Chapter 404: Cleaving Long Juxue

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“Long Juxue, I’m sure you won’t accept things if I just chop off your head with one stroke like this. What other ultimate moves do you have? Come on now, show me everything.”

Jiang Chen’s indifferent voice sounded in Long Juxue’s vicinity.

There was no way to track the source of the voice. It seemed to echo from all corners of the ring, its origin a complete mystery.

Long Juxue’s heart sank as a frosted light flashed through her stunningly beautiful eyes. She readjusted her stance to protect her vitals as she searched the surroundings with an alert expression on her face.

“Jiang Chen, what kind of man are you to be hiding and cowering like this?” Her words overflowed with viciousness, but her heart felt tight with a strange tension.

She’d finally discovered that Jiang Chen was different from all her previous opponents. It was a feeling that she couldn’t quite reason through his actions, especially what had happened just now. She really didn’t understand just how Jiang Chen had been able to escape from her icy blast. How could he have possibly escaped after being frozen by the azure phoenix freezing qi?


A figure flashed out from behind Long Juxue.

But of course, it was Jiang Chen.

“Long Juxue, what else have you got up your sleeves? Don’t tell me that this is all that a so-called innate constitution and a genius that’s been invested with the entirety of the Purple Sun Sect’s fortunes has?” Jiang Chen chortled as mockery flickered through his face.

He knew this woman well, that she thought highly of herself and had an ego to beat the stars. The best way to deal with this woman was to humiliate, look down on, and even completely ignore her.

When faced with that, this woman would rage like thunder and even fly into a fury.

Once she became incensed, her dao heart would become unstable and Jiang Chen would be able to easily trample her.

Indeed, when Long Juxue heard thus, she grew enraged. “Jiang Chen, you dumb animal! You have quite a witty tongue, but I will free your body of your dog of a head today!”

Jiang Chen’s lips curved in a cold, arrogant arc. “Words, such words.”

He then folded his hands in front of his chest and completely disregarded Long Juxue’s offensive stance.

Her fury combusted into a gigantic blaze as Long Juxue’s temper was completely stoked.

“Jiang Chen, your past life has given you enough good karma to be able to die beneath my azure phoenix freezing qi. I’ll let you know today what it means to have an innate constitution!”

Long Juxue gritted her teeth as her hatred grew without end.

“Long Juxue, what else can you do other than blow hot air in this moment?” Jiang Chen laughed deliberately as he continued to provoke Long Juxue.

“Keeping a stiff upper lip as death stares you in the face, huh? If I were you, I’d find a remote corner where I would never be found. Perhaps you’d actually be able to live the rest of your life if you did so. But you didn’t go along with the hand you’d been dealt in life and kept bouncing around in front of me, forgetting just how meaningless you are despite having had some fortuitous occurrences. Remember, I have an innate constitution, I’m the unparalleled genius—and you will always be that ant in front of me!”

Long Juxue spread out her arms after speaking as the image of an azure phoenix materialized behind her back. The image turned into six with a shake of its wings.

The six azure phoenix images turned into six beams of white light and landed in different places around Jiang Chen, surrounding him.

“Jiang Chen, let’s see where you can run to now!”

Long Juxue also transformed herself into six with a glare of her phoenix shaped eyes and a shimmer of her body. They were real and illusionary, making it difficult for anyone to come to a conclusion.

The five copies of her and the azure phoenix images completely surrounded Jiang Chen.

Suddenly, a frosty light flashed.

The freezing qi on the ground abruptly increased immensely as three feet tall ice walls immediately rose from beneath the stage.

“Jiang Chen, you seem to have some ability that enables you to travel through the ground? I’ve frozen even the ring this time, so let’s see how you try to break through now!”

Long Juxue’s tone was cruel and full of killing intent.

As she spoke, the six azure phoenixes sped through the sky, continuously wheeling and shooting down beams of frosty light. Countless ice stalagmites had formed around Jiang Chen in short order, sealing off all avenues of escape.

“Let’s see how you can worm out of this one!”

Long Juxue’s six figures moved in unison as they flourished their short swords, sending beams of frosty light stabbing towards Jiang Chen.

“Pitiful little tricks!”

Jiang Chen suddenly whistled under his breath as six beams of red light formed and shot explosively towards the six azure phoenixes.

“Moonshatter Flying Daggers, Brilliance Form!”

These throwing daggers weren’t ordinary weapons. They’d been made from the tail feathers of the Fire Raven King, a spirit creature at the peak of the spirit realm. When its tail feathers had been made into throwing daggers, they’d been imbued with Jiang Chen’s dominating power of extreme yang.


Six throwing daggers transformed into red light and collided with the six azure phoenixes.


The latter were immediately broken and dispersed into shadowy slivers.

The ground around Jiang Chen suddenly started quaking urgently. Red vines began to shoot out of the ground.

More than ten vines quickly appeared.

The red colored vines belonged to Jiang Chen’s Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice, and he’d summoned forth only red fire vines this time. The Lotus had been a heavenly treasure to begin with, and was now utterly terrifying after Jiang Chen’s refinement.

The dozen lotuses all spat out astonishingly powerful flames that seemed to be a dozen rampaging dragons. They continuously rumbled and opened their maw, swallowing all the ice stalagmites in an instant.

