Chapter 409: Saving Someone and Seeing Them Through to the End

Chapter 409: Saving Someone and Seeing Them Through to the End

There was a saying of “if you want to help someone, go the whole hog. If you send someone off, see them off until reaching their home.”

Jiang Chen could see that the duo had no other paths available. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have spent their time on him, a secular disciple.

With Elder Shun’s strength, to spend three years keeping a covert eye on a secular disciple for Miss Huang’er’s illness, he had truly put a great deal of thought and gone to enormous effort.

He had also aided Jiang Chen several times, so there was no reason for Jiang Chen to not try his best.

“Elder Shun, fortune is needed with regards to the Requiem Wood. If we cannot find it, it will be impossible to dispel the Generation Binding Curse. But there are ways to delay the ailment from flaring up and weakening the pain associated with the symptoms. However, I’ll need some time to prepare.”

Elder Shun was delighted to hear this. “Time is of no problem. We can very well stay in the Eternal Spirit Mountain for a year or two with no issues at all.”

He was a bit abashed at Jiang Chen’s look of confusion and chuckled. “Actually, I only changed some things in the formation. I moved the spirit...

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