Chapter 392: The Second Round of Matches Begin

Chapter 392: The Second Round of Matches Begin

It was said that nothing was more lamentable than a dead heart.

Chu Xinghan suddenly felt that he had been turned into a pawn in the Shuiyue faction of the Purple Sun Sect, and the one who’d done so was the master who he’d always looked up to.

The path of martial dao was one of defying one’s fate. No one was born to be the pawn of another. That wouldn’t do, not even if the one casting the pawns was one’s own master.

Seeing that Chu Xinghan had remained silent, Master Shuiyue’s brow furrowed. “Xinghan, your dao heart has been unstable lately and you’ve been thinking wild, random thoughts. Have you forgotten the debt of gratitude that you owe to your master for raising you?”

“Junior brother Xinghan, you only need to drag Jiang Chen down a bit or force him to show his hand. That would be enough of an achievement. It’s a bit difficult to expect from you to kill that swine. You couldn’t do it that day in the Second Crossing, and you will likely be unable to do so now.”

Long Juxue had faced Jiang Chen that day and had nearly been killed. It was Chu Xinghan’s timely arrival that had saved Long Jux...

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