Chapter 403: The Duel Between Fated Rivals

Chapter 403: The Duel Between Fated Rivals

The semifinals were over, and two days were once again allotted for the finalists to rest and adjust themselves.

Emotions had to be carefully brewed before a faceoff between experts in this pinnacle match.

Jiang Chen didn’t waste the two days. Although he hadn’t used the Lotus in his match against Lei Gangyang, he’d comprehended theories he’d never had before in that stroke.

The blow had represented the highest level of power that he was so far able to bring forth.

It had cleaved through the obstacles of Jiang Chen’s martial knowledge and heralded him into a new arena.

Jiang Chen had forced new changes and the mentality of unexpected changes in a strike that held sure death.

He’d had a faint comprehension in that moment of life and death, and that understanding had given him a strong premonition that he was about to obtain a completely new breakthrough on his path of martial dao.

Indeed, the mindset of that blow had enabled him to subtly touch the door to the sky spirit realm.

The earth spirit realm, the sky spirit realm.

Although they were but one step away from each other, there was the distance of heaven and earth between them.

The meaning behind that...

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