Chapter 404: Cleaving Long Juxue

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“Long Juxue, I’m sure you won’t accept things if I just chop off your head with one stroke like this. What other ultimate moves do you have? Come on now, show me everything.”

Jiang Chen’s indifferent voice sounded in Long Juxue’s vicinity.

There was no way to track the source of the voice. It seemed to echo from all corners of the ring, its origin a complete mystery.

Long Juxue’s heart sank as a frosted light flashed through her stunningly beautiful eyes. She readjusted her stance to protect her vitals as she searched the surroundings with an alert expression on her face.

“Jiang Chen, what kind of man are you to be hiding and cowering like this?” Her words overflowed with viciousness, but her heart felt tight with a strange tension.

She’d finally discovered that Jiang Chen was different from all her previous opponents. It was a feeling that she couldn’t quite reason through his actions, especially what had happened just now. She really didn’t understand just how Jiang Chen had been able to escape from her icy blast. How could he have possibly escaped after being frozen by the azure phoenix freezing qi?


A figure...

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