Chapter 391: The Two Biggest Wild Cards in the Final Matches

Chapter 391: The Two Biggest Wild Cards in the Final Matches

Long Juxue stood at the most eye-catching position like a proud peacock, unconsciously showing off her position as number one genius.

Although Lei Gangyang was the type to hold his plans close to his heart, Long Juxue’s blatant provocation still enraged him, but he couldn’t afford to explode in front of all the sect elders.

He wasn’t Ceng Shi, not someone to accept his fate that easily.

He had borne the glorious halo as the first genius amongst the younger Purple Sun Sect generation since youth. He’d enjoyed this honor and privilege for twenty some years. For him to suddenly hand over this title and let Long Juxue be crowned instead, he was far from capable of doing so with serene acceptance.

To ensure that the four venerated ones and the heavyweights of the sects could observe all candidates from all aspects, the final matches didn’t start in a flurried manner.

A hard rule was set; only four matches could be held a day.

Two in the morning, two in the afternoon.

Each match was limited to four hours. In this way, the four...

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