Chapter 396: Top Sixteen, Selection of the Geniuses

Chapter 396: Top Sixteen, Selection of the Geniuses

Chu Xinghan had suddenly disappeared without a trace, with no clues of his whereabouts left behind.

Master Shuiyue furrowed her brow. “None of you saw what happened?”

Everyone had been watching Lian Canghai’s match just now. No one had bothered to pay attention to Chu Xinghan, whose condition was unknown. Therefore, no one responded when Master Shuiyue asked her question.

Long Juxue’s glowering expression swept around but she too came up empty handed. She smiled faintly, “The honored master need not grow enraged. That person cravenly clings to life instead of bravely facing death and surreptitiously slipped away. Even if he’s not dead, he’d be crippled after my blow. My freezing azure phoenix qi froze all of his blood vessels. Even if he was able to temporarily hold on, he won’t be able to survive for long.”

Long Juxue was very confident in her strength and wasn’t worried about anything at all.

Taking a step back, even if Chu Xinghan survived on a fluke, she still wouldn’t be afraid of anything.

She was a vaunted cultivator with an innate constitution, the number one genius...

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