“Long Juxue, is that really all you’ve got now?” Jiang Chen laughed coldly as he gestured towards Long Juxue. The dozen fire lotus vines all coiled towards Long Juxue.

The vines could extend or retract, harden or remain pliable, and now that Jiang Chen had compelled them, they seemed to be a dozen ropes that could contain anything in the heavens. They intersected and formed an impenetrable net, surrounding Long Juxue instantly.

“What the hell is that?” Long Juxue was shocked senseless.

She began flailing madly about with her azure short sword.

One had to say, a nine times refined spirit weapon was quite impressive indeed. The fire lotus vines were all hacked up in the midst of the sword’s dancing. However, the lotuses also possessed incredible rejuvenation abilities.

They would immediately regrow as soon as they’d been cut off. No matter how fast Long Juxue was, the fire lotuses were even faster.

Jiang Chen suddenly charged forward, leading with one fist and pushing with the other, sending a strong magnetic force field crashing down on Long Juxue.

Although the force field had yet to reach the levels of a magnetic storm, it was enough to affect her movement.

Long Juxue’s body halted involuntarily after coming in contact with this force field.

“What’s going on?” Long Juxue was flabbergasted as her voice drained of all color.

Jiang Chen’s speed was uncommonly fast as he deployed more and more of the magnetic force field, controlling Long Juxue’s speed.

Not too long after, her speed had greatly decreased. The speed of her sword could no longer keep up with the vines’ rate of growth.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Countless vines wrapped around her, trussing her up like a chicken in short order.

Jiang Chen knew that the time was nigh!

Nameless saber in hand, he called out lowly, “Long Juxue, I once said that you’re just a defeated opponent, and you will always be!”

He brandished the nameless saber and chopped downwards at her head.


When Sunchaser saw this situation, his body turned into a ball of flames as he pounced forward frantically, reaching out with a hand to stop Jiang Chen’s actions.

His speed was so extraordinarily fast that the other forefathers had no time to react at all.

When they saw that Sunchaser had rushed to the ring already, the others were dismayed and shocked. How would there be any chance of Jiang Chen surviving if Sunchaser made a move?

The development of this match had truly happened in moments of incredible speed, as quick as a bird of prey swooping down when a hare bounds upwards. The enormous uplifts and plunges sorely tested and tied up everyone’s nerves.

Long Juxue had first frozen Jiang Chen in a domineering fashion, but he’d bafflingly disappeared without a trace.

She’d then deployed another ultimate move, and just when the audience had thought it would be fatal without a doubt, Jiang Chen had dispelled it again. The vines that he’d suddenly materialized were more shocking. No one knew what this was at all.

And now, Sunchaser had decided to personally act upon seeing Long Juxue in danger.

Sunchaser glided through the air as he roared, “Jiang Chen, if you kill Long Juxue, I will kill you without a doubt!”

He truly wanted to save Long Juxue, but he also knew that by the time he arrived, Jiang Chen’s blade might have long since finished its swing.

Therefore, he could only issue verbal threats at first.

However, when his body neared the stage, his ears suddenly twitched as a surge of strength shot to his face, making his entire being tense up as he suddenly felt a life threatening sense of danger.


The surge of strength had concentrated behind a small pinecone!

This small pinecone had come from an unknown origin and directly crashed into Sunchaser.

He brought forth all the strength in his body in the nick of time and brought his blade in front of his chest to block.


The immense collision force bent Sunchaser’s blade and sent him tumbling backwards, as if a raging current had suddenly crashed into him.

A pinecone had bent the blade of a venerated origin realm cultivator and sent him flying backwards!

Sunchaser managed to regain control of his momentum with great effort and landed on his feet, but he was forced backwards two dozen steps before barely managing to stand up straight. A sweet taste welled up in his throat as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

This sudden change threw the entire scene into disarray. The other forefathers were astonished beyond belief, stunned senseless as they looked at this unbelievable scene.

How could this be?

What was old monster Sunchaser playing at? Of the four origin realm forefathers, his strength was solidly at the top. With his abilities, the other three hadn’t even had time to react before he’d rushed to the stage.

But he’d abruptly taken a fall just like this??

Up on the stage, although Jiang Chen had felt Sunchaser pounce forward and fall back again, his dao heart was as calm as an ancient well, not a ripple to be found. He completed his downswing and cold light flashed, cleaving Long Juxue straight into two!

This scorpion hearted beauty didn’t even have time to close her eyes. Her face was filled with astonishment, fear, and despair.


The two halves of Long Juxue’s bodies crashed tragically onto the ground.

“Xue’er!” Master Shuiyue was beyond distraught upon witnessing this scene, and she almost fainted.

It was over just like this? A preeminent genius with an innate constitution had been hacked into two just like this?

Everyone present felt that this was surreal, never mind Master Shuiyue.

Long Juxue had been dominant in the sky spirit realm for so long that even the original first genius Lei Gangyang had to settle for being number two beneath her ability.

The one who’d had an innate constitution and possessed potential that came about once every several thousand years in the sixteen kingdom alliance—she’d been hewed in half with just one stroke? And the one who’d done so had been a secular cultivator?

All of it seemed so utterly ludicrous and sheer fantasy, but the bloodcurdling premises reminded everyone that this was real.

Sunchaser threw his head back to the skies and howled, his rage blazing to the skies, “Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen! I swear I’ll kill you!”

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