Chapter 400: Facing Off Against Lei Gangyang, Every Blow Connects Solidly

Chapter 400: Facing Off Against Lei Gangyang, Every Blow Connects Solidly

In an enormous ring of the main square of the sky quadrant.

The first match of the semifinals was about to begin. The two sides were Lei Gangyang from the Purple Sun Sect, one who used to be first in the sky quadrant, and Jiang Chen the secular genius.

This was the semifinal match that had a more uncertain outcome of the two.

It was almost certain that no unexpected results would come from the other of Shi Yunyun and Long Juxue.

Although Jiang Chen was also challenging someone ranked higher than him, he had at least barged into the meeting of the most high before and exchanged two blows with Lei Gangyang, not ending up in a disadvantaged position at all.

This was why the outside world was leaving a bit of confidence for Jiang Chen.

If they had to pick one of the semifinal matches that held a bit more suspense about the outcome, theirs was the one. Jiang Chen seemed more likely than Shi Yunyun to create a miracle, no matter from what angle they looked at things from.

Lei Gangyang was bulky and tall, wearing golden armor and a yellow robe, appearing quite ferocious. His bald headed styling made him appear even more fierce.

His facial features were as sharply defined as if a blade had carved them all out. If it wasn’t for Long Juxue’s strong rise, Lei Gangyang was indeed worthy of shouldering the title of the foremost amongst the younger generation of the four great sects.

“Jiang Chen, I admit that your rise was quite sudden, and you’ve created a legend of grass roots defying the heavens. However, this myth ends here today.”

Lei Gangyang was full of a domineering air and an irrefutable dignity.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly, “That’s what every opponent thought before they met me in the ring. And yet, I still stand in the ring.”

“Hmph, that’s because they’re incompetent!”

Lei Gangyang emitted a long whistle as the spirit qi around his body began to come vigorously alive. Red mist suffused the air, encircling the surroundings like an ocean of fire.

Lei Gangyang seemed to be the phoenix being reborn in the fiery seas.

“Jiang Chen, I forgot to tell you, I was born with soul of fire and thunder essence. My potential and talents aren’t much less than an innate constitution. My dao heart is strong, and the champion of the ranking battles will surely be mine. You are just a stepping stone on my path as a genius!”

“A stepping stone?” The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth lifted in a cold smile. “My thoughts are the same as yours. You, Lei Gangyang, are just a stepping stone to me brutally killing that b*tch Long Juxue. It’s your bad luck to meet me!”

Neither of them wanted to allow the other the final word as their manners were both awe inspiring, like two divine weapons with their edges unsheathed meeting in the ring.

Every word and movement at this time was full of meaning.

What seemed like bickering was actually a part of creating an atmosphere.

Both of them were using words to heighten their bearing and suppress the other.

It was a pity though that after probing each other, they realized that they were unable to control the situation.

Lei Gangyang smiled expansively. “Jiang Chen, I rather underestimated you. Since I can’t suppress you with my bearing, then let’s return to the basics of martial dao and use our strength to determine the better!”

“Hmph, as you wish.” Jiang Chen refused to give ground. “Lei Gangyang, I’ll let you take three free shots.”

“How arrogant!” Lei Gangyang’s eyebrow arched.

“If three moves aren’t enough, then take ten!” Jiang Chen laughed faintly.

Lei Gangyang’s expression darkened, “Jiang Chen, if you think you can provoke me with words, then you’re simply too naive!”

“Why would I need to provoke with words in order to win?”

Jiang Chen crossed his hands in front of him, a regal bearing about him and his feet firmly planted into the ground. He stood there as if a mountain, giving Lei Gangyang the feeling that he was indestructible.

“If that’s the case, then take my punch!”

When Lei Gangyang saw Jiang Chen’s dismissive attitude, rage grew in his heart as he punched out with a single hand and broke through the air with the sound of thunder.

After their exchange at the meeting of the most high, Lei Gangyang had been quite dejected. He’d attacked Jiang Chen from below and had been disadvantaged to begin with.

But now that they were fighting fairly in the ring, he didn’t believe that Jiang Chen could rely on trickery any longer!

This punch encompassed the sounds of wind and thunder and seemed to descend as the burning sun from the heavens, bringing with it high temperatures, as if it would set the very air on fire like a volcano eruption.

Those watching beneath the elevated ring all cried out with astonishment.

“It’s the Rushing Solar Thunderpalm!”

“The sound of wind and thunder, the depiction of the flaring sun. This Rushing Solar Thunderpalm is one of the top five martial techniques of the purple Sun Sect. Combined with Lei Gangyang’s soul of fire and thunder essence, this is practically a technique tailor made for him!”

“He’s employing one of his ultimate moves as soon as he acted, it looks like Lei Gangyang wants to quickly settle the match.”

“Absolutely, Lei Gangyang has his sights set on the championship. His next opponent is Long Juxue, so wrapping this one up as fast as possible is for the best. Becoming overly tangled and wasting spirit power will only harm the championship battle.

“Mm, what a pity for this secular genius. If his semifinal opponent had been Shi Yunyun, then he might’ve had a chance to make it into the finals.”

“Hmph, it’s already ludicrous enough that he made it to this step. If he makes it into the finals, then where would the face of the sect geniuses of our generation be?”

“Indeed! If Long Juxue and Lei Gangyang meet in the finals, then the Purple Sun Sect is still the greatest winner in the end.”

