Chapter 394: The Fight After Comprehension

Chapter 394: The Fight After Comprehension

Liu Wencai’s victory made him the first among Jiang Chen’s group to enter the final sixteen.

Next to take the field was Tang Hong. He faced candidate number 24, a female disciple from the Flowing Wind Sect. It was obvious that her strength was far from Tang Hong’s.

His battle strength had grown even more wild and ferocious after being changed by the Redscaled Firelizard’s blood. The female disciple wasn’t able to put up a fight for long before she was defeated.

Just as Jiang Chen had expected, Tang Hong and Liu Wencai had both successfully made it into the top 16.

On the third day, it was finally Jiang Chen’s turn in the ring!

“Xinghan, remember your master’s words. If you cannot obtain an accomplishment in this fight, then don’t bother leaving the ring!” Master Shuiyue’s tone was as cold as the frozen tundra.

She only had Long Juxue in her sights now. Even her once favored first disciple, Ceng Shi, had been placed in a secondary position, not to mention Chu Xinghan, a disciple who’d never fawned on her and was highly principled.

Chu Xinghan’s potential was lower than Long Juxue and Ceng Shi’s, he kissed up less often than Hai Tian, wasn’t...

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