Chapter 408: Generation Binding Curse

Chapter 408: Generation Binding Curse

When Jiang Chen saw that Elder Shun had nodded in admittance, a few words flashed through his heart—the Generation Binding Curse.

This was an ancient curse that was cast by one deeply and blindly in love. The caster would refine their own soul and fuse it with the unborn child of their pregnant love rival.

This curse would condemn the yet to be born child.

Once the curse was cast, the child would be born with it.

The curse would meld pieces of the caster’s soul with the newborn child’s soul, becoming a part of the child.

This kind of curse was quite frightening. The stronger the caster’s resentment, the more deeply the newborn’s soul would be branded, and the stronger the symptoms would be when the illness flared up.

This curse was named the Generation Binding Curse because it embodied the devotion and resentment of the caster. The strength of the curse was near endless, and it wasn’t something that a secular doctor could resolve.

Looking at Huang’er, her life signs were vibrant, and it was obvious that she’d received extremely sophisticated heritages with regards to martial dao and cultivation.

However, this curse obviously didn’t affect the victim’s...

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