Chapter 398: Jiang Chen’s Choice

Chapter 398: Jiang Chen’s Choice

Sunchaser’s thoughts spun wildly, but immediately settled down. He laughed coldly. “You yourself are aware of your unsteady dao heart, but you blame it on others? Cowards who are afraid of competition like you aren’t wanted by the Purple Sun Sect! One of Long Juxue is worth ten thousand cowards like you. Next!”

Sunchaser changed the topic with decisive charisma.

Jiang Chen felt like he was watching an immensely wonderful show. It turns out that there would indeed come a day where arrogant folks like old monster Sunchaser and Master Shuiyue would have their faces slapped as well huh!

Their expressions were equally as ugly as the others after losing face.

This was an unexpectedly good show! Jiang Chen felt quite thrilled.

It was a good thing that the appearance of the next genius glossed over the awkwardness of Ceng Shi’s betrayal.

Xie Yufan from the Precious Tree Sect was up next. A genius like him who was deeply rooted and firmly planted into the Precious Tree Sect would never select another one.

After him came Jiang Chen.

The mysterious secular genius was finally going to make his decision now.

Each of the four great sect’s recruitment spiel was each more tempting and fascinating than the one before.

Venerated Icemist of the Flowing Wind Sect had had her confidence greatly boosted after Ceng Shi’s defection, so she made many promises to Jiang Chen, vowing that she would personally tailor a cultivation plan for him so that he could assail the origin realm with the fastest speed possible.

“Young man, your strength of heart is likely the highest amongst all the geniuses. My Flowing Wind Sect has always emphasized the tempering of the heart the most. Everyone knows that we have an excellent heritage passed down through generations. Our male and female disciples can also engage in dual cultivation, and our sect treasures extraordinarily talented men even more. As an example, there was a male genius in my sect 1,600 years ago with unparalleled gifts and potential, and so, nine great beauties within the sect then all dual cultivated with him, becoming a wonderful legend through the ages of the Flowing Wind Sect.”

Dual cultivation!

This was always of the greatest temptation for any male disciple.

With an age old ancestor as an example, to have nine unparalleled beauties dual cultivate only with him, this was incredibly ludicrous treatment. One dragon and nine phoenixes!

This kind of temptation was an absolutely irresistible allure. Particularly as the dual cultivation in the Flowing Wind Sect wasn’t something that could cause a cultivator to lose sight of his goals, but would actually result in mutual nourishment and improve upon each other’s cultivation.

This was a male cultivator’s heaven!

It was a pity that the Flowing Wind Sect had enormously high standards for accepting male disciples. Only the ultimate geniuses would be able to enter their line of sight.

Take Tang Hong for example—his potential was so high, but the venerated Icemist had seen that his appearance was rather crude and rough, so she wasn’t of a mind to recruit him.

Forefather Ninelion of the Myriad Spirit Sect had greatly admired this secular genius from the beginning. When the Purple Sun Sect had wanted to suppress Jiang Chen, Ninelion had been the one to stand out in protest.

“Good kid, I quite admire you. Although I know that my Myriad Spirit Sect may not be the most suitable for you, that doesn’t prevent me from admiring you. Allow me to say one word. When you were suppressed in the earth and sky quadrant, it was I who supported you from the shadows. It’s not that I want you to repay me with anything, but that I want to tell you that the doors of the Myriad Spirit Sect are always wide open for you. In addition, I also want to thank you for uncovering such a genius as Liu Wencai for me!”

Everyone knew of Liu Wencai’s relationship with Jiang Chen.

Sunchaser was next, and his tone was wooden. “Young man, there is no grudge that can’t be overcome between the two of us. I can tell that in the end your ambitions are towards martial dao. The Purple Sun Sect can give you everything you want in terms of martial dao heritage. It isn’t as if there is no place for you by my side and the entire Purple Sun Sect. If you’re willing to join the Purple Sun Sect, I will treat you the same as everyone else.”

