Chapter 398: Jiang Chen’s Choice

Chapter 398: Jiang Chen’s Choice

Sunchaser’s thoughts spun wildly, but immediately settled down. He laughed coldly. “You yourself are aware of your unsteady dao heart, but you blame it on others? Cowards who are afraid of competition like you aren’t wanted by the Purple Sun Sect! One of Long Juxue is worth ten thousand cowards like you. Next!”

Sunchaser changed the topic with decisive charisma.

Jiang Chen felt like he was watching an immensely wonderful show. It turns out that there would indeed come a day where arrogant folks like old monster Sunchaser and Master Shuiyue would have their faces slapped as well huh!

Their expressions were equally as ugly as the others after losing face.

This was an unexpectedly good show! Jiang Chen felt quite thrilled.

It was a good thing that the appearance of the next genius glossed over the awkwardness of Ceng Shi’s betrayal.

Xie Yufan from the Precious Tree Sect was up next. A genius like him who was deeply rooted and firmly planted into the Precious Tree Sect would never select another one.

After him came Jiang Chen.

The mysterious secular genius was finally going to make his decision now.

Each of the four great sect’s recruitment spiel was each more tempting and fascinating than the one before.

Venerated Icemist of the Flowing Wind Sect had had her...

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