Chapter 407: Elder Shun Inquires About an Illness

Chapter 407: Elder Shun Inquires About an Illness

Jiang Chen was quite surprised to hear the old man describe the current trajectory of his life.

He’d never thought that there was a mysterious person hiding in the shadows, knowing all about what he’d done like the back of his hand.

“Elder, have you been following me?” Jiang Chen’s tone lowered.

“Nono…” Elder Shun waved his hands. He too was deathly afraid of Jiang Chen misunderstanding. “I just happened to notice you and felt that you were extraordinary, so I decided to continue to follow and pay attention to you. I mean no harm, and have actually saved you twice already.”

“Hmm? You’re the mysterious person who made Chu Xinghan back off at the Second Crossing?” Jiang Chen suddenly thought of something as he exclaimed hoarsely.

Jiang Chen immediately understood what the elder meant by two times. The first was the Second Crossing, the second was beating back Sunchaser when he’d killed Long Juxue.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly when his thoughts travelled here. This mysterious elder’s strength was likely above Sunchaser’s. It was pointless...

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