Those observing the match still placed the odds of victory on Lei Gangyang.

After all, Lei Gangyang was in the sky spirit realm and had been the undisputed top genius of the sky quadrant before the rise of Long Juxue. No one had been able to shake him from his position.

Lei Gangyang was someone who’d once gathered all the fortunes of Purple Sun Sect.

Even Tang Hong and Liu Wencai was inwardly nervous when they saw Lei Gangyang’s momentum. They all believed in Jiang Chen, but when they saw Lei Gangyang’s demeanor, they couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat for their boss.

Forefather Thousandleaf’s gaze flashed with a piercing gleam, as a trace of nervousness actually grew within him when he stared at the ring.

Indeed, the sudden appearance of this genius and his desire to join the Precious Tree Sect had made the forefather feel that he’d suddenly received an enormous treasure.

Jiang Chen was the face of the Precious Tree Sect and its precious.

When he saw Lei Gangyang’s obvious momentum in wanting to swiftly resolve this battle, he couldn’t help but wonder, can Jiang Chen withstand this blow?

Those whose hearts tilted towards Jiang Chen were all worried for him.

Only Jiang Chen stood in the ring as immovable as a mountain. His figure was still that dashing, that calm, as if this mighty attack was as intangible as the floating clouds in his eyes.

“Matching off with boxing techniques, are we?”

Jiang Chen’s eyes suddenly widened as they shot out beams of splendor.

His hands drew an arc as boundless meaning behind boxing techniques surged to the fore.

He huffed out lightly as he took a step forward, throwing his own punch forward.

This punch was as if a hundred flowers in full bloom, the feeling of spring in the air.

This punch was also as if the sudden arrival of autumn’s frost, all living things withering and dying.

The wondrous changes of this punch flabbergasted onlookers. Was there such a marvelous boxing technique in this world?

Two different kinds of meaning could be realized in one punch?

In actuality, Jiang Chen’s single punch was two. He’d punched out so quickly that two looked like one punch. One of them was out in the open, and the other in the shadows. This happened to perfectly display the cycle of blooming and wilting in the Divine Aeons Fist, a dictum of yin and yang, fire and water.

Bam bam bam bam!

Continual collisions rang throughout the ring.

Spirit power with impressive momentum crashed into each other, giving rise to numerous wild ripples, as if wanting to flip the entire ring.

This ripped apart the atmosphere created by the Dashing Solar Thunderpalm that had formed about the ring.

All was normal again.

Jiang Chen had been the one to react to this punch, but had actually managed to break through Lei Gangyang’s ferocious boxing aura.

That made those watching beneath the ring all suck in a breath of shock.

Even forefather Sunchaser’s suddenly froze. He’d been calm all along, but his eyes shot out shock at this moment. When he saw Lei Gangyang utilize his strongest boxing skill, he’d understood the intention behind his move.

But Jiang Chen’s performance next completely stunned him.

Jiang Chen had met punch with punch and used a profound, mysterious boxing meaning to disperse the strong blow of the Dashing Solar Thunderpalm.

How… how was this possible?

Everyone knew that this move was as if the blazing sun, accompanied by wind and thunder. Anyone blind enough to use their physical body to take the blow would be crippled with whatever body part they used.

The momentum of the wind and thunder was enough to burn the opponent’s arm, or even their entire body to a crisp.

Therefore, when Jiang Chen had punched out, those watching were all sweating profusely, thinking that Jiang Chen was about to be done for.

Even forefather Thousandleaf stood up nervously in that moment.

But after the punches had clashed together, Lei Gangyang’s momentum was completely dispersed.

“Whew!” Thousandleaf’s bottom hit the chair again, crazed delight in his eyes. He knew that the Precious Tree Sect had picked up a true treasure this time.

Even Lei Gangyang’s ultimate move could do nothing against Jiang Chen. Judging from the latter’s posture, he didn’t even want to lose in terms of his manner. He hadn’t used any fancy defenses, but had openly and fairly fought back an eye for an eye.

One had to know that amongst the younger generation of the four great sect, when it came to physical combat, even Long Juxue likely didn’t want to go head to head against Lei Gangyang.

But Jiang Chen had did it!

Ninelion sighed with dejection and spoke mournfully, “Ole Thousandleaf, you’ve really picked up a treasure this time. Pity me, an old man, who recruited this genius with so much sincerity! You just sat there and received such a treasure!”

Venerated Icemist also sighed ruefully, “I have to modify my previous opinions. Jiang Chen absolutely can fight against Lei Gangyang, and his odds of victory are fifty fifty.”

The two venerated origin realm forefathers had spoken at the same time, revising their opinions of Jiang Chen upwards.

This ticked off Sunchaser, who snorted coldly. “Is there a need to praise Jiang Chen up to the heavens after one punch? Lei Gangyang is so strong that he’s only just started to reveal his talents , like the tip of an iceberg.”

Thousandleaf was one of sparse words. He didn’t like to flap his lips and spar verbally.

Ninelion laughed coldly, “You speak like Jiang Chen’s revealed all of the iceberg.”

Icemist also laughed, “Indeed, Daoist Sunchaser, it can be seen that Jiang Chen hasn’t used his trump cards either.”

Sunchaser was greatly incensed as he fixed a stern glare at the ring, his eyes full of an unconcealed killing intent.

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