Chapter 405: Accidents Happen

Chapter 405: Accidents Happen

The senior executives of the Purple Sun Sect almost started a mass riot the instant that Long Juxue fell down. They’d just witnessed a genius unseen in the Purple Sun Sect since time immemorial be chopped down right in front of them!

Master Shuiyue was particularly lightheaded and swayed, almost falling to the ground in a dead faint.

She had spared no effort on Long Juxue over the past few years, racking her brains for Long Juxue’s cultivation. Her goal was to allow Long Juxue to soar to the top with one move and become an unheralded genius.

Master Shuiyue had entrusted the culmination of her life, all of the ideals and dreams that she’d been unable to materialize when youth, to Long Juxue.

She’d hoped that Long Juxue would be able to set foot into the origin realm before 25, becoming the first amongst the sixteen kingdom alliance. She wanted her name to inspire awe throughout the nations.

One had to say, all the previous events and details had progressed in the direction that she’d thought. What she’d planned out was basically within sight.


Jiang Chen’s single...

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