Chapter 399: The Ranking Battles

Chapter 399: The Ranking Battles

In a secluded corner of the sky quadrant, not too far away.

Elder Shun witnessed all of what had transpired in the sky quadrant. The moment that Jiang Chen had ripped off his mask, a look that this result was in accordance with his expectations appeared on his face.

“Huang’er, I’ve discovered that old man Qian Ji’s divination seems to be more and more the real deal. Jiang Chen is very likely to be the fated person in his divination. Exactly as what I’d thought, Jiang Chen has chosen the Precious Tree Sect. His mind is not a simple one indeed.”

Huang’er’s limpid eyes moved slightly as she walked up gracefully with the posture of a refined lotus.

“Elder Shun, you’ve been observing this person from the shadows. Why don’t you just go to him?” Huang’er was also slightly curious about Elder Shun’s intentions.

“Haha, I will go to him, but the timing is not yet right. Huang’er, try putting yourself in his shoes, if you were a cultivator from a secular kingdom, and an enormous being obviously several times stronger than you suddenly came to you, asking you to diagnose an illness—would you agree, even if you were skilled with medicine?”


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