Chapter 402: An Incomparable Stroke

Chapter 402: An Incomparable Stroke

Tang Hong and Liu Wencai were both gritting their teeth as they tried to subtly shuffle closer to the ring. However, the examiners blocked them heartlessly.

Long Juxue also laughed coldly and shook her head. “Just a clodhopper rolling around in the mud in the end, nothing presentable. He can only rest in pieces when he meets a true opponent.”

It was obvious that Long Juxue had pronounced Jiang Chen’s death sentence in her heart.

Lei Gangyang leered, obviously feeling victory close at hand. His smile curled into one that brimmed with victory’s hubris.


Jiang Chen’s figure stood alone and proud amidst the vortex formed by the lightning snakes. Firm and upright, his expression remained serene beneath the skies awash with lightning snakes. It seemed more like he was standing under a faint shower of rain.

His blade gently lifted as he pointed at the sky.

In the next instant, as if issued a strange yet urgent summons, the lightning snakes metamorphosed into arcs of purple current, coalescing on the tip of the blade.

As they continued to endlessly converge on the blade, the tip of the blade magically absorbed all of the lightning snakes with seemingly...

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