Chapter 390: The Arrival of the Final Match

Chapter 390: The Arrival of the Final Match

Jiang Chen laughed coldly when he heard these words.

It looks like although Long Juxue enjoyed all the resources and fortunes of the Purple Sun Sect, her brains hadn’t improved at all.

She was as arrogant and idiotic as usual.

He didn’t even want to exchange verbal barbs with her.

“Long Juxue, go and take your time being a harlot shrieking in the streets if you wish, I’m not interested in keeping you company. Your plan does sound quite vindictive, but I have to remind you that you won’t get the chance to commence.”

Jiang Chen shut off his consciousness after speaking and didn’t bother wasting time arguing with her.

This kind of crude mind games wouldn’t even tickle him.

As time went on and the moment of the final battle approached, Jiang Chen’s dao heart became firmer and firmer, it was as unshakeable and steady as Mt. Tai.

“Alright, the sixteen kingdoms have confined me for so long, it’s time I took to the skies.” Jiang Chen’s chest was filled with lofty sentiments.

He was full of anticipation and expectation for...

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