information, so he briefly went over it at this time.

Forefather Thousandleaf frowned. “This is all common knowledge, everyone within the sects already knows about this. Is there any behind the scenes knowledge? Such as who is Jiang Chen’s backer?”

“Is it not spirit king protector Ye Chonglou?” Xie Tianshu was surprised.

Thousandleaf snorted coldly. “Ye Chonglou walked out from our halls. I rather admire him, but this matter isn’t that simple. Is there no deeper intelligence?”

Xie Tianshu smiled wryly. “That I don’t know. Should we ask Ye Chonglou to come in for a visit?”

“Sect head, lordmaster Ye Chonglou has been in closed door cultivation for almost a year and has yet to emerge.” A sect elder said lowly.

Forefather Thousandleaf felt vaguely irritated. There was a puzzle in his heart that he wished to solve.

He was still thinking back on the scene of Jiang Chen killing Long Juxue in the ring, but he couldn’t think it through—just how did Jiang Chen accomplished this?

Born of humble origins, how many fortuitous occurrences would he have had to run into in order to rise from the dust and slaughter Long Juxue, who had an innate constitution?

And, when this matter had happened, Sunchaser had charged towards the ring, but had been halted by a force suddenly and even spat out blood when he fell.

Who had been the one to act?

None of the various sect heavyweights mentioned the matter after exiting the Eternal Spirit Mountain, but everyone was well aware and still thinking about it.

Just what kind of perverse talent did that person have to make even Sunchaser spit out blood?

That such an expert had appeared in the sixteen kingdom alliance made forefather Thousandleaf quite curious.

He wanted to know the relationship between this mysterious person and Jiang Chen.

It was because of this inquisitive desire that he’d summoned everyone to look for information about Jiang Chen.

But their performance greatly disappointed him.

That the Precious Tree Sect’s intelligence network could be so poor made him almost want to go on a rampage.

Just as the atmosphere became a bit awkward, a faint sound traveled in from some corner below. “Forefather, your subordinate…”

This person was in the most remote corner, and appeared to be merely a senior executive.

This was a meeting of the highest levels, and although executives had the right to participate, they could only sit in the most remote corners.

A censure came from the elders’ seats as soon as this person stood up. “Fei Xuan, you’re just a small executive. What right do you have to speak here? Sit the hell back down!”

The person speaking was elder Iron Can, the son of the head of the esteemed elders, Iron Long.

The senior executive who’d stood up was the person in charge of Qingyang Valley—old man Fei Xuan.

Fei Xuan had handed over a Renewal Purity Pill to Xie Tianshu and saved his precious son’s life. This had enabled him to become a senior executive, a change as big as a carp leaping over an arch to become a dragon.

He originally had not much of a right to speak, but when he’d heard that everyone was discussing Jiang Chen, he had a great deal of right to speak about this.

At first, he’d considered his position and hadn’t dare say much.

But after the forefather had grown angry, and none of those seated here had any answers, old man Fei seem to vaguely feel that his chance had arrived again.

He finally stood out after giving it much thought.

Who knew that he’d subjected to a loud censure just after he stood up, before even speaking? Fei Xuan and Iron Can had formed a grudge when they were young, so Iron Can naturally wouldn’t allow Fei Xuan to obtain any glory in front of him.

Forefather Thousandleaf’s brow furrowed when Iron Can cried out, and he became even more displeased with the Iron father and son’s performance.

Xie Tianshu was well versed at observing expressions, and his face changed as well. “Iron Can, what are you yelling and shouting about? If he has no right to speak, then what right do you, demoted to an elder-in-waiting, have to speak?”

Iron Can was ashamed and could say nothing. He really didn’t dare retort back against the sect head’s hectoring.

Xie Tianshu was indeed ticked off. Fei Xuan was someone he’d raised and the savior of his son’s life. How dare Iron Can lecture him like this?

After beating back Iron Can, Xie Tianshu spoke warmly to Fei Xuan. “Fei Xuan, what do you have to say? I’ve heard that you were close to Jiang Chen in the Skylaurel Kingdom? If you offer any good intelligence, the forefather will raise you even higher.”

Fei Xuan grew emotional and nodded. “This one is indeed close with Sir Jiang Chen. Sir Jiang Chen received pointers from an expert when young. According to my speculations, the person behind him is likely from a stronger domain. With Sir Jiang Chen’s knowledge and methods, his mentor is definitely not someone from the sixteen kingdom alliance.”

It wasn’t that Fei Xuan was selling out Jiang Chen, but that he felt the latter was their own since he was a Precious Tree Sect disciple now. It should be fine as long as he didn’t speak of any critical matters and only mentioned Jiang Chen’s fortuitous occurrences. This would also aid the rise in Jiang Chen’s position.

To be honest, Fei Xuan felt great gratitude towards Jiang Chen. He was the most worried out of anyone when Jiang Chen had failed to return this time.

After all, he’d taken Jiang Chen for his young master, and had long since viewed Jiang Chen as his great backer.

Then he heard that Jiang Chen had soared to the top with astounding moves during the selection, he’d felt that it was both to be expected and a bit shocking. After all, it was simply too stunning that Jiang Chen had killed Long Juxue, someone who had an innate constitution.

However, his intelligence made Thousandleaf’s thoughts move.

“Fei Xuan is it? Where does your knowledge come from?” Forefather Thousandleaf asked with a warm expression.

“In response to the forefather, this one has dealt with Jiang Chen more and once heard it straight from his lips. According to my covert observations, Jiang Chen’s words are not false.”

Forefather Thousandleaf nodded, “Only this makes sense. Otherwise, a secular disciple should not have such heaven defying performances, no matter what is the case.”

Having received more intelligence, Thousandleaf actually began to comfort himself. “If the mysterious expert is the one supporting Jiang Chen, he’ll think of a way to free Jiang Chen from the mountain. Ai, it is our sect’s fortune that Jiang Chen has chosen us. I wonder if this will still count when he emerges from the mountain?”

Forefather Thousandleaf was a bit worried, worried that Jiang Chen wouldn’t think much of the Precious Tree Sect.

However, there was no point in contemplating this right now. He swept his eyes around and stopped on Tang Hong. Forefather Thousandleaf knew that if he wanted Jiang Chen to accept the sect, he’d have to play the card called Tang Hong properly. If he played this emotional card now, he may be able to gain Jiang Chen’s support that way.

“Alright, the selection is over. The future of the sixteen kingdom alliance hangs in the balance, so we have no time to waste. From today forth, I will personally tutor Tang Hong, Lian Canghai, and Xie Yufan.”

Thousandleaf announced and then flicked a glance at Fei Xuan in the corner. “This Fei Xuan is not bad. He still thinks of the sect even after being exiled from the inner sect. He is an example to us all. Tianshu, you should make use more of people like this. A position of senior executive is too low, how will he be able to display his talents? I think that one such as Fei Xuan should join the ranks of the elders.”

Thousandleaf had gained an abundance of useless information from the senior executives, but had gained much more useful information from Fei Xuan.

Therefore, he felt kindly disposed towards Fei Xuan and wanted to give him a hand.

After all, Fei Xuan was close with Jiang Chen. Valuing him meant another emotional card he could play.

Forefather Thousandleaf then said to the three after giving his orders, “Come with me.”

Tang Hong however, said, “Forefather, your disciple would like to make a visit to the Skylaurel Kingdom first and take care of the people who are with boss Jiang Chen.”

Tang Hong was worried that the Iron family would vent their rage on Jiang Chen’s people in his boss’ absence. Therefore, he decided to take care of them first.

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