Chapter 393: Thoroughly Trouncing Iron Dazhi

Chapter 393: Thoroughly Trouncing Iron Dazhi

The halberd techniques of the Iron family were renowned within the four great sects.

Iron Dazhi had indeed poured in his life’s blood in practicing them. He’d attained great achievements in this area.

He turned and rolled the halberd. Ripples spread throughout the air as if dragons and fish were dancing. There seemed to be boundless carps bounding through the river waters beneath the setting sun. His aura and momentum were quite impressive.

The most frightening was that this Bronze Dragon Ironthreaded Halberd was an eight times refined weapon. It seemed to be able to draw upon heaven and earth as it moved, turning into a frightening killing machine.

The power of an eight times refined weapon was indeed alarming.

Although Liu Wencai had received some intelligence about Iron Dazhi from Tang Hong, he’d still missed out on one point, which was the Bronze Dragon Ironthreaded Halberd.

Although Tang Hong understood Iron Dazhi, he only knew that he used a Black Dragon Halberd and didn’t know that the Iron family had something even stronger in reserve.

Therefore, when Iron Dazhi deployed his furious halberd techniques, he actually held the upper hand...

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