Chapter 397: Unexpected Betrayal, Unexpected Face-Slapping

Chapter 397: Unexpected Betrayal, Unexpected Face-Slapping

“Tang Hong, your potential and strength were the most underestimated in this selection. With your strength of heart, you have great potential in assailing the origin realm in the future. It’s a pity that the sect you’re in did not fully tap into your potential and didn’t develop you according to your aptitude, wasting your time before. I hope you join the Purple Sun Sect as I see in you the same potential I see in Lei Gangyang. I guarantee at least sixty to seventy percent chance that I’ll be able to raise you to the origin realm!”

Forefather Sunchaser had carefully crafted these words. He’d first driven a wedge between Tang Hong and the Precious Tree Sect, then placed him on the same level as Lei Gangyang to increase his goodwill towards the Purple Sun Sect, and finally using a sixty to seventy percent guarantee of making it into the origin realm as lure to completely enthrall this young man.

One had to say, Sunchaser’s words were quite tempting and well aimed.

He’d also perceptively grasped the awkward circumstances between Tang Hong and the Precious Tree Sect and was making full use of it to sow discord.

The Xie and Iron families in the Precious Tree Sect had always been the gatekeepers of benefits and resources in the sect due to their internal conflict. Forefather Thousandleaf acquitted himself of these conflicts and thus didn’t have as much domineering power and sweeping drive over his sect as Sunchaser did.

Thousandleaf’s gentle personality meant he had the weakest control over his sect, and was a major reason the endless conflict between the Xie and Iron families continued.

Sunchaser had seized on this point and pointed out that Tang Hong was in the middle of the Xie and Iron families’ conflict. Therefore leaving the Precious Tree Sect was really his best choice.

To be honest, Tang Hong did indeed waver in that moment.

“Tang Hong, stay in the Precious Tree Sect. I’ll be joining that sect as well.” A message traveled to his consciousness as he strived to make up his mind.


Tang Hong heard a message from his boss’ consciousness.

Boss wants to join the Precious Tree Sect?

Tang Hong no longer hesitated when he heard this and laughed heartily, mussing up his hair with his enormous hand.

“I’ve decided to stay in the Precious Tree Sect.” Tang Hong laughed extremely happily. When this enormous stocky fellow laughed, his eyes were as clear and pure as the boy next door, no impurities within at all.

Thousandleaf’s uneasy heart could finally settle back down after he heard these words. In the moment before Tang Hong made his choice, he had had a strong feeling that the Precious Tree Sect was about to lose this genius!

When he thought back, he realized that Tang Hong hadn’t enjoyed any special treatment in the Precious Tree Sect at all.

With Tang Hong’s unreserved nature, what reason would he have to be nostalgic and grateful to the Precious Tree Sect for?

Therefore, when he heard Tang Hong’s decision, Thousandleaf almost couldn’t believe his own ears. He was immensely grateful and warned himself sternly that he must take greater interest in the raising of the sect’s disciples in the future.

Sunchaser also found those words unbelievable when he heard them.

He’d felt that he had ninety percent chance of success with his persuasion just now. With his observation skills, he could naturally see through Tang Hong’s thoughts in that moment and that he was definitely wavering.

But as if he’d suddenly received some kind of revelation in that moment, wild joy had appeared on his face resulting in him decisively choosing the Precious Tree Sect.

“Someone must’ve given him directions. Who? Who dared ruin my plans?” Rage burned in Sunchaser’s mind as his ears surveyed around sharply.

However, no matter how he surveyed around, he came up empty-handed.  

When he saw that Tang Hong was about to take his place again, Sunchaser suddenly asked, “Tang Hong, did someone secretly make you some sort of promise just now?”

Tang Hong chuckled, “What does this have to do with the selection?”

He ignored Sunchaser’s glowering face after that and retreated.

Sunchaser’s headhunting plans had failed once again. The fires of rage had taken hold in his stomach. He’d felt greatly assured of success the two times he’d made a move, but hadn’t thought that he’d fail again and again.

He failed even more bafflingly with Tang Hong this time. A genius that had almost been at hand had flown out of his grasp in that single instant.

Suddenly, old monster Sunchaser thought of the relationship between Tang Hong and Jiang Chen. A thought struck him as his gaze shot sinisterly towards Jiang Chen.

One had to say that the intuition of an origin realm old monster was quite stunning. He was sure of his judgement with this single thought.

“Secular brat, did you mouth off just now?” Sunchaser sent this message over. He was aware of Tang Hong and Jiang Chen’s relationship, and knew that Tang Hong was completely in Jiang Chen’s hands, wholeheartedly treating the latter as his boss.

“So what if I did?” Jiang Chen responded faintly.

He’d long since erupted in open hostilities with the Purple Sun Sect anyways. Even if it was old monster Sunchaser, Jiang Chen had no reason to yield.

“Good, good, very good!” Killing intent exploded in old monster Sunchaser’s eyes as he almost grit his teeth. “Brat, you don’t understand the greater picture and act against my sect again and again, give me a reason for me not to kill you!”

“Kill me?” Jiang Chen laughed coldly.”An origin realm forefather killing a secular cultivator during the selection? You’ve lived a hell of a long time, where’s your brain gone?”

Old monster Sunchaser wanted to keep conversing, but noticed the next person had already stepped up. It was Ceng Shi, the eldest disciple beneath Master Shuiyue.

Ceng Shi’s mentality seemed a bit dejected as he seemed quite glum. A trace of anxiety would occasionally flash through his eyes. Long Juxue’s domineering moves in killing Chu Xinghan had already left a great psychological impression on him.

Since he was a Purple Sun Sect disciple, old monster Sunchaser naturally had the first right to speak.