Even Sunchaser felt his words ring of insincerity, much less Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen knew that the Purple Sun Sect had long since guessed his identity. Therefore, given his death feud with Long Juxue, there was no future for him in that sect.

Sunchaser only wanted to trick him into entering the Purple Sun Sect, was all.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly and was noncommittal.

When it came to forefather Thousandleaf, an old man with middling eloquence, he smiled wryly when he noticed that everyone else had spoken all there was to say. There wasn’t much advantage that he could offer when it was his turn.

“Alright young man, my Precious Tree Sect has the most resources. Your potential is quite high in all areas, but you lack resources the most, don’t you? Come to my Precious Tree Sect and all resources will be yours to use.”

Thousandleaf thought for quite a while, and finally came to the crux of the problem.

The four great sects had all spoken their part, and now it was Jiang Chen’s turn to express his stance.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly, “I made an agreement with a brother, so I choose the Precious Tree Sect.”

When the three words “Precious Tree Sect” sounded from Jiang Chen’s mouth, the other three forefathers felt their hearts sink with disappointment—particularly Ninelion, who sighed lightly with great emotion.

Venerated Icemist of the Flowing Wind Sect was also a bit surprised. With the immensely tempting lure that she’d thrown out of dual cultivation with the female disciples of the sect, she’d thought that this young man would choose the Flowing Wind Sect with no doubts whatsoever.

Old monster Sunchaser had long since known that Jiang Chen wouldn’t select the Purple Sun Sect, but hadn’t thought that he’d go for the Precious Tree Sect.

“This brat could actually bear to pass up the Flowing Wind Sect and its dual cultivation! Someone with such a focused and committed mentality is one not to be easily overlooked.” Sunchaser grew inwardly stern. He’d finally realized that Long Juxue’s fated rival wasn't as simple a character as they’d thought.

When Thousandleaf had spoken those words before, he himself hadn’t had much confidence that he would prevail. He’d felt that no matter what the secular genius’ decision, he’d never pick their Precious Tree Sect.

However, an enormous stroke of luck had descended from the sky and struck him in the head like a large meat pie. This made even the normally taciturn old man to be a bit beside himself with joy.

Although this was a selection, everyone’s goal was this secular genius. After all, there weren’t that many who’d actually betray their original sect.

Ceng Shi was just an accident.

Therefore, when Thousandleaf realized that the secular genius that everyone had discussed countless times had chosen the Precious Tree Sect, he didn’t quite know what to say.

Tang Hong started laughing heartily. “Boss, you didn’t lie to me alright. Since you’ve already selected a sect, can you take off that ugly mask and let everyone see your true face?”

Liu Wencai also walked over, “Congratulations boss. Having entered a sect, your future is bright and endless.”

All gazes snapped to Jiang Chen’s body in unison.

Some were expectant, others were curious, yet more were dejected or projected hate.

Jiang Chen didn’t put on airs as he reached out a hand to tug off his mask.

“Jiang Chen!!”

Long Juxue was the first to react and spoke in a voice full of disgust. “Having played games at being mysterious for so long, you’re finally willing to reveal your true appearance?”

“It’s him! Jiang Chen! He was the secular genius alright!” Precious Tree Sect head Xie Tianshu was standing behind forefather Thousandleaf as he exclaimed with surprise and delight.

Vice head Wang Tuo of the Myriad Spirit Sect, who’d attempted to recruit Jiang Chen in the initial selection, was also incredibly surprised as he murmured with a rueful laugh, “Jiang Chen is the secular freak genius huh? I’m such a fool, I should’ve guessed this earlier!”

“Pity, what a pity!”

Wang Tuo was besieged by both hate and regret. Why hadn’t he succeeded at that time, and just allowed his sect to pass this well rounded genius on by?

Vice sect head Jiang Rou of the Flowing Wind Sect also sighed lightly. “This Jiang Chen was hotly contested by the three sects in the initial selection. It’s a pity that although my Flowing Wind Sect has countless beautiful female disciples, we were still unable to win this genius’ heart. Why do I have a feeling that a chance to change the fate of our Flowing Wind Sect has just passed us by?”

