Chapter 405: Accidents Happen

Chapter 405: Accidents Happen

The senior executives of the Purple Sun Sect almost started a mass riot the instant that Long Juxue fell down. They’d just witnessed a genius unseen in the Purple Sun Sect since time immemorial be chopped down right in front of them!

Master Shuiyue was particularly lightheaded and swayed, almost falling to the ground in a dead faint.

She had spared no effort on Long Juxue over the past few years, racking her brains for Long Juxue’s cultivation. Her goal was to allow Long Juxue to soar to the top with one move and become an unheralded genius.

Master Shuiyue had entrusted the culmination of her life, all of the ideals and dreams that she’d been unable to materialize when youth, to Long Juxue.

She’d hoped that Long Juxue would be able to set foot into the origin realm before 25, becoming the first amongst the sixteen kingdom alliance. She wanted her name to inspire awe throughout the nations.

One had to say, all the previous events and details had progressed in the direction that she’d thought. What she’d planned out was basically within sight.


Jiang Chen’s single strike had brutally annihilated Master Shuiyue’s illusions, destroyed her unrealistic yearnings, leaving her only the bloody scene of Long Juxue being hacked into two, forever scarring her memories.

All of her beautiful dreams were shattered in that instant.

She’d tried so hard for this beautiful dream, abandoning her humanity and sanity. Her fourth disciple He Yan was crippled, the third disciple Hai Tian dead, the status of second disciple Chu Xinghan unknown, and first disciple Ceng Shi had turned traitor to the entire sect.

All of this had been for Long Juxue.

A trace of regret suddenly flashed through her heart.

Sunchaser composed himself with one breath as wariness appeared in his eyes. He shouted, “Which expert has acted? Will you come out and meet?”

Jiang Chen had cleared his heart of stray emotions when he’d killed Long Juxue just now. He was now on high alert and on his guard, just in case that old monster Sunchaser was so utterly shameless as to attack him in the former’s panic.

However, Sunchaser was also wary of what had just occurred . He was huffing and glaring beneath the ring, but didn’t dare to take another step forward.

It was obvious that a pinecone being used to halt him had been too frightening, filling him with great trepidation.

“Jiang Chen, come to me.” Forefather Thousandleaf projected a lofty and towering impression at the moment.

Please. Killing one’s opponent during a match was perfectly justified.

When would the experts of a sect interfere with a match? With such a bad precedent, how could order be maintained in the great sects in the future?

Forefather Sunchaser was simply too domineering.

It was a good thing that a curious coincidence had happened, and that he had been beaten back by a formless strength when he’d drawn near to the ring.

Forefather Thousandleaf didn’t care in the slightest about Sunchaser at the moment. He only knew that the Precious Tree Sect had truly picked up a treasure, and a treasure of all the ages.

Nothing could happen to this precious genius.

This would be the turning point in which the Precious Tree Sect moved towards glory.

A genius who could kill even an innate constitution.

Did the value of such a genius need consideration?

Even Ninelion felt a bit envious now. However, he was still happy in the end because the insufferable Purple Sun Sect’s domination as number one had ended.

They were no longer the only ones who possessed strong geniuses.

“Daoist Thousandleaf, congratulations.” Venerated Icemist’s tone had a tint of jealousy, but she didn’t lose her composure and congratulated Jiang Chen.

The Precious Tree Sect had truly been smacked in the head with this meat pie of good fortune.

Tang Hong also called out, “Boss, come on down next to the forefather in case some people attack you out of desperation.”

Truthfully speaking, there were some amongst the Purple Sun Sect executives who wanted to do so.

However, with the current situation, it was obvious that the other three sects had come to an accord. If the Purple Sun Sect acted rashly, they could very well incite fury from the other three sects.

In that way, the Purple Sun Sect would be completely at odds with the other three sects.

Jiang Chen laughed softly at the summons and flew out of the ring.

Another strong tremor shook the ground at this moment.

The magnitude of this tremor was more intense and powerful than the one before.

“This is bad, the formation is completely unstable!” Ninelion was the first to react.

Sunchaser’s face full of killing intent changed when he felt the tremors. His brow furrowed slightly as he looked at the air, casting a glowering glare at Jiang Chen for a moment. He gritted his teeth but finally decided against taking action. “The formation’s almost completely exhausted, retreat!”

Those of the other three sects didn’t dare dither. Everyone knew that when the spirit power activating the formation was exhausted, the Eternal Spirit Mountain would close forever.

Once it closed, it would be nigh impossible to leave.

Crowds gathered and surged down the mountain.

Jiang Chen didn’t follow them as his body flashed and dashed to another section.

“Boss? Why aren’t you leaving?” Tang Hong was astonished when he saw Jiang Chen break away from the pack.

“Tang Hong, you guys leave first, I still have some matters to take care of.”

Jiang Chen had remembered something that he had to do.

Tang Hong screeched to a halt with his large feet, “Boss, do I look like someone who lusts after life and is fearful of death?”

Liu Wencai also stopped and was about to speak when Ninelion grabbed him, hectoring, “Don’t blather on, leave with me!”