“Ceng Shi, you’re of the Shuiyue faction and I know of your potential as well. But what’s wrong with you today? You seem so distracted and out of sorts. There’s not the slightest bit of the pride and demeanor on you that should be present on a Purple Sun Sect disciple! If you want me to take you as a personal disciple, you should bring forth some more energy! Geniuses are as common as the clouds in our sect, and your faction has Long Juxue as an example. Buck up and learn from her! Otherwise, even if you become my personal disciple, what will you bring forth to compete with Long Juxue and Lei Gangyang?”

Ceng Shi’s facial muscles twitched slightly as he shrank inside, nodding continuously as though he were listening to a lecture.

The Precious Tree Sect and Myriad Spirit Sect patently had not much interest in Ceng Shi. They spoke a few words for formality’s sake, completely different from old monster Sunchaser.

Rather, it was the venerated Icemist of the Flowing Wind Sect who had more of a heart for detail as a woman. She smiled at Ceng Shi, “Young man, your potential is quite good. Your path of martial dao has many areas that align with my Flowing Wind Sect. My sect has an overabundance of yin and lacks yang, a situation that needs to be improved. If you are unhappy in the Purple Sun Sect, you can come to me. I will teach you patiently. At least, I will be more patient and more understanding of your potential than your honored master Shuiyue.”

One had to say, as a woman, venerated Icemist was more attentive than the others. She’d observed the hesitation and conflict in Ceng Shi’s heart, and saw that he had a bit of a fixation on motherly figure.

All along, Ceng Shi had adored Master Shuiyue as if his mother. But ever since Long Juxue appeared, he discovered that he’d slowly fallen out of favor.

Even now, Long Juxue was thus domineering, yet the honored master still cherished her and respected her wishes.

This had all been his treatment before, but had now been replaced by Long Juxue.

Therefore, he was melancholic, depressed, and even worried if he would somehow die to Long Juxue just like Chu Xinghan had!

When his thoughts travelled here, Ceng Shi steadied his gaze and grit his teeth, “I… I’m willing to join the Flowing Wind Sect. Please accept me, forefather Icemist!”

“WHAT?!” Old monster Sunchaser immediately flared up when he heard these words.

He’d kept trying to steal other geniuses from other sects prior to this but had kept failing. He hadn’t thought that his own background would be on fire in a moment’s carelessness, and his own talent had been stolen by others!

And judging from Ceng Shi’s posture, he hadn’t even needed to be stolen. It was more like he’d willingly climbed over the wall to go to someone else!

This was an extraordinary humiliation for Sunchaser, someone who liked to win. His eyes flashed with a terrifying light, like a ball of fire that wanted to reduce Ceng Shi to ash.

Ceng Shi didn’t dare resist the domineering forefather Sunchaser and quietly backed away.

Forefather Icemist had always given others a tender and gentle impression. However, when she saw Sunchaser oppressing Ceng Shi in such a manner, she grew displeased and circulated her aura, blocking Sunchaser’s advance.

“Daoist Sunchaser, Ceng Shi is now one of mine. Do not seek to bully him.” Icemist had a gentle temperament alright, but it was human nature to try to protect one’s own.

Ceng Shi had just defected to her, how would she earn his absolute loyalty if she didn’t protect him?

Sunchaser was so enraged that his very lungs wanted to explode. That a Purple Sun Sect disciple had defected to another sect was an immense shame for him.

Master Shuiyue also had a look of disbelief on her face from her position behind forefather Sunchaser. She’d never thought that her eldest disciple, someone who’d always respected her as his own mother, would betray her without a word like this and choose the Flowing Wind Sect.

Therefore, she couldn’t keep it in.

“Ceng Shi, I raised you for 20 years such that you owe a mountain of gratitude to me. Is this how you repay me?” Master Shuiyue hectored angrily.

Ceng Shi also felt aggrieved and exploded in this moment. “That’s right, you were very good to me before and loved me like my own mother. But ever since you’ve gotten your hands on Long Juxue, you ask yourself if you treated any of us like people! How many ludicrous things have you done for this heartless b*tch? You ruined your own reputation for her in the earth quadrant, third junior brother is now dead, fourth junior brother crippled! But let’s set that aside. You became even worse in the sky quadrant. Why don’t you ask your own conscience how you treated second junior brother Chu Xinghan? You ordered him to go die as if you were giving commands to a dog! This b*tch even tried to kill him without your permission right in front of you, yet you didn’t even say anything to her! I’d like to ask, if I stay in the Purple Sun Sect, who can guarantee that what happened to Chu Xinghan today won’t happen to me tomorrow? Who can guarantee that senior brother Lei Gangyang himself will be able to continue living peacefully, and not be relegated to die by this scorpion-hearted woman, much less me?!”

Ceng Shi wasn’t keeping a filter on his mouth as he decided to hell with it all. He’d even dragged Lei Gangyang into this.

Contrary to everyone’s expectations, Lei Gangyang didn’t step out to rebuke Ceng Shi. Rather, his head trailed without a word. It was obvious that he wasn’t at liberty to voice these words, but he was quite grateful to Ceng Shi for saying them.

A heavy silence descended upon the scene at that moment.

It was apparent that everyone had been shocked by Ceng Shi’s words.

Even old monster Sunchaser’s expression had stiffened. He’d always been confident that the Purple Sun Sect was a mass with iron solidarity. He’d never thought that such a large crack would appear after Long Juxue’s appearance!

Master Shuiyue was even more livid. She had indeed somewhat deviated from the proper path because of Long Juxue during these times.

Her prized disciples had ended up being dead, crippled, or turncoats.

This was a heartless slap in the face for someone who liked to win as much as Master Shuiyue.

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