Venerated Icemist’s gaze was deep and full of meaning. She too felt boundless pity when she looked at Jiang Chen’s back. She’d almost the exact same feeling as Jiang Rou in that moment.

However, what they didn’t know was that all the senior sect executives present, apart from the Precious Tree Sect, all had the same regret of passing over an unparalleled genius.

Even Master Shuiyue had an ugly expression on her face. A slight trace of regret subtly flashed through her heart at that moment. But for someone as headstrong as her, that was the only mark regret left on her.

Xie Tianshu was the happiest one at the moment. “Forefather, Jiang Chen is greatly renowned in the Skylaurel Kingdom. When he rejected the three sects’ invitation previously, I thought he was set on the Purple Sun Sect. It looks like I’d thought too much then. Forefather, this child has such talent that this is a great fortune of our sect!”

Forefather Thousandleaf nodded, “I will personally mentor this one.”

Of the Precious Tree Sect geniuses, Lan Canghai was the strongest of them, but he hadn’t even been able to enter the top four. This was quite awkward for the Precious Tree Sect.

And now, Thousandleaf had found a good seed, an excellent seed who could set the entire Purple Sun Sect on fire. Just look at the Purple Sun Sect now, Shuiyue had been deposed in the earth quadrant, her disciples were either dead or crippled, and even her eldest disciple had betrayed the sect!

When it came down to it, wasn’t the source of all this Jiang Chen?

Of course, not all Precious Tree Sect members were happy. Take esteemed elder Iron Long standing next to Xie Tianshu for instance, his emotions were beyond despair at this moment.

He hadn’t thought that the secular genius would be Jiang Chen. Now how would the Iron family regain the upper hand and vindication in their grudge with Jiang Chen?

His mouth was full of a bitter taste particularly when he heard that forefather Thousandleaf say that he would concentrate on mentoring Jiang Chen. His own direct grandson, Iron Dazhi, had been eliminated from the final sixteen.

With this contrast, Iron Long was even of the mind to ram his head against a wall.

A hubbub grew at the scene. The Myriad Spirit Sect and Flowing Wind Sect felt quite saddened about losing such a genius, and quite jealous of the Precious Tree sect.

However, their thoughts were actually in accordance in that it was still a good thing since the secular genius hadn’t entered the Purple Sun Sect.

If he’d entered that sect, then it would’ve been adding wings to a tiger, and there would no longer be any room for the geniuses from the other sects.

Tang Hong excitedly drew close to Jiang Chen and admired his boss even more.

“Boss, I’ve heard that you once captured that idiot Iron Dazhi. I admired you greatly from the depths of my heart then. Haha, I hadn’t thought that we’d become peers!”

Liu Wencai wasn’t envious. He knew that the Myriad Spirit Sect wasn’t the place for boss. Besides, from the contents of the scroll Jiang Chen had given him, his sect may not even be worthy of boss!

“Boss has joined the Precious Tree Sect possibly because he needs its resources?”

Jiang Chen was the sixth from last to take his place. The remaining five were all the top geniuses of their sects. There was naturally no reason to defect to the other sects.

Lian Canghai chose the Precious Tree Sect, Shi Yunyun the Flowing Wind Sect, and Luo Xi the Myriad Spirit Sect. Lei Gangyang and Long Juxue returned to the Purple Sun Sect.

Lei Gangyang’s heart had indeed wavered when Ceng Shi called upon him earlier. Forefather Sunchaser had privately warned him and promised him quite a few conditions before being certain this genius’ decision.

The selection was over in this regard. Apart from the unexpected factor of Ceng Shi, the greatest unknown Jiang Chen had landed with the Precious Tree Sect, making this sect the greatest winner in the end.

Even though they’d lost Iron Dazhi’s slot, they’d gained a secular genius instead. It could be said that the Precious Tree Sect had come into a stroke of fortune due to their disaster.

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