Chapter 395: Others May Forsake Me, I Cannot Give Up on Myself

Chapter 395: Others May Forsake Me, I Cannot Give Up on Myself

However, the difference between strength was oftentimes not something that could be bridged by passion.

Setting aside the fact that Chu Xinghan had no intention of detonating his own spirit ocean, even if he did do as Master Shuiyue had commanded, he probably wouldn't have been able to fight back against Jiang Chen.

This was because Jiang Chen’s defense amongst his peers was absolutely heaven defying.

His soft armor had been combined with the Redscaled Firelizard scale, and he’d trained the “Nine Transformations of Demons and Gods” to the third level, so the natural defenses of his body were also incredibly strong.

No matter how strong the explosion Chu Xinghan would unleash, it’d be hard for him to injure Jiang Chen.

Chu Xinghan was sixth level spirit realm, just like Jiang Chen.

But it was obviously that these two sixth level spirit realms were on completely different footings.

Chu Xinghan’s strength ranked amongst the top of the Shuiyue faction, but he wasn’t part of the elite in the Purple Sun Sect, much less than the four great sects.

Therefore, although his aura flared powerfully and was quite dominating, to a true expert like Jiang Chen, this kind of fighting style was actually easier to handle.


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