Ninelion now viewed Liu Wencai as his most precious treasure, how would he possibly allow the latter to stay here?

It was as if an iron wrench had closed around Liu Wencai when Ninelion grabbed him. He couldn’t move at all. Ninelion turned a deaf ear to all his protests and wouldn’t let him down.

Thousandleaf wanted to stop Tang Hong, but was pulled back by Iron Long. “Forefather, you cannot take this risk. Let us leave!”

Thousandleaf shouted back angrily, “Jiang Chen has yet to leave, so what am I in a hurry for?”

Iron Long cried out, “The Precious Tree Sect can do without Jiang Chen, but it can’t do without you! Forefather, we will be invaded and devoured within minutes if you’re not present!”

Thousandleaf’s thoughts moved when he heard these words, as a look of resignation shot out from his eyes. He murmured to himself, “Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen, you must take care.”

It wasn’t that he was afraid of death, but that he too knew how important he was to the sect. If he was lost in the Eternal Spirit Mountain, then the Purple Sun Sect would quickly raze the Precious Tree Sect to the ground.

Xie Tianshu and Iron Long were unsuitable candidates to even hold up the sect, not to mention responding the vicious revenge from the Purple Sun Sect.

He paused, then flew reluctantly down the mountain.

He’d turned his head back every now and then to see if Jiang Chen was following them, but he never saw anyone.

Tang Hong strode with large steps towards Jiang Chen when an enormous power suddenly pushed him.

Tang Hong seemed to have bounce into an invisible wall of air as his body flew back downwards like a kite with a broken string.

“Hot damn, what? I’m dead meat now!” Tang Hong sighed tragically, thinking that his death was at hand.

However, he actually landed solidly with both feet in the outskirts of the Eternal Spirit Mountain, suffering no damage or harm, as if he’d just lightly jumped down.

“What… what’s going on?” Tang Hong was completely baffled after his shock, a perplexed look on his face.

“Tang Hong? You came down? Where’s Jiang Chen?” Thousandleaf hasted to come up and ask.

Tang Hong scratched his head, dejection on his face. “Forefather, don’t ask me, I don’t even know myself!”

His brain a gooey mess, Tang Hong wanted to charge back up the mountain when forefather Thousandleaf grabbed him by the arm. “Do you want to die? The formation is about to close immediately, and the mountain will be closed.”

Tang Hong cried out, “But boss isn’t out yet!”

“Jiang Chen… Jiang Chen, I hope he can create a miracle again this time like before.” Thousandleaf also sighed in his heart.

There was a person in the place that Jiang Chen was currently shooting towards, it was Chu Xinghan!

Chu Xinghan had wanted to die rather than violate his principles. He hadn’t chosen to detonate his spirit ocean to kill Jiang Chen, thus Jiang Chen had revised his opinion of Chu Xinghan after the battle.

This was why he’d used the Lotus to secretly save Chu Xinghan.

Charging into his residence, Jiang Chen wrapped Chu Xinghan in a blanket and sprinted down the mountain.

He knew that the formation was about to vanish, and he’d run out of time if he didn’t increase his speed.

However, he also felt it odd. Logically speaking, a partially destroyed formation could still hold out for 1.5 years. There should be quite a lot of time left. Otherwise, the four great sects wouldn’t have held their final match today.

They’d obviously left a lot of leeway.

However, all that buffer seemed to have disappeared in the span of an instant. Had the formation suffered another attack?

He couldn’t think about that much right now as he used all his strength he had to spare in dashing down the mountain.


He was still running on the mountain road when a beam of spirit light pierced the heavens at the exit. Shadows shimmered into existence then, as if the world in front of him was fading in and out of existence.

“This is bad! The formation has lost its effectiveness and will close now!”

Jiang Chen was quite shocked by this. Although he was strong, he wasn’t strong enough to combat the entire Eternal Spirit Mountain at this time.

Once it closed, unless someone from the outside world came to save him. Otherwise, he’d be trapped in here forever.

The formation ripples turned into shadow with a rumble and finally closed together.

When this happened, Jiang Chen was still on a hillside.

When Thousandleaf saw the mountain close, he seemed to age a few decades in an instant. His gaze was dull as he looked at the closed formation, wanting to cry, but finding no tears.

Had a genius he’d just gained flown out of his grasp like this?

“Forefather, boss hasn’t come out yet, but the formation has closed. How should the boss exit now?” Tang Hong was anxious as he hopped up and down, almost going crazy in his worry.

Iron Long hectored, “Human effort cannot stop the formation closing, what use is there in you hollering like this?”

Tang Hong was ticked off to begin with, and was in even less of a good mood when he heard those words. “You bastard, you’re just jealous of good talent. You only want all the geniuses in the sect to die so that your grandson Iron Dazhi can take over everything, don’t you? It’s a pity that mangy curs won’t let themselves be helped up over a wall!”

Iron Long’s expression changed drastically when he heard this. Tang Hong’s words seemed to stab a knife right into his heart.

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